Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Night done

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Submitted: June 08, 2013



………….. Dante walked into the house and up to Lyra’s room, the door still open from Casper walking in there with Lyra in his arms, Dante stopped and felt suddenly like he shouldn’t be there as he looked at his sister stood in the middle of the room. Her hands hanging lose at her sides as Casper was kneeling on the floor his hands on her stomach both of them bathed in the moon light coming in through the floor to ceiling windows. A tear rolled down her cheek, Dante braced his hands on the door frames itching to go maul his best friend for hurting his baby sister. Lyra inhaled and her head turned to look at Dante.


“I’m sorry… I was just… well…” Dante put his hands in his pockets “I’m going to take Evie back to the hotel”


“I’m staying with Lyra?” Casper murmured


“Fine…” Dante moved away from the door, he took a breath before he returned “Lyra… if you don’t want this then be strong enough to say so” Lyra raised her eye brows


“Dante go look after Evie” she smiled at him “I know what I’m doing”


“I hope so” Dante didn’t even look at Casper this time as he left them alone.


“I think you should get up from the floor” Lyra stepped back Casper raised his eyes in time to see her swipe away the tear on her cheek. Casper got up as L:yra walked to her bed and sat down.


“You look tired?” he didn’t move from his spot in the middle of the living room


“I’m exhausted… mentally and physically” Lyra rubbed her temples


“Do you want me to leave?” he moved to stand at the foot of the bed, she looked at him slowly


“I think it might before the best let us both clam down and…”


“Would it mean anything if I said I don’t want to go” he tipped his head “I just feel like if I leave now I’ve found you, I’ll wake up and it will have been a cruel dream” Lyra closed her eyes


“I want you to be here with me but…”


“Then let me start making it up to you right now” he moved fast and sat on the edge of the bed “Let me stay with you and hold you”


“Casper… I…” she sucked in a breath as the baby shifted and kicked


“See even our child is telling you they want Papa to stay” Lyra had to smile at his Czech accent coming out


“Oh that’s just wrong” Lyra smiled “If you do stay… neither of us are going to be naked and you try anything and you’ll be a soprano” she eased off the bed and walked toward her bathroom closing the door behind her…….




…………… Guillaume stood at his front door and watched as Dante and I got into the waiting car to take us back to the hotel. Dante’s hand rested on my thing as the car wound down the hillside toward the city lights.


“I love you” I turned my head and looked at him as he rubbed his thumb back and forth on my leg “I’m bothered by all of this” he sighed


“I know but Guillaume is right and we can’t let the two of them undermine us… for god sake we went through much more than this when we started to see each other, to the point you hated me and didn’t trust me, hell your father put a gun to my head, and a man I’ve come to love as my father punched me… we got through it and I’m going to  be damned if we’re going to let your sister and my brother make us fight, they were both assholes and childish so they can wallow alone or suck it up and get on with it” the lights of the front of the hotel illuminated Dante’s face the wry smile on his lips made my heart hate rise.


“Do you know how damn sexy you are when you get all growly and snappy” he stroked his hand further up my leg as the door opened


“I love you Mr. Croft… and I think maybe we should practice for our wedding night” I moved his hand to his own leg and moved past him and stepped out of the car.


“EVIE” I looked round as Egan and my father walked toward us


“Well that was timing” I heard Dante mutter as he got out behind me


“How did the meeting go?” I asked ignoring the hard pole pushing in the center of my back


“It went very well” My father offered me his arm “How is things between Casper and Lyra?”


“I don’t know I tore a strip off the two of them and left them to it, Dante saw them last” Egan and Dad both looked at him.


“I think we should go up to a suite and talk for a while Siman needs to be told about Lyra” Dante sighed My father frowned I squeezed his arm


“Don’t worry it’s nothing to bad, I promise you” The elevator ride to the top floor seemed to be in slow motion, the muscle in Dante’s cheek twitched and Egan kept looking at his watch. Dante was the first one out unlocking the door to our suite and heading right for the bar in there and poured himself a shot of Brandy and stood swirling it in the balloon glass.


“WHAT IS GOING ON?” Siman demanded as soon as the door clicked closed “Where is my son?”


“Dad sit down before you stroke out” I groaned pulling out one of the chairs from around the dining room table in on half of the suite


“Evangeline do not tell me to…”


“He’s with Lyra at Guilluame’s home right now and she’s pregnant with your grandchild” I blurted out MY father sat down heavily on the chair “Dad they need to work this out and you need to be prepared for the fact you’re going to have a grandbaby in a few months, and yes it’s Casper’s baby but you also need to know she caught him in bed with another woman when he was in the deep hole of depression… and she might not want his ass back” I crouched down next to him, he smiled at me and touched the side of my face.


“Are you feeling alright about the baby?” he tipped his head I closed my eyes and lent into his hand


“It hurts” I nodded “But it’s wrong for me to be bitter about someone else’s luck, and if I can’t be a Mom right now then I’ll be the aunt that spoils them rotten” he bent his head and pressed a kiss to my forehead


“You’re Daddy would be proud of you and he’s watching over you” he raised his eyes to the sky


“Okay now you’re going to make me cry” I sniffed “Excuse me gentlemen I’m going to go to bed” I walked over to Egan and kissed his cheek before going over to Dante.


“I’ll be in, in a few minutes” I nodded and walked into the bedroom and stripped out of the dress. I heard the door open and close


“You never said you weren’t wearing underwear under that” Dante’s hands slid round my waist and pulled me back into him


“You never asked” I lent my head back on his shoulder as his tongue traced along my collar bone “I want you Dante… I want you to take me as hard as you did in the club that night but don’t leave me hanging” I turned in his arms “Please I just need to forget a few things right now”.


Dante didn’t need to be asked twice as things became hard and rough very fast both of us clawing at each other pushing frustration aside… for the moment at least…………….

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