Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Back to work

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Submitted: June 27, 2013



***Okay this will be it till monday i hope it's not rushed i love you guys and thank you for the support while i'm in hell lol***


………………. I woke up to the smell of coffee and pastry, Dante wasn’t in the bed with me I groaned as I stretched and picked up my watch we’d finally gotten to sleep a little before dawn. I think that we’d broken the record for the amount of times a couple had sex in one night. I sat up and moved to the edge of the bed picking up Dante’s shirt from the chair in the room and slipped my arms into it and fastened the buttons. I stepped out onto the slightly moving yachts deck Dante was sitting at the table in just the linen pants from the night before sipping a coffee.


“You left me alone” I walked over to him. He smiled and pushed the chair back and pulled me on to his lap.


“Well I was so worked up from last night I couldn’t sleep” he lifted my hand and kissed my fingers “And if that was anything like what it’s going to be on our honeymoon” he took my index finger in his mouth and sucked on it  “I’m going to be a very lucky man”


“You’re insatiable” I smiled and shook my head


“For you” he nodded and Marne walked out with the coffee pot and she poured it  in to a cup for me before going back inside “She’s been very quiet this morning” he moved me forward so I could pick up my coffee


“Well might have something to do with the strip I took off her last night” I shrugged


“Green eyed monster reared its head did it?”


“Reared it and bit her leering ass hard” I nodded “So what time is the meeting and please tell me we have time to go back to the hotel and shower and change”


“Yes we have time to do all of that” he nodded “This one is going to be interesting”


“Why?” I got off his lap and walked over to the buffet of food that was laid out for us and picked up a fresh croissant  before going and sitting next to Dante


‘Well he’s not looking for weapons?” I frowned and looked at him “He’s looking for help?”


“We don’t do help, we do guns and clubs” I stopped eating


“I know but from what Dad could gather was he’s been betrayed by someone close to him kinda like when Mac screwed us over”


“I didn’t think that he had kids”


“No he’s not had someone killed close to him but… well I’m not sure but lets go to the meeting and see  what he wants from us”


‘Okay” I nodded.


Before I knew it we’d gotten back to the hotel and after a long drawn out shower that included a lot of sucking and licking Dante and I were shown to a meeting room in the hotel. I walked over to the window and looked out as the door opened.


“Hey” I looked round as I heard Dante get up from the table Sam walked in through the door “Egan told me to join you guys” Sam smiled as he shook Dante’s hand before walking over to me and hugging me and kissing my cheek


“You guys just get in?” I asked


“No  we got in late last night when you were out on that sweet assed Yacht” he moved over to the meeting table and rubbed his hand over his face “Some guy called Guillaume came to pick up Tricia and take her to see Lyra”


“Well she’s in for a surprise when she sees her” I laughed walking back to the table “So you going to go ring shopping while you’re here” I smiled hip checking him “Dante and I got our wedding bands and I’ve seen some amazing engagement rings”


“Hey you’ve got one” Dante called out  I ignored him


“You and Tricia are perfect for each other and you need to hold on to her as she calms you down”


‘I’m with Evie we all need that girl in our lives that can control us” Dante nodded


“I don’t know if I’d be a good enough husband for her though she’s so damn sweet and beautiful and sexy and…”


‘So all the more reason to make her Mrs. Tasarov and she loves you with everything she has” I put my arm round his waist “If you want us all to back off asking when you’re going to get her a ring then we will but…” I was cut off as the door opened and two men walked in looking like secret service with the earpieces, suits and shades


“Game time” Dante sighed I let go of Sam and raised my head men like this didn’t intimidate me, hell look who I was marrying I sat in the chair between Sam and Dante


“I’ll bet my guns bigger than theres” I mumbled making both Sam and Dante smirk


“Probably baby” Dante nodded as he got  to his feet when a tall older man walked in almost as good looking as Guillaume but hell that man was just a silver haired hot playboy with a heart of gold “Weber” Dante’s work tone snapped me back to the room and the here and now


“Well, well the infamous Dante Croft” James Weber chuckled as he held out his hand for Dante to shake “I was expecting to see your Father”


“Well Egan is busy right now so he send the people he trust the most” I added not getting up. James looked around Dante and eyed me


“You bring a girl to a meeting like this” I moved Sam catching me and pulling me back down


“Calm down Evie” Sam smiled


“No I bring My soon to be wife with me to the meeting” I watched Weber’s eyes get wide




“You want to pit me against your bulldogs in a room?” I asked “And we’ll see who comes out of it alive” I cocked my head “You think Dante is infamous don’t doubt me”


“I’m sorry” Weber smiled shaking his head “I’m not used to dealing with women like us”


“Then get used to it and remember you came to us for help” Dante reminded him Weber sat down across from us with his bodyguards flanking him behind


“I did come to you because I trust your Father” he nodded he dropped a file folder on the table and pushed it across “I’m looking for two people”


“We deal in weapons Mr. Weber” Sam looked over my shoulder as we looked at the files inside “Not missing people”


“I know that but these aren’t ordinary people… in fact one is my fiancée and the other is a government mercenary sent to kill me”  I turned over the paper to look at the pictures “He wielded his way into my organization and betrayed me and she left with him” He tented his fingers under his chin “I want revenge and it’s something I know your family to exact in a spectacular manner” I raised and eye brow at him “I know money is nothing for you but I have contacts willing to give you all their arms business for a long time to come and I know how much you hate being betrayed so I know how you feel”………………..

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