Dangerous Hunting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Try to relax

Submitted: May 17, 2013

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Submitted: May 17, 2013



………… I didn’t remember getting from the house and back to the hotel but by the time the valet opened the door of the car my head was back in something of a normal state. Dante’s arm was wound round me as we moved over the marble floor to the bank of elevators and stepped inside. The silenced was almost deafening, I knew when both of these men had something on their mind there was no talking to them. The doors glided open and we went to the adjacent suites we had.


“I’m going to make a few calls and try to make that order happen as fast as Ibramovic wants it” Dante just nodded, Egan looked at me “You get a little more rest so you can have a little fun here” he dropped a kiss on my head. Dante opened the door and stepped back allowing me to walk in the open windows filling the room with the salty air. He moved behind me and went into the bathroom. I followed him and lent on the door frame as he bent over the bath and turned on the water.


“Hey… Dante look at me” he turned his head and stood up as the tub filled “What happened when I was in the house?”


“I was just talking to Lyra and I’m trying to get my head round the fact that she’s having a baby” he smiled but the smile didn’t reach his eyes as he started to unbutton the shirt he was wearing “And I’m concerned for you these headaches are getting more frequent”



‘And the doctor said it was a possibility until my blood work is clean” I walked over to him and put my arms round my waist “Stress induces one we both know that and in our lives there isn’t anything that comes stress free”


“Well maybe we should think more about walking away and just being normal” He shrugged, I felt my eyebrows raise


“Really and do what I can’t go back to being a federal agent considering I’m supposed to be dead… and you … well I can’t see you flipping burgers in McDonalds… a male stripped then I could go for that especially with how gifted you are” I pushed his shirt from his shoulders “You want to walk away and leave your dad and Jorge to run it then go right ahead but I’m staying I’m good at getting to people you can’t get to and I can still pull a few tricks from my bag on a lot of Federal stuff... I knew what I was doing the minute I got in to bed with you and fell in love with you... nothing was ever going to be the same. Whatever my body is doing I’m going to get through it with you right next to me and if it’s true what the doctor said then we deal with how we will have children when the time is right for us” he bent and held my face as he kissed me with passion and so much gentleness at the same time. He pulled back and stroked the side of my face.


“I want to get married to you as soon as this is done and we’re home… you blow my mind with how tough you are” he rubbed his nose on mine “I love you”


“I love you too and we said Bora Bora for the wedding remember”


“Oh yeah you in nothing but a grass skirt and two half coconut shells he licked his lips


“Well I’m still thinking a dress but hey you think what you want” I laughed “Now you are going to come in the tub with me right”


“Yes Ma’am” he pulled on my dress and lifted it over my head “I have a feeling we’re going to be late for dinner”……




…………. Dante and I walked through the lobby of the hotel women old enough to be his mother and grandmother stopping to take a second look, in the light grey suite he was wearing he looked as lethal as a great white, his hand holding on to mine as we made our way to the Resturant. He glanced at me and frowned


“Why the smirk?”


“Because my future husband spent the last two hours doing unspeakable things to me that most of the women in her looking at you could only dream of” I wiggled my eye brows at him making him laugh he pulled me to him and kissed me quickly


“Well they can try to think of that but I’m only going to be doing it with you” he looked up Egan was already sitting at a table “Sorry we’re a little late”  Egan looked up


“It’s fine I’m used to it living with the two of you remember” he laughed “Guillaume called they’re pulling up now… in fact here they are” I looked round as Lyra made her entrance on the arm of her god father the two of them looking like they fell off the pages of a perfect Billionaire and his hot young wife kinda spread in Hello.


“How the hell has that man never married?” I sighed


“He lost the love of his life to a long battle with cancer and he swore he’d never getg attached to a woman like that again” Egan sighed “so he loves them and leaves them”


“Kinda like you and Siman then only you two need to actually get passed dinner” I picked up the wine glass that was on the table that the waiter had poured as we sat down


“Evie” Dante groaned I blinked a couple of times


‘I said that out loud didn’t I?” I laughed


“Yes you did and I’m going to tell your father when he gets here” okay now the sinking feeling came back I’d tried to not think of Casper and Dad getting here and seeing Lyra. I jumped as my phone rang


“Oh look speak of the devils” I sighed as a picture of Casper came on the screen of my phone………..

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