Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Pep talk

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Submitted: June 12, 2013



…………. I walked out of the hotel and pulled down my sunglasses I swear everything here was mad to dazzle.


“You ready to go?” I looked round as Lyra came toward me “Guillaume dropped me off while he went to the harbor”


“Well should you be in heels that high with that big of a belly… I swear you’re going to fall over” I teased


“I waddle around if I’m not in heels and hell I’m still carrying my gun” she laughed


“Well I’m holding my hands up that if you fall over it’s your own fault” I started to walk. “Hey where’s my brother?”


“He wanted to be dropped off in the square for some reason” she shrugged as she caught up with me


“Did you sleep with him?” She looked at me and shook her head


“He spent the night in my room but no…” Lyra took a deep breath as we walked down the street “I wanted to… oh hell I really wanted to but… we have too much to work out to just fall back into bed” she rubbed the back of her neck “And I don’t know if he’d like me… well like this” she chewed her lip. This was the vulnerable Lyra that only ever came out when she was scared she was going to lose something, not the kick ass no nonsense girl that put the fear of god in most people with a single look.


“Why wouldn’t he?” I stopped walking and put my hands on my hips


“Well I’m not the same girl he found sexy and hot… my boobs are  three times what they were, and I haven’t seen my feet for months”


“And can you see the bigger boobs being an issue” I laughed shaking my head “and you’re pregnant you’re not fat and you’re having his baby… by the way do we know if it’s a boy or a girl?”


“I haven’t found out I just know it’s healthy and all ten fingers and toes have been counted” she got a total cheesy happy grin on her face her hand smoothing over the silk that covered her belly “I hated the fact I was pregnant when I first found out” she started to walk again and caught up with her “I got angry, I thought about all the things I wouldn’t be able to do… and all of the things we do” I nodded enough said with everything, we actually dealt with and the people weren’t exactly… well child friendly “But My Dad had children, hell Siman had kids and then added you to the bunch” She sighed “Guillaume has been amazing and he’s talked things through with me and I’m not going to let go of who I am and what I do but I’m going to show my baby that I can be a good mom and I can…”


“Lyra” I stopped her as we got outside the front of a bridal store that looked like it would charge you just for window shopping “You’re not your Mom” I gripped her hands “That’s what this is about isn’t it” I watched her swallow and look down “You don’t have a problem with Drugs, you know the business and you’re part of it, you don’t let men get to you, well other than my brother”  I hugged her “You’re going to be an amazing Mom and you have all of us to call on to help you out” She pulled back and smiled


“Thank you… I really needed to hear that”


“You are not in this alone… do you know where you’re going to be having it?”


“Right here in the Princess Grace hospital… I’m a little too pregnant to get back to the States and it’s a long drive to Prague” She put her hand on the bell to allow us into the store “Now enough about me and bump… WEDDING GOWNS”


“Fine” the door buzzed and clicked and Lyra pulled open the door and stepped inside a stream of French coming from her as a tall elegant woman walked over and kissed both of her cheeks before looking at me


“You must be the bride?” she held both of my hands “You are beautiful Guillaume did tell me a little about the plan for the wedding” her accent was barely detectable


“It’s just a small wedding” I fidgeted “I’m not the huge ball gown type of girl unless it’s a Prague Ball”


“Well I think we should be able to find the perfect gown for you, and that pretty figure you have” I looked at Lyra as the woman busied herself pulling different gowns off the rails for me.


“You’re going to be a bridesmaid right?”


“You really need one? There isn’t going to be many of us at the wedding” I frowned at her


“I just thought you’d want to be?”


“I do but if there is Tricia and I up there with you there will be no other women watching the wedding” she rubbed my arms and smiled at me “We will help you that entire day and you can call us what you want but you’re going to have this day to be the perfect bride… now I’m going to live through your right now and go look stunning in those dresses”…………


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