Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Something familiar

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*Sorry if it's short again guys*


………. “She’s a beautiful woman” I said putting the papers down “How did you end up with her?” I had to ask as I really didn’t like him a whole lot, Weber seemed taken aback. Sam lent forward and took the picture from the table in front of me


“With old fashioned romance” he snapped briskly “and I gave her everything”


“Well reading this she was a very intelligent woman and an excellent nurse… and she just abruptly stopped working” I sat back and tipped my head “You’d think that someone with such a vocation and obvious talent for her job wouldn’t give it up so easily” Weber’s jaw tensed and he narrowed his eyes at me and moved forward leaning his elbows on the table, I didn’t flinch just looked him right in the eyes.


“I said I gave her everything, what would she do with a trifling ninety thousand dollar a year paycheck, I make that in a day, I had her on a pedestal”


“I think we’re supposed to be impressed with that” Sam sighed without lifting his eyes from the papers her was looking at as Dante Sat impassively on my right, Weber eased back with a smug expression until Sam’s words sunk in and he flinched a little


“I think personally she left you because she was bored” Sam shrugged and got up from the table


“I agree” Dante nodded “Women like her with a career like she had” he pointed to the paper all about Megan “ don’t want to be a trophy wife on some rich man’s arm, they are too intelligent for that”


“You seem to keep a tight leash on your woman” Weber tipped his head and looked at Dante as I raised my eye brows and I swore I heard Dante’s hackles rising, I put my hand over his and smiled sweetly at Weber


“Aw Honey” I threw in a drawl for good measure “I might look like trophy material but I work damn hard for my family: I got up “I’m sorry but no matter what Egan says you’re a chauvinist. I deal with dangerous men that I’ve earned their respect” I watched him swallow hard, I pushed from the table and walked to the door


“Well if that doesn’t interest you, how does the name Kain Price sound…Miss Robbins?” I felt my blood run cold and I stopped with my hand on the door handle “Oh I’ve heard all about your former life as a Federal agent” the smug tone in Weber’s voice irritated the shit out of me.


“I’m sorry you’ve got her mixed up with someone else” Dante cut in “My wife is the daughter of my father’s best friend, Siman Novak”


“Hmmmmm” was the only sound I heard from Weber as I turned the handle and walked across the lobby the sound of the door clicking in to place behind me seeming to echo after me.


“Evie” I looked round as Dad and Egan walked from the restaurant with a Brazilian client “You look pale” Siman frowned and he held my arms.


“That… That damn asshole” I held out my hands


“Who?” Egan asked looking concerned, I waited for the Brazilian to walk away


“Fucking Weber that’s who… he knew who I really am, he knew I was a fed and my own name” I shook my head “He’s a prick out and out and hell I don’t blame his girl for leaving his ass”


“Are Dante and Same still with him?” Egan asked, I just nodded and took a calming breath


“He wants her back and then he wants’ this guy that was undercover from what I gathered” I rubbed the back of my neck “Kinda the way I was” I looked up sheepishly at Egan


“It’s hit a raw nerve hasn’t it my dear?” Siman became a total dad as he hugged me and let me go


“Of course it has” I looked down “It brings back a lot of memories I’d rather leave in the past” Egan smiled and took his turn in giving me the Fatherly hug


“Sweetheart it was rough, but it made you the Evie we have right now and we love her” he kissed my forehead


“It makes me want to find him and ask him what he was doing there” I looked at both of them “We don’t go rogue like he’s seemed to without a damn good reason and I’m thinking this girl is the reason” I paced a little in front of them and I ran the name Kain price over and over in my head.


“Well how about we do some digging?” Egan said taking a breath he looked at Siman “go in with the boys and see if you can sound out Weber some more” Siman nodded and walked away “Evie” Egan put his hand in the small of my back and we headed for the elevators and walked inside. I gripped Egan’s hand


“I know the name, I’m sure I’ve met him” Egan frowned at me


“Met who?”


“Kain price the Fed that Weber is after”


“Well you staked them out” he shrugged I shook my head


“No I need to see the picture again” I swallowed hard “It’s more than that”………………

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