Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - we all have a past

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Submitted: July 03, 2013



…………… “What is that supposed to mean?” Dante got up from the chair and walked over to the bar his tone bitter and hard “Did you sleep with him”


“It means I slept with him Yes is that what you wanted to hear” I snapped “I’m trying to fill you in on what I know about a guy that is as dangerous if not more than all of you and all you are bothered about is  if he got into my underwear” I held out my hands “I had a life before you Dante Croft, You didn’t fuck a virgin” Dante turned and looked at me and glared “Oh and don’t even think that look is intimidating to me” I sighed “Casper tried to  joke about Kain being like Jason Bourne… but it’s true he is, or was I don’t know. That man is a cold blooded trained killer that never missed a target, EVER… you want to find this guy then go right ahead but he can easily make you look like an amateur and I’m sorry the last thing I want is to lose any of you especially your jealous ass” I locked eyes with Dante.


“Well its simple Evie goes after him with Tricia” Lyra said getting to her feet “You’re a jack ass” she murmured as she walked by Dante to the window


“I’m not happy about sending my girl in where a killer is” Sam said pulling Tricia on to his lap


“Really” Casper smiled “Sam think about what you just said will you”


“I know that I’m not comfortable having her going near a killer I don’t personally know” I looked at Dante who was staring out of the window with the nerve in his cheek twitching


“Guys, can I talk to Dante alone for a while please?”


“Of course, we’ll be down stairs having lunch” My Father nodded. Everyone got up and filed out of the room. Lyra drew level with me


“Don’t walk out on him and make the same mistake I did” she sighed


“I’m not going to” I hugged her; she nodded and walked out “Right… what the hell was that?” Dante looked at me


“I don’t like finding out these things about you in front of everyone else…” he walked over and picked up the picture of Kain from the table “The fact that a man like this was so close to you and he could have killed you”


“Are you listening to yourself” I laughed “Dante Croft you are killer I’ve seen you do it Kain had a job and so do you, and at the end of the day you aren’t so different from each other. You are a product of your environment he’s a creation of a government program” I walked over to him


“You never mentioned him” Dante put his drink down “a man like him”


“Isn’t you” I shook my head “Dante it was over four years ago, it happened because we were both caught in Columbia… he had a target and I was the one to lure out the target, only it didn’t go as planned and I made a rookie mistake and allowed the mark to grow suspicious so Kain had to take him out in the middle of him meeting with his family, and I was there” I took a deep breath “I panicked and ran… nothing draws attention of a drug cartel other than the American girl running like the fucking wind” I sat back down Dante following me and sitting on the table in front of me “All I remember is scaling the wall of the compound like I was on steroids I managed to get into the dense forest with men chasing me down and I was grabbed from behind and hauled into this old beat up pick up with a cloth bag over my head” Dante’s face got a dark shadow over it as his jaw set tight “I was terrified, and all I could think of was I was going to see my dad again if I was killed” I jumped as Dante reached for my hands “When the car stopped I was put over someone’s shoulder and taken into a building and dumped onto a mattress and the bag was pulled off my head and Kain was standing in front of me, looking like a damn Navy seal with all the makeup on his face and the clothing he was wearing and he went off on me calling me a liability and that I wasn’t good enough for the job so I got to my feet and caught him off guard and I punched him in the jaw” Dante smiled a little “we both started to fight I guess you’d call it I truly wasn’t a match for him and he pinned me in a heartbeat… and then he change and let me go. I remember sitting on the floor in this mess of a jungle shack and looking at him and he told me that he was more worried about the fact things hadn’t gone as planned and I was stuck in there”


“He could have left you in there” Dante said


“It wasn’t he could have the fact was he should have that was the rule” I shrugged “I don’t know if it was the adrenaline wearing off but I started to do the girl thing and I cried. He sat on the floor across from me and watched me, I used to wear a necklace that my dad had given me for my birthday before he died and I remember reaching to touch it because I was that thing that had always calmed me like he was with me” Dante squeezed my hands “I had lost it at some point during me getting out of there so I  started scrabbling for the door and he grabbed me and held me till I stopped fighting and he got me to tell him what was going on, I was the one that kissed him, he pushed me  away and then something happened and he  just… well we just”


“It’s okay I get it I don’t need the details” Dante smiled


“It happened twice after that and then I was pulled away and Kain as far as I knew went about what he was trained to do and I went back to the ATF, I’d truly all but forgotten about him he was just one of those things that happen” I shrugged “You can’t tell me you haven’t had a girl or two like that”


“You’re right I have had my share of girls like that” he nodded “I guess I just don’t like the idea of some other man like me touching you” He pulled me forward out of the chair and on to his lap


“I don’t like thinking of girls touching you either but we both have a past and that’s life I’m marrying you dante Croft you are the only man that is going to be touching this body ever again” I smiled


“So do you want to go look for Kain and this Megan girl?” Dante asked his fingers trailing lazily up and down my spine


“I do, I want to hear their side of the story, there is something about Weber I didn’t like” I nodded “But I agre with Sam Kain will be on the defensive if you guys go in Gung Ho”


“I’m not letting you go alone… I don’t play like that and I don’t trust anyone remember”


“I know but lets find where the hell they could be first and then decide who’s going where” Dante nodded and Put his arm under my legs and stood up lifting me off him and walked toward the bedroom “Dante what are you doing?” I giggled


“I’m taking my soon to be wife to bed… Fighting with you makes me horny as hell”………….

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