Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Hell no and HELLL YESSS

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Submitted: June 13, 2013



…………… I sighed as I sat down with a glass of champagne the frilly pink fabric of the dress I was wearing seemed to have a mind of its own.


“You know I might do the white bikini thing” I pouted “Nothing feels right…”


“I’m thinking hell No to all the ones you’ve tried on”  Lyra got up and walked to the rails of dresses “Come on you have to have always had a dream of what your wedding gown was going to look like?”  I shook my head


“I was the biggest tomboy growing up it was my sister that started the file folder of wedding shit from being twelve… I never thought about it hell I was a jeans and t-shirt girl and well you know what I did for work” she folded her arms and rested them on top of her belly “It wasn’t till I worked with you and things changed I became more of a girl I guess”


“Well true” she laughed


“I have a dress that came in this morning that might be a perfect choice for you” the girl from the store came over carrying a black dress bag “direct from Paris” I took a deep breath and stood back up and handed off the glass to Lyra and walked back into the dressing room, the dress was already unsheathed from the bag and hanging on the hook on the wall.


“That is beautiful” I ran my fingers over the delicate lace. I’d heard that when you find the dress that is supposed to be the right wedding dress you just know and with this one that was the signal I was getting even before I tried it on. She helped me out of the hideous one I was wearing and she fastened the buttons and murmured something in French I took in the reflection in the mirror and hardly recognized the woman looking back at me.


“It fits like it was made for you” she walked round me and smiled


“I need to go show Lyra”


“Of course” she pulled back the curtain from the dressing room and stepped back. Lyra was on her phone pinching the bridge of her nose. I walked into the center of the room and watched her reaction as I realized she was talking in Czech, but I couldn’t catch what she was saying and to whom. I coughed making her jump, she turned round and her eyes got wide, the phone lowered from her ear.


“Damn, you look… WOW” she eased down into a seat her eyes blinking “Let me get a picture and send it to Tricia” she pressed the end button on the screen and pulled up the camera


“Ly you’re shaking”


“It’s because you look so damn good you’ve blown me away” she smiled “Now stop looking like a deals gone bad and smile”  I smiled and shook my head as she took a couple of pictures and sent them to Tricia’s phone “Please tell me you love this dress because you look incredible”


“I feel like a princess” I looked away from her and into the mirror “This is crazy” I turned and looked over my shoulder, I swallowed as the scars on my back were visible “They make me right?” my eyes went to Lyra’s face


“Battle scars girl we all have them and you don’t shy from them normally” she frowned and walked over to me “And you know Dante isn’t affected by them” I looked back in the mirror and took a deep breath


“You’re right” I held my head up “so what do you think?” Lyra’s phone rang, she picked it up and laughed as she answered it


Lyra * Hey Tricia

Tricia * she has to wear that gown for her wedding she looks amazing

Me * you like it?
Tricia * you look stunning… Sam is making arrangements for us to fly over there to you

Lyra * it will be good to see you

Tricia * We’ve all missed you and I want to get my chance to say a few things to you

Lyra * you’ll get it I promise you

Me * has Sam seen the picture of the dress?

Tricia * no and I deleted it because you know he can’t keep a secret to save his cute butt


She giggled making Lyra and I smiled


Me * you’re blushing and thinking about your man naked right now aren’t you?

Tricia * I’m not telling…

Lyra * I’ll text you an address of where to come right from the airport

Tricia * alright… I miss you both and don’t go away without me again

Me * you had to take care of business

Tricia * I know and you’d be proud of me I took charge and even made Sam take a step back

Lyra * wow things have changes a lot

Tricia * I was getting tired of being the wallflower and with you gone I wanted to help as I could

Lyra * well that’s a good thing and the three of us are going to be a force to be reckoned with

Tricia * I agree, I’m going to have to go pack Sam just walked back in the room without his shirt…


The phone cut off


“Well we know what’s going on there” She put the phone in her purse and looked at me


“Well I think I’ve found the perfect wedding gown for me” I smiled taking one last look in the mirror “I’ll go get changed and…”


“I’ll have the gown all ready for you to go” the woman from the store beamed at me


“And my credit card is going to have a heart attack” I groaned


“It’s your wedding gown and it’s not as if you don’t have the money” Lyra rolled her eyes at me


“I know” I stepped toward the dressing room, I ran my fingers over the lace and smiled wondering what Dante would think when he saw me in it……….

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