Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Penny drops and old times roll

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Submitted: July 02, 2013



……….. I paced the floor of our suite while Egan watched me.


“Evie” he shook his head “why don’t you have a drink?” he held out his hands


“I want to see that file” I rubbed the back of my neck the muscles had tensed up and knotted “I know the name I need to make sure the face fits the person I’m thinking of” I looked at him “If that makes sense”


“I think it does” he chuckled “but I know how worked up you can get when something is bugging you” he stood up and held my arms “Honey you have a wedding to get ready for, so you need to think about that” I took a deep breath “Whatever this is or who it is you, you and Dante need this wedding for you both after everything that has happened and everything you’ve been through”


“You’re right” I nodded “Egan Croft the voice of reason”


“Yes… Yes I am” he laughed we both looked round as the door opened and Dante walked in with Siman and Sam.


“What happened?” I asked


“Well after he was put in his place firmly and without a shadow of a doubt never to piss you the fuck off again” Sam laughed as he sat down stretching his long legs out in front of him “and Dante had to be literally tied to the seat to stop him from Heading across the table and pummeling the smug assed rich boys ass” Dante smiled and shrugged


“He’s been told to wait for a phone Call” Siman walked over to the small bar in the suite and poured a neat scotch and took a sip of it “And when you give us the okay we will look into what he’s asked”


“We’re not going to do this if you are too irritated by him and it’s not really what we do is it… and the fact he knew you and who you were is bothering me” Dante walked over to me and held my hands


‘That I can deal with, I’m not intimidated by his over inflated ego” I shook my head “I’m bothered a man thinks he can buy a woman like the girl he had, I want to meet her and shake her hand for leaving him” I shrugged “But I need to see that” I pointed to the file sitting on Sam’s lap


“She thinks she knows the name of the guy Weber is looking for” Egan added


“You know him?” Dante tipped his head


“I need to see the face to make sure but…” I nodded and chewed my lip Sam lent forward and held out the file to me as the door opened and Tricia walked in with Casper and Lyra. I sat opposite Sam


“Hey guys what’s going on?” Lyra asked her smile was lighting the room


“Work” Dante looked at his sister “Some guy is offering a few contacts and for us to find a couple of people for him” Lyra frowned


“Since when are we into missing persons?” She put her hands on her hips making her belly seem more prominent


“We’re not but this is intriguing” Sam looked at her “and Damn girl you look ready to pop” He got up “Sit down you’re scaring me” She shook her head but took the seat anyway


“Evie are you alright?” Tricia had crossed over the floor and was looking at me. I held Kains picture in my hand “Evie” everyone looked at me


“Baby you’ve gone white”


“I know him…” I looked up at Dante and then looked at Egan “I was right”


“Okay so you think Sis you want to let us know” Casper seemed more the old Casper the dark rings and haggard look gone from his face.


“It was a while ago I was a rookie in the ATF and was given all the crap that goes along with being a new officer, including being training material for other branches of the government” Dad walked over to me and handed me the whiskey he’d poured. “I was sent to work for the CIA for six months” I chewed my lip Dante frowned at me “I didn’t tell you because well it was something that happened a longtime ago and had nothing to do with how we met and well I never thought anything of it other than just life” I shrugged


“Its okay” Dante sat on the arm of the chair next to me He took the picture of Kain from my hands


“Well I was assigned to be a liaison with a government Agent or so I thought… Kain was a trained mercenary”


“You mean like Jason Bourne?” Casper teased I looked up at him


“Exactly like that it’s not so far from the truth” Casper’s Face fell “And Kain and I were… well… I had to give him his orders of the targets he was required to erase” I took a deep breath “He’s or he was Damn good at his job…”


“Damn he’s hot” Tricia gasped making Sam groan and the others hang their heads “Sorry I’ve been around Evie and Lyra for too long” she said blushing profusely


“He is hot” I agreed “Like another Deadly killer I know” I looked at Dante and watched the nerve in his cheek twitch


“Was there ever anything between the two of you?” Egan asked getting shot a look of sheer rage by his son.


“We were Handler and killer Egan… sometimes things go where you least expect and a way out is required’…………..

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