Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Monaco

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Submitted: May 10, 2013



…………… The flight seemed to take forever I’d looked at my phone so many times toying with telling Casper where she was. Dante sat next to me and squeezed my leg.


“I’m going to call Dad as soon as we land” I looked at him “I can’t tell Casper not until Lyra says’ it’s okay but I need Dad to know that we know where she is” Dante nodded “I mean she’s your sister and I know you guys don’t want her to run again”


“I want to yell at her so bad and hug the hell out of her the same time” He looked down at his hands “I’m going to let you do the girl thing and talk to her but at some point she’s going to find out how she’s pissed us off” I pushed my hand through my hair.


We finally landed at a private landing strip just up the coast from Monaco. Egan was up and talking to the pilot Dante’s hand was in the small of my back as we stepped out in the hot noon day sun.


“Monsieur Croft, a pleasure to see you again” there was a Limousine waiting off to the side and a uniformed driver stepping forward to take the bags a second perfectly dress guy was standing smiling at all of us.


“Andre thank you for coming for us” Egan shook his hand


“I took the liberty of booking two suites at the Hotel De Paris" Egan shot him a huge smile "I know when you come to our little principality that is where you like to stay" I looked at Dante and pulled a face


"Dad likes coming here every few months to handle deals over the casino table" Dante smiled at me


"Well damn he could have brought us along with him" I laughed as I slipped into the cool air-conditioned limo I reached for my cell and dialed the number that Lyra had called me in.


* Bonjour, Molyneux Residence


Well okay that threw me for a loop; I was expecting Lyra to answer the phone


Me * er... Lyra Croft please


Dante looked at me and frowned


*Ah Oui, Mademoiselle Croft


I heard a click as I was put on hold


Lyra * Hello

Me * okay why the hell was some French chick answering the phone and who is Molyneux?

Lyra * it's a friend I'm staying at his place and she's the maid

Me * damn... well we've landed and we're on our way to the hotel right now

Lyra * Hotel du Paris right?

Me * yup

Lyra * I'll meet you in the bar in an hour... and Evie I mean just you I can't handle D and Dad right now


I looked round the car at both of them watching me intently


Me * Well i sort of guessed that and I read them the riot act before we left the States

Lyra * I knew I could trust you, thank you Evie

Me * Ly you really don't sound like you right now... I mean I know it's you but you don't sound the usual you... Oh see I think I’m not making a single drop of sense now

Lyra * Evie I’m fine I can still shoot the balls of a fly at 100 yards, People don't mess with me still I’m still me I'm just.... Look one hour okay

Me * One hour


I hung up the phone


"Where in an hour?" Dante asked


"Hotel bar and I’m meeting her alone she said she can't handle all of us together" I need a fast shower and to get changed and then..."


"We won't be far Evie you do know that right?" Egan rubbed his hand over his jaw


"I wouldn't expect anything less Egan" I smiled "Oh and Who the hell is her friend Molyneux  I watched Egan pop an eye brow


"He's A playboy" Egan laughed "suave, debonair, French playboy" we pulled up to the hotel "And I think I’m going to go make a call to him right now... I’m going to kick his ass"


"Okay I’m so not getting your Dad right now but I need a shower and i want to find out what the hell is going on with Lyra"


"I know but Molyneux is..." Dante’s phone rang "Shit its Siman"


"Tell him what we know about Lyra and tell him I’ll call him later and talk to Casper"...............


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