Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Disturbed and rockin the boat

Submitted: June 26, 2013

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Submitted: June 26, 2013



………. I smiled at Dante as I looked up at him his profile lit by the subtle on deck light, the dangerous side to him hidden but simmering under the surface. I was blessed to have him for my own.


“So this wedding gown?” he smiled at me and tipped his head


“Is amazing… it’s all satin with a ball gown skirt and beading on the bodice” I lied convincingly looking at the expression on his face. The smile on his lips wavered slightly before he composed himself “It’s something I never thought I’d go for but hey” I rested my head on his chest


“I can’t wait to see you in it” he murmured his hand on the back of my neck rubbing gently


“You think we can leave dinner and explore each other?” I moved back and trailed my finger down his chest slipping it between two of the buttons and stroking the warm skin, making his eyes flare. He bent his head and kissed me with all the urgency in the world. There was a small cough stopping the moment, Dante and I looked round Marne was stood there her hands behind her back seemingly pushing her boobs forward a little more.


“I’m sorry Mr. Croft there is a call for you” Dante’s body tensed


“I asked not to be disturbed” he snapped


“I did tell them that but they are insistent?” she fidgeted


“D, just go see who it is and rip them a new ass” I drew his attention back to me “I’ll be right here ready to get naked and have you all over me” I nipped at his neck making him growl


“I’m holding you to that” he kissed me again before he moved back and disappeared inside the boat. Marne moved to the table and picked up the plates


“A word of warning” I walked forward “Dante Croft is not a man to be messed with” she frowned at me “And I’m not a woman that lets someone drool after her man”


“I wasn’t” she stammered


“Really honey… I’ve seen it before and the way you shove your boobs forward, the man owns a pole dancing club and he’s not interested in any of those girls so he’s not going to be looking at you” her face flamed red, I put my hands on the table and locked eyes with her “I think you maybe should leave us alone right now” her hands were shaking as she stepped back and literally ran inside. I groaned and sat down rubbing my temples. I heard the door open and looked round as Dante stepped out “Everything okay?”


“Yeah it was Dad”


“Egan knew you didn’t want to be disturbed” I leant back in the seat


“I know… but would you be up for a meeting in the morning” he tipped his head and look at me


“A meeting with who” I got up and picked up my wine glass.


“James Weber some businessman from Chicago…”


“He was just in court and got away with everything” I shrugged Dante frowned at me “Sorry before I started working on your case” I swallowed hard I hated bringing up that. “We were working on a case that involved Weber Dante sat down and  watched me pace the deck “He’d been under surveillance for almost a year on suspicion of running guns from a third party via Cuba, I did some of the surveillance myself on him but he was very good at covering his ass”


“So he knows you?” Dante chewed his lip


“No I never got close to him other than in the back of a tuck with cameras… he was supposed to be getting married to some girl twenty years younger than him, I investigated her but drew a blank she was a Chief ER nurse that  he swept off her feet and she gave everything up for him”


“Hmmm sounds familiar” Dante chuckled “So you up for a little work in the morning?”


“I’m up for a little work right now” I put my glass on the table and moved to stand between his legs “I think you need to stand up” he frowned at me but did what I suggested “Because then it’s easier for me to…” I dropped my hand to his zipper and slid it down, his hands gripped on the table his eyes locked with mine I slowly sank down and put my mouth around him. There was a hiss as I sucked hard and flicked my tongue over him; this was one thing I knew Dante loved because I somehow could handle every inch of him


“Damn Evie” his hips thrust forward making me moan sending the vibration right through the length of him, I slid my hands round his thighs and up to his ass holding him tight as I moved my head up and down “Evie not yet… I want to…” he pulled me off him and up and his mouth captured mine I felt my ass hit the table as he split my thighs and pushed into me “Thank god for no underwear” he smiled at me as I gripped onto his shoulders, even after all this time Dante’s size took some getting used to. I held on as Dante’s lust took over and the relentless pounding was what we both needed after the intense conversation from earlier I wrapped my legs over his hips and held him tight making the strokes shorter but deep “F..U..C..K” Dante threw his head back as he came the straining muscles in his neck showing how powerful he was………………

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