Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - A wedding and almost a funeral

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



………….  “You guys had better have not finished that wine” I said as I walked on to the other patio area off the kitchen Dante and Guillaume looked at me


“I have more” Guillaume got to his feet and walked back inside Dante tipped his head and looked at me


“Everything going to hell in a hand basket down there?” I sat down and linked my fingers with his on the table


“Well I chewed them both out a little and left them to it. I’m not going to be in the middle of it if they get back together them hell yeah if they don’t they’ll have to live with the fact we’re all going to be in each other’s lives for a long time to come” Guillaume walked back out to us and handed me a glass and put another bottle of wine on the table. “I’m sorry you have to deal with this” Guilluame sat down and held up his hands


“It’s is nothing… Whatever I can do for Lyra and Dante I will do” he smiled warmly “Even if we did get off on the wrong foot to a degree” he chuckled


“I’m sorry” I took a drink of the crisp white wine


“Guillaume” Dante sat forward “would you ever think about letting Evie and I get married here?” I choked on the wine “The house is beautiful, the view is to die for and it’s not as if it would be a large wedding”


“Dante we couldn’t ask…” it would be an amazingly beautiful wedding but you don’t just ask someone if you can borrow their house”


“It would be my honor” Guillaume beamed “Just give me the date and I will make it happen” I felt my jaw go slack “Unless you had something else in mind Evie?” he frowned and looked at me


“No this would be the perfect place… I just didn’t want to put you out”


“Never” he clapped his hands and rubbed them together “Or I have a new yacht about to launch that you can always marry on there”


“Wow… this is too much” I smiled “the only thing is we don’t have a date for it yet”


“I say we do it soon” Dante looked at me “We’ve put it on hold so many times because of things that have happened… I just want you as my wife”


“Well I think we can get something together within a few weeks’ Guillaume clapped his hands together “And I have some friends in high places that can get you in with the bridal boutique that is very exclusive here in Monaco and have a gown perfect for the day” I looked at Dante


“I’m ready to get a band under your engagement ring” he winked at me “and right now I’m feeling that our families need something to let them kick back a little”


“Okay” I nodded “let’s do it”…………




……………… Lyra and Casper sat in silence the sound of the ocean below the only other sound than the crickets. Lyra pushed her chair back and got to her feet and walked back over to the rail that ran round the entire patio. She closed her eyes as the breeze lifted her hair.


“Lyra” Casper was on his feet and standing behind her “I’m sorry… I was always taught someone does something across you then you have to make sure that you are the one that gets the upper hand”


“And I get that but the fact you almost died, you should have trusted us” she turned round to face him “I’ve gone over and over that night in my head, I left the hospital and told you to stay there and you just disregarded what I wanted… how do you think it would be to bring this baby into the world if you’d have died… you’re not immortal Casper, none of us are”


“I know” he looked at her stomach “I can’t… I mean… I was wrong”


“I was wrong for running for as long as I did… I wanted you back so badly after a couple of months when I’d calmed down” she turned away from him again her grip on the rail had turned her knuckles white


“Why didn’t you call me or tell me where you were?” he put his hand on her shoulder, she shrugged it off


“I came here right from the moment I left you; Guillaume is my reserve when things get bad… Dad is the right thing when he made him my god father, and he’s talked to me and let me cry and scream when I needed to but he also knows me and he wouldn’t let me just go because he knew my temper is too much like my Dad and my Brother”


“He kept you from me” there was a hard edge to his voice.


“No, he made me wait to be rational” she pushed off and walked a little further away from him “I took his plane to Prague so no one knew I was there and I went to the apartment” Casper groaned “It was trashed, it looked like a hurricane had blown through it”


“It can be made to look like it did” he looked in her direction


“I know I’ve already called a company to repair the damage” he raised an eyebrow “Regardless if we are together I fell in love with that city” she looked over her shoulder at him “I walked through the apartment and it was trashed throughout”


“I’m sorry I was just so mad…” he stepped up to her


“I know” she faced him “I can imagine the blond loved you when the rage set in” he looked at her and frowned “You become a sexual beast when you’re at the point between anger and total rage” all the color drained from his face “Be thankful Casper I had spent so much time with Guillaume, because instead for putting a 9mm in both of you. I walked away…and came back here broken to the point Guillaume found me sitting at the table with my gun in my hand wanting the pain to go away”………………



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