Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Guillaume and Egan

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Submitted: June 08, 2013



…………… Guillaume lent forward and refilled my glass before he refilled Dante’s and his own.


“I have to ask this?” I smiled at him “How does a man like you end up being friends with Egan Croft?”


“Ahhh it was a longtime ago” he picked up his glass and sat back in his seat stretching out his long legs under the table


“You know even I don’t know the full story behind how you became friends” Dante smirked and tipped his head “I know it had something to do with my Mom”


“Yes it did” he smiled and nodded “It was your parents honeymoon and your Father had brought your Mother to Monaco to show her how life should be” he took a deep breath “She was such a shy timid woman how she ever agreed to marry Egan still…” he chuckled and waved his hand


“Was he different back then?” I looked between Guilluame and Dante


“He was more… how do you say?” Guillaume frowned struggling to find the word


“Crazy” Dante offered


“Reckless” Guillaume smiled


“So the polite way of saying crazy” I laughed


“He was more the brawling if he needed to rather than use a weapon and the deals he did sometime even drew the attention of authorities… how my friend has not been imprisoned still is beyond me” Guillaume looked at me “But… your mother could get him to change his demeanor with just a look at him”


“I know that feeling” Dante took a deep breath “I have a woman that has the same effect on me” Dante got to his feet and bent and kissed my cheek.


“I can tell” Guillaume raised his glass to me as Dante walked to the rail and lent against it


“So how did you meet Egan?” I literally begged


“I had just gotten through my first year of business and I was living the wild life here with people I could only wish to be as rich as” he laughed “and then I saw your Mother and she was being cornered by a man that was pawing at her and she looked afraid, there was no one with her so I went to aid the damsel in distress”


“Aw you’re so sweet” I laughed


“I’m a gentleman” Dante choked on his wine “I am… or I am now at least” Guillaume wagged his finger at Dante “But the look of fear on your mothers face made me want to help her so I did and  Egan finally came over as I was buying her a drink”


“I bet that didn’t go down to well” Dante came back over and sat down


“No it didn’t, and he was already mad because he’d been in a meeting and it hadn’t gone well, to make the story short I ended up with a broken nose”


“Sounds more like Dad” Dante put his glass down


“Your mother was mad at him and in front of most people in the casino she shouted at him and mad him apologize to me… so I offered for them to come for dinner on the largest yacht I’d built and needless to say when Egan was calm, we seemed to click and we’ve been firm friends ever since… do I approve of what he does? Not at all. Do I want him to change?  Never he is a wonderful friend and he’s helped me through a lot of dark times and I love his children as if they were my own” he looked at Dante and smiled a warm smile “It’s been interesting to say the least to watch them grow”


“And turn out just like him” Dante sighed


“Yes and no” Guillaume shrugged “I’m not here to judge any of you but I’m here to tell you how close Lyra was to ending her life” well that made the two of us sit up and take notice


“What…?” Dante became the scary Dante that rocked my world


“She’d been here a few months and she felt ready to confront Casper so I let her use my plane and she flew to Prague without anyone other than myself and the pilot knowing she was going” Guillaume sat forward and rested his clasped hands on the table his brow furrowed “She was back within twenty four hours, I was in a meeting when I got a call from the maid to say Lyra was home and sitting right here at this table with a bottle of cognac and a gun” I felt my blood run cold  “Needless to say I left the meeting and came home”


“What had happened?” I asked frowning


“She’d found your brother naked in bed with another woman in a their trashed apartment” I groaned and rubbed the back of my neck as I could hear Dante grinding his teeth


“Dante that was months ago and you see your sister here and she is sane and calm” Guillaume caught Dante’s eye “There was no way I was going to let her do something so foolish to end her life over any man”


“I’m glad you were there for her” I put my hand over Dante’s “But things weren’t a cake walk for my brother either” I felt I needed for some reason to defend him.


“He cheated on my sister” Dante growled


“She’d walked out on him” I scowled at him


“Hey” Guillaume snapped louder than the two of us “This is their fight not a reason for the two of you to disagree” I chewed my lip “you are getting married and you are going to have to make Casper and Lyra get along for your sake” I nodded


“I’m going to go and see where the two of them are” Dante got up from the table “And then I think we should leave we have a wedding to talk about” Sweet Dante was back even if he was on a knife edge and could slip at any point. Dante walked inside the house


“You and he have to make sure that you don’t get pulled into their fight” I opened my mouth to say something and Guillaume held up his hands “You are his world like his mother was his fathers and  you’re going to have to sometimes breathe before you confront him”


“Oh I know that but sometimes the only way I can get Dante to understand is to get up on his level” I sighed and picked up my wine glass “Sometime I think the only way through to the men in my life is with a two by four to the back of the head” Guillaume started to laugh and raised his glass clinking it against mine……………….

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