Dangerous Hunting

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Once again trouble finds the Croft and Novak families but most of it brought on by the internal turmoil in the family. Evie is the only one Six months after the club attack that is not letting her Illness or her ego rule things she is the only one that can rein in the wild men of the family while still trying to look for Lyra and trying to piece her brother back together

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dangerous Hunting

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Submitted: May 08, 2013



………… The dull thud of the bass from the club wasn’t helping with the pounding that was going on in my head. I picked up the beer bottle and rolled it across my forehead, the icy feeling taking the edge off the pressure. My laptop beeped at me signaling a new e-mail. I took a drink from the bottle before I clicked on the e-mail, I had to smile it was from my Dad, the usual ‘goodnight I’m an entire continent away but I need to check in with you’ I clicked the reply sending him a ‘good morning and don’t get into much trouble’ shot back. I pushed back from the desk my heels sinking into the brand new deep pile carpet that had replaced the blood soaked one from the attack which had left my brother dancing with the grim reaper for a while.


 A full six months had passed since that night which meant my Brother was lethal especially since his buffer had been gone for almost the same amount of time. Lyra had walked out when she was pushed to the limit and disrespected by Casper when he didn’t respect her wishes, and to be honest I was actually on her side and I’d yelled at him even when he was breaking over her leaving, but every man we had to live with and deal with needed to have their asses whooped to knock sense into them, I loved my brother with everything I have but these men can be ruled by their ego’s.


The door from the club buzzed and the lock clicked back, all new security had been added which included a retina scan to get back here into the office. Sam walked in his phone to his ear and a drink in his hand.


“No it’s all set the drop off is happening right now…Yes she can handle it… don’t start… Seriously she will be fine she’s with Dante and Jorge… Okay… No I’m going to stay here at the club with Evie… I will” he dropped the phone into his hand and tossed it on to the desk “I swear to god Radlov worries more about Tricia now she’s been trained how to use a gun”


“She’s a tough cookie and all of you guys need to see that like Ly and I do…” I trailed off just thinking about her Sam put his arm round me and hugged me to him.


“We all miss her” he let go of me and sat on the edge of the desk. “How’s Casper doing?”


“He’s drinking like a damn fish and he’s trashed their apartment in Prague. He heard she was in Amsterdam so he went through that city almost getting himself arrested” I shrugged “and I know we all miss her” I rubbed the back of my neck “The worst damn thing is she’s gone and there is no trace of her”


“Well this is a girl that has at least eight different passports and a fair few bank accounts that she can tap without anyone knowing”  he checked his phone as it beeped


“I know… I have a trace on the four accounts and cards I know she has but Lyra isn’t stupid she knows we’ll do everything it takes to find her” I reached for my beer and took a drink.


And we will” He sank his drink “Clubs full tonight” he smiled changing the subject “Art’s doing well considering it’s only his second week back”


“It’s not the same without him behind that bar” I smiled and sat back down I rubbed my temples


“Headache?” Sam frowned at me “You’re looking tired” I looked up at him


‘Sam I’m fine I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow for blood work and all that good stuff” I leant back in the seat “You guys need to stop trying to wrap me in cotton wool”


“Hmmm okay remind me how sick you’ve been?” He cocked his head “OOOO that’s right you’ve been put on life support twice in the past eighteen months”


“Shut up” I laughed “I’m feeling a whole lot better I just get headaches when I’m tired”


“Well then Dante needs to leave you alone for a night” I really started laughing


“Okay I’ll stop getting hot and heavy with my man as soon as you stop taking Tricia every time the two of you are alone” He hung his head and ginned “Exactly it ain’t going to happen” the lock clicked back in the door making both of us look round Sam’s hand sitting on his gun, even though nothing was coming through those doors that we didn’t know about


“You drive like a mad woman” Dante held the door open for Tricia to walk in


“Well you wanted to get back here as soon as possible so I put my foot on the gas a little more” she grinned her eyes locking on Sam and a flush hitting her cheeks as he seemed to undress her with his eyes.


“Sam you’ve taught her too well” Dante pushed his hand through his hair “Jorge had to go right to the bar for a drink to steady his nerves” he walked round the desk and smiled at me “You look like you have a headache”


“I do… I was just trying to get the updates done to the rest of the security systems”


“You could have done that from home”


“And I was climbing the walls you know I’ve not been doing half of the jobs I was before since Lyra left” Dante winced, it hurt him to not know where his sister was “Being here makes me feel less out of the loop” I got up from the chair “but I think I’m ready to get going I can’t do anymore and I just got my Good night e-mail from Dad” I closed my laptop


“Give me five minutes to get something from the safe” I nodded and walked over to Sam and hugged him before I hugged Tricia goodnight, I opened the door and stepped over to the Bar and put my arm round Jorge who was nursing a whiskey glass


“Tricia’s driving a little scary?” I grinned


“A Little I’d rather drive with Stevie wonder in a snow storm” He laughed “You heading home?”


“Yep… I want a good night’s sleep” I nodded


“Okay do I need to point out that you are with Dante and you got caught doing the horizontal tango when you were in the hospital hooked to and IV” he hip checked me


“Yeah well I think I may be asleep before we get home” I felt my phone vibrate and I pulled it from my pocket. There was an international number on the screen but who the hell did I know in France……..





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