Dangerous Hunting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 23 (v.1) - Even the field

Submitted: June 14, 2013

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Submitted: June 14, 2013



…………. Sitting at ‘La Rascasse’ watching the boats in the harbor as high end cars seemed to stream past, I smiled inwardly as I picked up the wine glass from the table, Lyra ordered lunch in a perfect stream of French.


“Okay penny for them?” Lyra leant her arms on the table and narrowed her eyes at me


“I was just thinking how the hell have you lived here for the last six months?” I looked at her “I mean it’s all so…”


“Money driven” she took a deep breath


“Yeah… guys like your god father with girls like you hanging off of them” I took a drink “At least Guillaume is hot not like some of the old guys walking round here”


“Guillaume has his fair share of hot young hangers on out for everything they can get, but he’s not a fool” she laughed “He’ll use them like they use him and be a total gentleman about it… I swear to god though if he didn’t know you were Dante’s girl yo’d be in his bed and on his arm” I popped an eyebrow at her “Evie you have to realize you’re not the usual airhead hanger on dazzled by diamonds you are a breath of fresh air to men here”


“So are you… Deadly and beautiful” I laughed raising my glass


“Amen to that” she clinked her water glass against my wine one “Even looking like this I’ve been propositioned”


“Better not let Casper hear about that” I smiled as the waiter put down our food and refilled my wine glass. “Are the two of you going to be alright?”


“Who me and Casper? or me and the baby?”


“You and my brother… I know what he did was insanely stupid and I’m not talking about the leaving the hospital part, what he did with that girl” Lyra looked down and pushed her food with her fork “He was lashing out at you”


“I know he was” she looked up and lowered her sunglasses back over her eyes from where she had pushed them in the top of her head “doesn’t stop it hurting and now I’m not the girl with the neat figure anymore  and you know how much your brother liked that”


‘Do we have to go over this yet again your pregnant Lyra, you’re not fat from behind you don’t even look pregnant the only weight you seem to have put on is the belly and damn those boobs” I laughed “Dante told me how he found you and Casper last night”


“He was on his knees holding my stomach” she nodded “He cried when he thought I was sleeping. He slept on top of the covers and he had his hand on my stomach all night… I’m scared to jump right back in with him.. I want to I wanted to have him in the biblical sense so much but I need to know I’m not going to be treated like I don’t know what I’m doing”


“Oh I think he’s learned that the hard way” I took a bite of the salad in front of me and wanted to groan in delight at the taste “And I think you’ve learned that you don’t run” she nodded “Lyra the two of you are made for each other it’s plain and simple, I think it should show you even with all of us around Casper couldn’t handle you not being in his life… Milos had to take over the club in Prague as some ass was dealing drugs and bad cut ones at that” I put my fork down “I’ve picked him up out of the gutter covered in his own throw up because he’d drunk himself in to oblivion”


“Are you trying to make me feel worse than I already do?” She snapped “Evie I know I fucked up but I pulled myself together and I tried to at least carry on with things”


“Like wanting to put a gun to your head and pull the trigger?”


“Guillaume told you?” She seemd shocked


“He told us and I think your Brother almost stroked out”


“I guess we both had a moment of weakness…” she chewed slowly


“So doesn’t that kinda even the playing field?”


“Have you been sitting on the couch watching damn Dr. Phil while you were recuperating?” a smile twitched on her lips as she pushed the long red hair back over her shoulder


“I shot a TV while I was getting better” I laughed thanking god the mood had lightened somewhat.


“Shot a TV?” she shook her head


‘Yeah Dante wasn’t too happy because he thought he’d locked u the guns and I picked the lock and was shooting stuff out of the bedroom window” I shrugged “I was bored and there was a bunch of damn crows pissing me off, then something annoyed me on tv so I shot that as well… needless to say I was back at work within a couple of days”


“See Dad and Dane know how far to push you”


“Well look two beautiful women sitting alone” a familiar voice chuckled


“Hey Dad” I looked up at Siman


“Siman” Lyra took off her glasses


“I was doing business on a yacht over there” he pointed to the harbor “Your Father will be joining us in a moment” he was looking right at Lyra


“I know Evie and Dante filled you in” She got to her feet, His face softening as he saw the swollen bulge under her dress


“Oh you are so beautiful dear Lyra’ he smiled his lip quivering. Siman had three grand children already by his true Daughter’s marriage but he’d never met them and the bitch that I knew she was I knew he’d resigned himself to the fact he wasn’t ever going to see them.


“She doesn’t think Casper will find her hot anymore” I looked at him


“There is nothing sexier than a woman pregnant with your child” Egan walked over and Smiled “She looks good doesn’t she Siman?”

“She truly does?”


‘Excuse me… I have to go to the ladies room” I pushed back from the table and walked through the tables trying not to cry, I was happy for her but I was heartbroken for the babies Dante and I had lost…………

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