Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Almost there

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



…………….. I answered my phone as Lyra sat across the table from me with Guilluame.


Me * hey you sober?

Casper *yes and hello to you as well Sis, and is it true you’ve found Lyra


The pain in his voice had me feeling for him in every sense of the word.


Me * I’m sorry and yes it’s true

Casper * is she alright? Does she want to see me? You think we have a chance?

Me * Yes on all counts

Casper * you’re being guarded Evie…

Me * sitting at dinner

Casper * she’s there with you?

Me * oh yeah

Casper * we’re going to be there in about two hours there was some huge storms that didn’t allow us to take off

Me * it’s okay as long as you get here

Casper * I know. Can you take a picture of her for me?

Me * I’ll try

Casper * Evie, I’m sorry I’ve not been the best big brother…

Me * forget it.

Casper * I know you’ve been sick

Me * well I’m tough as they come and I’ll handle it

Casper * I still owe you

Me * yeah well you need to get you sorted yet, it’s not about me, I love you and call me when you land

Casper * love you too



I hung up the phone; Dante’s hand was resting on my leg as Lyra watched me


“Everything okay?” Egan frowned


“They’re on their way” I looked round the table “There were some storms in Prague that wouldn’t allow for them to take off” Lyra swallowed hard the only sign on her face that she was a little more than nervous. “Are you going to stay here in the hotel and wait for him tonight?”


“No” she shook her head “I’m not going to have a confrontation with him in the middle of a hotel” she picked up the water glass and took a drink “You don’t think he’s going to be a little shocked that I’m looking like this”


“Oh I know he is” I sighed “He can’t wait to see you though”


“Ladies we’re not going to do this over dinner” Egan butted in


“I’m sorry” I rubbed the back of my neck


“Evie are you feeling better?” Guillaume asked trying to change the mood at the table. I smiled at him and nodded


“I feel a lot better I’m sorry I had to sleep at your house when I’d only just met you”


“I’d rather  you did that than need to go to the hospital” He nodded, the rest of the evening went even if it was a little strained. Lyra kept looking toward the door. Egan got to his feet as he finished his brandy


“Lyra, can we talk” he gestured outside. She looked down and took the napkin from her lap and put it on the table Guillaume got up and helped her with her chair. We watched as Lyra took Egan’s arm and the two of the stepped out into the warmthof the  outdoor patio Dante and Guillaume were chatting up a storm about the yacht’s that Guillaume was renowned for building, I nodded where I thought it was appropriate but my mind was reeling with what was going to happen when Casper laid eyes on Lyra. My phone rang making me jump. I got up from the table and walked into the lobby of the hotel


Me * you guys here?

Casper * we just got in the car… is she still there?

Me * yes, she’s talking to Egan right now… Casper it might be better to see her tomorrow when you are both…

Casper * Evie I need to see her and I need to see now, I’ve lived in hell for six months… I can’t go another hour now we know where she is.


I closed my eyes as I sat on one of the chairs in the lobby


Casper * Evie are you still there?

Me * I’m here… I’m worried about you, and I’m worried about Lyra

Casper * why?

Me * because you both fucked up and you are both ass’s

Casper * nothing like sugar coating things

Me * you know I don’t do that, I lost a best friend and a brother for six damn months and I’m a little apprehensive that two of the most arrogant people I know will butt heads.

Casper * I just want to hold her right now

Me * Casper… you have to be prepared that she might be more… reserved… she might… Oh I don’t know

Casper * we’re going to be there in a few minutes


There was a click as the line disconnected I hung my head.


“Here you are. Dante was wondering where you were” I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked at Guillaume


“My Brother and father are almost here” he took a deep breath “I know she didn’t want to meet them here but it’s looking like she isn’t going to have a whole lot of choice”


“Head them off and I will take Lyra home” he pulled me to my feet “this needs to be done tonight or they will not rest” I nodded “Bring them to the house, I know it’s more her territory but…”


“No I understand” I smiled at him “I agree it has to be done tonight… will you tell Dante where I’m going”


“Of course” He bowed his head a little before he walked quickly back into the restaurant and I stepped outside and waited for Dad and Casper…….

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