Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Hobo chic

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…………. I paced the sidewalk outside of the hotel after limo and super car pulled up rich and elegant people getting out or getting into them. A large white SUV stopped and the valet moved to open the door. The first one out looking like he was about to start world war three was Milos Casper’s version of Jorge and Mikal. I started toward them as Dad was the next one out. I felt my steps quicken and tears blur my eyes.


“Evangeline” My Father’s arms opened as I ran into them


“I missed you guys” I sniffed. Considering they weren’t my really family it certainly felt like they should be, he was so like my own Dad had been it was like my real Dad had sent me Siman to help with my life.


“Ahhh we missed you as well” he held my face in his hands and smiled at me “I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you were sick” I closed my eyes


“You had to deal with Casper, I understand and I know Egan and Dante kept you informed” I smiled at him as I caught  sight of Casper getting out of the car.  Dark shadows under his eyes and the at least five day old stubble on his face made him look even more intimidating like some escape from a Russian prison camp.


“Evie” Casper tipped his head at me and smiled weakly, I moved away from Dad and over to him. Standing six two he towered over me.


“Well you look like shit” I sighed before I wrapped my arms round his waist and he pulled me to him in a hug, I felt his lips press to the top of my head


“I feel like it” I murmured “Where is she?” I moved back and looked at him


“Well for a start if you think you’re going to see Lyra looking as bad as you do right now then you need a lobotomy… you’re going to shower, shave and get changed” I looked at Milos “You couldn’t get him to shave at least?” I put my hands on my hips Milos smiled at me and shrugged he understood more English then he could speak.


“Screw that Evie I want to see her” Casper snapped I looked at him and raised and eye brow


“And like I said I’m not going to tell you where she is until you look half way presentable because believe me she hasn’t let herself look like crap… and don’t try to intimidate me because it doesn’t work” I turned round and started back into the hotel “Well move your ass if you want to see her anytime soon”


“I agree with your sister” Siman chuckled Casper hung his head and followed me inside as Dad and Dante came from the restaurant talking together. “Egan, my friend” Siman Beamed as they embraced and shook hands.


“It’s good to see you” Egan nodded as Dante put his arm round Casper


“I’m hoping you have a shower before you see Ly”


“She’s already instructed me” Casper poked me in the arm “D where is she?’ he looked round as if we were hiding Lyra somewhere


“She left she wasn’t prepared to meet you in a public place” Dante pressed the elevator button as Casper frowned “She’s staying out of town” Dante stepped in to the elevator and held the doors for the rest of us, I had to smile there was so little room left in there with the men mountains that I called family. Dante’s fingers linked with mine as the elevator rose steadily to the top floor.


“Has she missed me at all?” Casper all but murmured


“Casper stop, get yourself ready and I’ll take you to her” I looked at him “And don’t you think if she hadn’t missed you  she’d still be missing to all of us?” Casper looked down tears glazing his eyes “Yes she has missed you” this was going to be one hell of a long night………

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