Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Finally

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Submitted: May 09, 2013



………… I looked at Jorge who was watching me, I answered the phone and walked over to the fire door and pushed it open leaving the noise of the club behind me.


Me * hello

Lyra * hey

Me * where the hell have you been?’


I started to pace the black top of the back parking lot


Me * you walk out six months ago and nothing not a fucking peep from you… do you know how worried we’ve all been

Lyra * I know, I’ve tried to call so many times over the months but I just couldn’t I hung up each time

Me * why was today any different?

Lyra * today was supposed to be my wedding day


I stopped walking and hung my head


Lyra * I tried to call Casper and I just got angry again


Her voice broke a little


Me * Where in France are you?

Lyra * I’m in Monaco

Me * damn nice

Lyra * I… I’m done being alone I need you guys

Me * we’ll leave her tonight let me go home and get changed and call in for the plane to be ready. Dad and Casper can be there hell of a lot faster then we can though it’s a short flight from Prague

Lyra * no I can’t face him without you guys there

Me * answer me one thing Ly?

Lyra * what?

Me * do you still have any feelings left for my brother?

Lyra * oh more than you’d know I still love him so much, but he really didn’t respect me and what I asked him to do… is he okay?

Me * Lyra, he lost the love of his life and hasn’t had the chance to try to make it up to you, he’s not in a good place Lyra I’m not going to Lie to you.

Lyra * I’m sorry

Me * look send me the details of where you are and I’ll get to you as soon as possible

Lyra * okay


I hung up the phone and crouched down the throbbing in my head becoming worse. I heard the door open and hurried footsteps


“Evie… Sweetheart” I felt warmth on my back from Dante’s hand, I looked up and at him


“I just had a phone call from your Sister” Dante got wide eyed as we both stood up


“Where is she? Is she okay? Why the hell hadn’t she called before? Have you told Casper?” he held the tops of my arms


“Monaco, Sort of, you’ll have to ask her and no I just finished talking to her and I need to call the airport to get the plane ready” I put my arms round him “and I need a hug” he pulled me tight against him I snuggled my face into his chest and closed my eyes


“Sorry I shouldn’t have bombarded you with all the questions” he smoothed his hand over my hair before taking my face in his hands and tipping it up to his “I love you… now let’s get home and get to Lyra” he kissed me I nodded we walked over to the Midnight blue 66 Mustang that he’d surprised me with for my birthday a month ago. I took the keys from my purse and unlocked the door the two of us getting in he was already on his cell phone calling Egan to let him know.


We pulled back up to the house the usual patrol was walking round the outside of the house, stopping any threat that tried to attack if they were stupid enough to do something like that. I pulled in to the garage alongside the matte black Ferrari of Dante’s. The door from the house in to the garage opened Egan’s massive frame filled the doorway.


“She really called you?” he asked looking at me as I closed the door of my car


“Yes she did” I nodded “And no I don’t know why she called me instead of calling one of you or hell why she didn’t call Casper” he smiled at me he knew I didn’t pull punches or wasn’t intimidated by anyone


“I was just making sure” he put his arm round my shoulders ‘The Plane is going to be ready to take of in an hour” I nodded “Did you get a number for her”


“I did but I think the last thing she needs is either of you on the phone to her tearing her to pieces “ I stepped on to the bottom step of the sweeping staircase and turned to face both Eagan and Dante “We’ve all gone through hell not as much as Casper has but hell none the less… I want to have her back I miss her and I will not allow anyone to piss her the hell off and have her leave again… do I make myself clear… you” I pointed at Dante will sleep on the couch if you got at her and you… well… I’ll move my ass out of here and take him with me” I pointed at Dante and Egan, let’s just bring her home and make sure she and Casper can try to work things out” Egan and Dante Both looked at each other and shook their heads


“You truly are a pain in the ass” Dante smiled “And we just want her back like you do, but it’s good to know in case we forget you’re a tough ass” he kissed me “No come on lets pack”………

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