Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - I'm trouble

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Submitted: June 11, 2013



…………… I stretched as Dante moved out of bed his phone ringing somewhere in the other room I smiled as the warm sun filled the ultra modern room. I got up out of bed and took the sheet with me wrapping it round me as I pulled open the doors of the balcony and took a deep breath of the ocean air.


“No it’s going to be that way there is no changing it… Really well right now you’re dealing with me not my wife” he rubbed his hand over the stubble on his face “I know the deal she had with you and I know it’s bullshit” I turned round and looked at him “The deal is set for eight million in cash… believe me right now I am calm… It needs to be in the account given to you by the twenty third” Dante hung up his phone and tossed it on the bed


“Problem?” I asked moving back into the room


“The Argentine deal… he’s trying to get the price dropped by two million and he said you told him it was okay” I raised my eye brow


“I don’t think so… he didn’t like having to deal with a woman that was a lot of his problem…” I shrugged “you want me to call him back?”


“No but I’m going to be with you the next time you have to go meet him” He reached forward and grabbed the edge of the sheet and tugged it free of my body “now, I was having this dream” he wrapped his arm round my waist and pulled me to him


“Oh you were, were you?” I teased as I traced my fingers over the tattoos’ on his Pecs


“Oh yeah… I was peeling you out of your wedding dress” he bent his head and nipped at my neck.


“And what did it look like…?” I moaned closing my eyes and letting him move me to the bed


“Amazing on the floor” he chuckled I swatted him and shook my head, I wrapped my legs around his waist


“So you want to get married soon then?” I asked looking at him


“As soon as possible” he nodded “Guillaume has offered us two choices with the house and the yacht” he moved to the side and trailed his fingers over my stomach


“It’s not going to b a large wedding like the one Lyra and Casper had planned in the Cathedral in Prague” I sighed


“I don’t care as long as you’re there and the people we love” he tucked my hair back behind my ear “I think we need to talk to Sam and Tricia because we have to have them and Radlov there as well”


“Of course” I smiled as the door knocked “I think we should ignore that” I pulled him back over me


“I agree” he wiggled his eye brows, the door knocked again “Damn it” he groaned and dropped his head to my shoulder before he pushed off the bed and pulled on the pants from the floor. My phone started to ring I went over to my bag and drew it out.


Me * hey

Lyra * good morning

Me * so my brother still there?

Lyra * he’s talking to Guillaume and… well I was making sure you weren’t still mad with the two of us

Me * I’m not mad D and I love the two of you but we’re not going to be dragged in to this crap with you guys

Lyra * Evie it’s the last thing I ever wanted, you are everything to Dante, I’m sorry if you’ve felt that way

Me * it’s okay… look I know you’ve lived here for a while and well has your godfather mentioned anything about…

Lyra * you mean his chance to have a wedding at the house

Me * Yup, Do you know any bridal shops I could go look for a dress?

Lyra * Guillaume called two exclusive stores in town and he’s set you up with appointments, another reason why I was calling you

Me * oh… right… well I’d like for you to go with me if you feel up to it… unless you and Casper are…
Lyra * no Casper is going to be heading back to the hotel I’m not ready to spend all day with him, we’re still…

Me * it’s okay I get it

Lyra * I’ll come pick you up in about an hour if that’s okay.

Me * Ly… just as a heads up, we had to fill Siman in about the baby…

Lyra * we’re having dinner with him tonight… I’m sorry I did what I did Evie I really should have had you all with me.

Me * we can’t change the past girl, hell sometimes I really wish we could make things how it used to be… look let’s just go out and try on dresses

Lyra * sounds like a good idea

Me * I’ll see you in an hour then

Lyra * okay


I hung up the phone and walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Dante walked in behind me.


“Your Dad and mine are here” I looked at him


“I’m going to go shopping for my wedding gown with Lyra” I blurted out, I watched the smirk twitch on his lips “What?”


“Can I come?”


“In the shower with me yes Dress shopping HELL NO” I pushed his chest and dropped the sheet, Dante’s eyes ran over my body


“You are trouble Miss. Novak” he chuckled


“I have to keep you in check” I tipped my head “I need to shower and get ready, how about you and I got for dinner alone tonight and You get to…” I ran my hand down my body inwardly laughing at the hard swallow and the instant arousal all too obvious in his pants “I think you should take a minute and then go see our Dad’s” I moved into the shower and closed the door hearing choice curse words as Dante paced the floor………


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