Dangerous Hunting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 15 (v.1) - Enough is enough

Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



………….  Lyra stood her ground as Casper looked at her. She glanced over at me and smiled a nervous smile on her face.


“What the hell?” Casper choked out “You’re pregnant”


“Yes” she nodded her attention moving back to Casper


“I’ll be inside” I started to back away


“Evie stay please” Lyra moved forward quickly


“Don’t you trust me?” Casper snapped


“I’d rather have someone here when we talk to stop both of us from going to  from zero to a million in the space of three seconds… you know we both have a temper Casper and you also know that both of us have a lot to say” she put her hands on her hips


“Fine Evie stays” Casper grumbled I hung my head a little before looking up to the sky and wondering if I ran really fast I could get back in the car and go to the business meeting with Egan and Siman, hell dealing with Mercenaries and arms dealers was a cake walk compared to how this meeting could turn out. We walked over to the table and sat down.


“You know I’m feeling a little like a third wheel here” I moaned


“I’m sorry” Lyra looked at me “I’d rather have you here than my brother as he doesn’t keep his head “


“Well I have to agree with you on that” I smiled Casper was staring at the bump under the long flowing dress that Lyra was wearing.


“When did you get knocked up?” he blurted out I inwardly crawled at the distain in his voice


“Some point before you got shot and turned out to be an ass” She bit back narrowing her eyes at him “I’m seven months pregnant”


“You went to the bar that night to confront the Russian girl and you were pregnant… WOW that is really responsible” okay where the hell was the duct tape because I was ready to tape his mouth closed before he put both feet in.


“Yeah because of course when a woman gets pregnant she immediately knows she’s having a baby… it doesn’t work like that I was almost four months along before I found out” she lent on the table “What were you doing three months after I left you”


“Trying to find a way out of the dark whole you’d left me in” he banged his fist on the table “I don’t know who the fuck you thought you were walking out like that but…”


“I was the woman in love with you I was the woman that would have stepped in front of a bullet for you because you were my world and I trusted you, but you didn’t trust me, you didn’t think I could handle taking down the people that riddle you with fucking bullets… well news flash if you had locked away the memories, I slit a man’s fucking throat for attacking my family, I put a bullet between the eyes of the man that killed my baby brother and I took out more than one asshole when Tricia was taken” Well she did have a point with that


“But I was the one hurt and I wanted revenge” he got up and paced


“And you would have gotten it through me instead you ended up back in the hospital because you almost bleed out for the second time… I’ve dealt with men with damn ego the size of an elephant all of my life, but they know who I am and why we all look out for each other” she watched him pace “You hurt me and made me feel like a child in front of the family… I’m not a china doll that can’t take care of business… I’m a bitch that will do whatever is needed to stay on top” Lyra kept her tone even as she locked eyes with Casper “I knew what it meant for Dante to get revenge on the asshole that blew Evie across the parking lot, even after she found out that the guy was the one that killed her own Dad she allowed Dante to end it” Casper broke eye contact with her and closed his eyes.


“You’re both stubborn asses” I sighed they both looked at me “I’m sorry but you are… on one hand I’m so on board with Casper for wanting to get your own sweet revenge on the person that tried to kill you and hell you know I’ve wanted to slap Lyra for making you lose your god damn mind and sink into a hole that none of us could get you out of”


“Evie…” Casper started


“No whoa I wasn’t done and hell you both asked me to sit here even though it’s like treading water in a tank of sharks” I frowned “and I’m sorry I have to agree with Lyra, you should have stayed in the hospital and let her and the rest of us do what we do” Casper raised his eye brow “I think Dad aged twenty years seeing you fall apart and almost die”


“Says the girl that’s been on life support twice in the past year” he jabbed at me


“Oh I know I’ve aged him and at least I have apologized to him for making him worry after everything he’s done for me, but this conversation isn’t about me you have a problem with me then you come to me outside of this and say it, now get you’re damn head out of your fucking ass and think about what you say to the mother of your baby” I pointed at Lyra “and you quit with the high and might bitch act this is us this is family and you hauled ass like a child and hid instead of facing what happened” I pushed the chair back from the table “Get your acts together, I’m not going to sit and referee this anymore, I love both of you but I’m getting pissed with both of you” I walked away from the table leaving Lyra and Casper open mouthed………………



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