Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Wedding nerves

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Submitted: July 11, 2013



……… “You are working to hard” I looked up as Guillaume came over and put down a glass of wine on the table next to me


“I have to get things done when I can” I smiled at him “thank you for letting me come here”


“You are more than welcome but you should be getting ready…” he sat opposite me “Not every day a girl gets married” he chuckled “Lyra and Tricia are almost done and the car is going to be here in just over an hour… you look like you have no nerves”


“You’re kidding me right” I picked up the wine glass and held out my trembling left hand “Probably a reason why I’m trying to work” I took a deep breath.


“Are you getting any closer to finding this Kain person?” he gestured with his hand “I think I am, I’ve narrowed it down to three states, why this Weber ass hasn’t found him already or the government for that reason is worrying me I haven’t had to dig all that deep” I sat back in the seat as the door to the house slid open and Lyra stepped out “I just need to see if he is around if he does reply to me”


“EVANGELINE NOVAK” Lyra stood with her hands on the back of Guilluame’s chair “You are getting your make up done because in a little over two hours you are going to be marrying my brother” She tapped her foot “I was taslking to you while I was getting dressed thinking you were in the room with Tricia and I and I look round and tricia was yping something on her laptop and you were well…” she threw her hands out


“Lyra Mon Cherie” Guillaume frowned at her “You must be calm think of the baby” I had to smile when Guillaume said the word Baby he sound like Pepe Le Pew.


“I know” she smiled at him “Girl get your ass in to the house and get that stunning gown on”


“Okay… I’m going” I closed down my laptop and picked it up and followed Lyra back into the house


“I’m just glad you didn’t escape before you got your hair done” Lyra took my laptop and put it on the table “You do want this don’t you?”


“Okay I really can’t believe that you asked that” I put my hands on my hips


“Well you were working when you should have been getting ready for what is supposed to be the best day of your life… Come on this is me” She walked over to me and held my hands “Even Dante is getting concerned that something isn’t right” Tricia walked into the room


“You found her then” she smiled the warm smile that relaxed everyone she met


“She was outside” Lyra nodded “Now I’m trying to get out of her what’s going on in her head”


“It is worrying Evie” Tricia chewed her lip both of them looking at me. I felt my lip quiver “Oh no” Tricia came over as I sat down on the arm of the couch


“You guys and everyone else is being amazing with all this wedding stuff and Dante is my world” Lyra handed me a Kleenex “I keep thinking my Dad should be here walking me down the aisle… I’ve tried to dream about him and it feels like I can’t remember his face” I put my head in my hands and my shoulders shook with sobs as Lyra and Tricia wrapped their arms round me in a hug


“He’s going to be there, he and your Mom will be watching you” Lyra crouched down as low as her belly would allow “I know Siman isn’t your real Dad, but he thinks of you as his” I looked at her and nodded “Remember when you were in the hospital after the explosion… both you and Dante have said that your Dad put the two of you together, don’t you think he knows what is happening today, and he knows Dante would die for you, he will always be looking down on you because he knows you are happy” Tricia got a fresh Kleenex and wiped my eyes


“I don’t know what to say to you other than your Dad put you with people he knew would love you” She smiled “Come on I’ll take you upstairs while Lyra finishes getting what she needs ready” Tricia pulled me to my feet as Guillaume walked back into the house. Lyra moved and sat on the couch as I went up to get ready for my wedding, feeling better for actually admitting what had been getting to me.


“Is everything alright?” Guilluame asked


“No I need to make a call to my brother” She looked at him “The one thing none of us thought about was Evie still deep down feels like an orphan” Lyra picked up her cell phone and dialed Dante…


….. Tricia sat on the bed as I was helped into my wedding gown, Lyra walked in through the door.


“How you feeling?”


“Somehow calmer” I took a deep breath as I looked in the mirror “I’m sorry I’ve checked out this past week”


“It’s understandable, and we should have realized about your Dad” she walked over to me “You look absolutely beautiful and I think that Dante is going to be blown away and he asked me to give you this” she handed me a box and a note “We’ll be waiting in the car for you” she kissed my cheek and picked up her purse and her and Tricia walked out. I smiled at the two women that had helped do my hair and make and the left me on my own. I eased down on to the bed and took the card from the envelope.




 I can’t believe today in the matter of a few hours, I’m going to be happier than I have ever been in my entire life. I’m going to be able to call you my wife.

I never thought there was a woman out there that would want a part of me because of what I am, and even with every horror we have been through you become stronger and you amaze me with your resilience and strength every single day.

You are beautiful inside and out and you’ve tamed Dante Croft and made him worship the ground that you walk on.

I wish that you could have your Parents here and I wish I could have asked your Dad for your hand in marriage, but he will be with us as he helped us find each other so I take that as his way of giving his blessing.

Please don’t be mad at me for spending money on you and buying you more diamonds but I’m not going to change the fact I love spoiling you, I saw the bracelet and it made me smile and think of the classy way you carry yourself when we work together.


I love you and I cannot wait to call you Mrs. Croft for the rest of our lives


Dante xxx


I sniffed back the tears and opened the box the breath came out of my lungs in a rush, the 50’s bracelet that I’d seen in the store when we got our wedding bands was lay on a satin bed the sunlight coming through the window catching all the inset diamonds. I slipped the bracelet onto my wrist and tucked the note into my flowers.


 I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, and felt a warm breeze wash over me. It felt like a kiss was planted on my cheek, I tried to open my eyes and couldn’t


“I’m always here Linny, both your mother and I are so happy you have the right man” it felt like there were hands on my shoulder “I will be right with you when you walk to become his wife, you don’t need to see me to know I’m there and I will guide you in everything you do. You have made me nothing but proud baby girl and you have a true family that loves you as much as we ever could… be happy and you look beautiful” there was the feeling of lips again and the breeze stopped and I opened my eyes and looked round the empty room and smiled


“I love you Dad thank you” I murmured as I got up and walked to the door, everything in my being was calm and work was the furthest from my mind and the only thing I wanted was Dante Croft…………

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