Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Time to....

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Submitted: June 03, 2013



…………. I stood by the open window listening to the sounds of the city reverberate off of the surrounding mountains, this was a far cry from anything I’d ever dreamt of as I grew up, to the daughter of a teacher and a federal agent Monaco was a millionaires playground. I jumped as Dante put his head on my shoulder and wrapped his arms around my waist.


“Penny for your thoughts?’ he murmured as his lips bushed the soft spot below my ear making me need to lean back into him for support.


“I was just thinking about my life” I put my hands over his


“What about it?”


“How different it is for anything I could ever have imagined” I sighed


“Is that a bad thing?” Dante moved round to stand in front of me.


“In some ways it’s not all good” I took a deep breath as he frowned


“Did I do something to upset you?”


“No… hell you’re the best thing that ever happened to me even with everything we’ve been through together” Dante looked down, there was a lot of our relationship I knew he hated himself over “I was thinking more about My real Dad” Dante looked up at me and held my hands “He always told my Mom he wanted to take her to Europe to see the sights of the world and here I am standing in a suite in a hotel in Monte Carlo” I stepped forward and put my cheek against his chest he trailed his fingers up and down my back.


“Well I’m more than happy to show you all over Europe” he tipped his head and smiled at me “Maybe how about we do something like that for our honeymoon”


“And I thought we were getting married on a beach somewhere and then spending the week after naked and alone on the sand” I laughed


“We are but considering there is going to be a lot of other people there as well I’m not so sure about the naked and alone apart… so I say we get married and then leave all of them on the island and we take off for an extended honey moon taking in everything you want to see” he tucked a strand of hair back behind my ear


“With body guards as usual I take it?” he chewed his lip before he nodded


“Unfortunately baby it’s the way we have to live” I let go of him and walked back into the room


“I know it is, sometimes it feels a little… suffocating knowing there is someone watching us when we go anywhere” I paced the floor “What the hell is Casper doing?” Egan knocked and walked into the room “I have a car waiting for us downstairs is Casper ready?”


“He should be” Dante walked round me and down the hall to the bathroom and knocked as it opened “Well you still look like shit but at least you’re not channeling your inner Hobo”


“I just want to see Lyra” he looked at Dante


“Well if you want to see her you’d better get your ass out here so we can go” I put my hands on my hips as Dante and Casper walked back into the room “Egan are you coming?”


“No Siman and I have a business meeting over a Baccarat table in thirty minutes”


“Alright” I picked up my purse and started across the floor and pulled open the door “Well lets get this over with” I locked eyes with Casper “you ready for this?”


“You asking stupid questions”


“No I’m making sure that’s all” I shrugged “It’s not going to be easy”


“Evie I love you but just take me to Lyra” Casper walked out of the room passed me and into the hallway.


 I looked at Dante and sucked in a deep breath before heading down to the lobby with the two of them, people turning to look at the three of us which made me smile, the sheer power that seemed to radiate from both Dante and Casper was as intimidating as a coiled rattlesnake.


I smiled as I saw Guilluame’s Driver standing by a sleek large Mercedes, he opened the door and stepped back allowing Casper to get in first I followed him and the door closed after Dante got in. Casper wrung his hands as the car pulled away from the hotel and wound its way into the hills towards Guilluame’s stunning home. The lights of the boats in the harbor twinkling below us as the breeze lifted my hair when we stepped out.


“Where the hell are we?” Casper asked looking round at Dante and I




“Ah you made it” Guilluame’s voice cut the air “Lyra is waiting on the deck” I watched the expression change on Casper’s face from one of worry to one of ‘Who the hell?’


“Let me talk to her first” Dante caught Casper’s arm “Let me make sure she’s really okay with seeing you”


“I’m not going to leave here without talking to her” Casper all but growled the possessiveness in his tone all to clear


“And she’s my sister and whatever you say I’m going to make sure she is alright with you being here still”


“Oh will the two of you knock it off Dante you’ve talked to her and hell I know I’ve talked to her now it’s Casper’s turn “ I stood next to Guillaume who smiled at me


“Evie is right… Dante she is ready to see Casper” Guillaume added, Dante’s jaw became tense “Come lets go to the pool deck and have a drink and catch up a little” Guillaume stepped forward and put his hand on Dante’s shoulder “Evie would you show your brother out to where Lyra is” I nodded and moved in front of Casper and lead him across the living room and over to the large sliding glass windows.


“Lyra” I called out towards the outline of her framed against the inky darkness of night the glow from the house lighting here in a pale yellow. She didn’t move her hands on the rail she just turned her head.


“Lyra… Ly…” Casper took a couple of steps forward, I watched Lyra lift her chin in the way she always did when she was putting up a wall.


“Casper” she slowly turned her left hand moved from the rail and rested on her belly as she and Casper faced off for the first time in a long time…………

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