Dangerous Hunting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 17 (v.1) - Struggle

Submitted: June 05, 2013

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Submitted: June 05, 2013



………… Casper took a step back and ran his and across his jaw. Lyra took a deep breath her eyes not moving from him


“I have no defense” He said quietly “I never wanted you to find me like that” he slowly looked up at her “and you’re right I was madder than I think I’ve ever been because you’d walked out and left me and I tried to find you… I spent night after night drinking in the club to the point I had to be carried out and put to bed”


“And she managed to drag your ass to our apartment and tuck you in right?” Lyra shook her head “You can say I have no right to get mad about this because I walked away from you and left my ring behind, but I’m having your child Casper and if you want to be with anyone else and I mean any other girl then you can forget having any sort of relationship with it…” his head snapped up “I will not have any other woman raising my child unless it’s your sister or Tricia”


“You can’t tell me that” he growled


“Oh I can and I think you’ll find I will make it happen because I’m not going to let another man raise it either” she stepped forward. Casper reached out and grabbed her arm and pulled her sharply round


“It’s my child… you don’t keep it from me”


“Casper, you want to bring anyone else into the family then god help the poor bitch because it’s not a life you can walk in and out of” She tugged her arm but her held his grip


“Why would I want to bring anyone else into this… hell bringing a child into it is dubious” Lyra’s eye brows raised “I don’t want another woman, they are nothing like the woman I love”


“But you fucked one in our bed” she snapped


“I fucked her in the kitchen as well” he bent his head inches from her face “But I was picturing I was with you”


“And you think that makes it right?” Lyra’s voice rose for the first time “you think I should be happy about the fact you had my face in your mind while your dick was in some club whore… if you do then you don’t know me at all Casper”


“God help me if you weren’t pregnant I’d put you over my knee and spank you”


“Whatever…” Lyra looked away from him, in a split second Casper backed her against the rail his hands on her face and his mouth claimed hers. He pulled back his chest heaving as he looked at her


“I want you back, I want to get over what happened and I want you” he growled low and deep. Lyra’s face was flushed and her body gave away what she felt  he back arching pushing her stomach against Casper her eyes dilated with the fact just in that one kiss alone she knew how much he meant to her “and I know you want me right now” he trailed his finger over the pulse in her neck. “I want to take you in Lyra, I want to see you naked and I want…” his hand hovered over her stomach. Lyra seemed to recover and she moved his hand.


“I’m not getting back into bed with you, as much as I want to and I’m fighting myself not to take you on the table over there… but I can’t not right now, I love you even after everything I love you and I can’t get over you I’ve tried so damn hard… we need to just… get…”


“We need to be together Lyra… we’re not good apart, we’ve been through too much pain and hurt to not…” Lyra put her hand up silencing him


“I know” her hand went to her stomach and she hissed


‘What’s wrong?” He put his arm round her holding up to a degree “Do you need to go to the hospital?”


“No I’m fine it happens every night, it’s almost like I’m being told enough is enough and I should be resting” she straightened up “I’m just being kicked in the ribs” Casper frowned before he dipped and put his arm behind her knees and lifted her up. “What the hell are you doing?”


“Carrying you to bed, if you should be resting then you’re going to rest”


“Casper put me down”


“Where is your bedroom?”


“Casper” she was getting a little frustrated


“DANTE” Casper called out “DANTE” Dante leant over the rail on the deck we were on and looked down “Where is Lyra’s room?”


“Inside up the stairs and first door on the right… Is she okay?”


“D I’m fine, or I will be if he put me down”


“Shut up Lyra” Casper sighed as he turned and pushed the door open with his ass and went inside. He strode across the floor and took the stairs two at a time


“I’m pregnant not disabled” She struggled to get out of Casper’s arms as he stepped into her room. He set her feet on the ground


“I don’t want you to have to do anything you don’t need to” Casper pushed her long hair back over her shoulder


“Wow if you’re acting like this now I’m glad I didn’t tell you I was pregnant beforehand you’re over bearing” she flung her hands up in the air.


“Well what the hell do you expect, I’m going to be a dad” his hand moved over the fabric of her dress. Lyra’s breath caught in her throat as the heat from his hand radiated across her stomach.


“Casper” her voice wasn’t anything above a whisper, the baby kicked as if doing it on purpose. Casper dropped to his knees and put both hands on her stomach………………



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