Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Spoling me

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Submitted: June 18, 2013






……………… It felt so good to be walking with my hand in Dantes. People moved aside just with the ice cold stare Dante gave out, he turned his head and looked at me and gave me the sexy lop-sided smile that made me want to break out in a fit of giggles.


“How do you know where you’re going?” I asked givinghis hand a squeeze


“I’ve been here a few times… and I spoke to Guillaume this morning and he set us up with an appointment” he dropped my hand as we reached the jet black fronted store with small windows displaying stunning diamond jewelry pieces, I feltmy eyes get wide.


“Damn” I sighed “there is Millions of dollars in that window alone”


“I love you” he chuckled, I looked at him and frowned




“The way you get wide eyed when you look at things like this sometime just makes me smile” he pressed his lips to my temple “You can walk in this store and buy whatever you want… we’re not exactly poor” I looked up at him


“I know that but I’m still the kids of a hard working Mom and Dad and I watched them have to watch what they spent to make sure my sister and had everything we could want, and come on we never had new cars…” I looked down


“I know you didn’t and I’m not trying to make it sound wrong but I’m giving you and you work hard for what you have now and your Dad would be proud of you” he rubbed his knuckles along my jaw, Dante and his family had utter respect for my Real father even if he’d been a ATF agent “Now Miss Evangeline Novak” I smiled at my new adopted surname “You feel like coming and trying to find your wedding band before I utterly spoil you and make this day the best we’ve had for a while”


Dante and I spent two hours in the store finding the perfect wedding bands for the two of us and because Guillaume had already called and told them we were members of his family the owner of the store was personally dealing with us. We left the store having been told that the rings would be delivered to the hotel within forty-eight hours. Dante had handed over his card and didn’t even look at the cost as the owner’s daughter was showing me some amazing watches.


“So now what are we doing?” I asked as Dante’s arm snagged me round the waist and held me against him


“We’re going to go back to the hotel where I’ve arranged for one of the Stores to come in and bring a selection of clothes for you” I rasied my eyebrows “Because I called my tailor and had a new suit made” he smiled And we’re going to be getting ready to go out and we’re having dinner alone together and the rest of the ight you and I will have no cell phones, not laptops and no interruptions and we will just have us”


“What’s come over you” I poked him in the ribs


“I just want us to have some fun, the last six months have been like living in a damn fog” he moved his arm and linked his fingers with mine.


“I know and I can’t wait to get back to normal but I’ll take some alone time with you” I pulled him to me and kissed him like we weren’t in the middle of the street. “Does it mean even all night we have no phone”


“All night it’s going to be us” he nodded “We have things to talk about and if they happen to be in bed then that’s where it’s going to be………….

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