Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - Wedding of our dreams

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Submitted: July 12, 2013



…………. I walk out of the house and the drive opened the door of the rolls Royce sitting out waiting for me Lyra and Tricia were nowhere to be seen only a note on the seat. I heard the click of the door as it closed behind me and I picked up the note.


Okay so we bailed on you and we headed for the harbor before you came out we wanted to be there to see D’s face as soon as he sees you ?

Love you

Ly and Tricia


I smiled and eased back as the car wound its way the short distance to the harbor the choice of getting married on Guilluame’s yacht was perfect  a lot more the intimate wedding Dante and I wanted, not that when Lyra marries Casper it still wouldn’t be an amazing wedding, just not the right wedding for me. The car came to a stop at the mooring for the yacht and the drive opened the door Siman walked down the gang way looking impeccable in the linen suit he’d had made for the wedding he offered me his hand as I got out of the car.


“Oh my” he sucked in a deep breath as I stood up and smoothed my hand over the lace of the dress “Evie you look stunning” I smiled at his reaction as he bent his head and kissed my cheek squeezing my hand


“Thank you Dad” I nodded “Is Dante here?”


“Of course he is and he’s nervous as I’ve never seen” he chuckled he lead me on to the boat and into one of the two living rooms Tricia came in from the other side and smiled at me.


‘How are you feeling now?” she handed me glass of champagne


“I’m feeling calmer” I nodded taking a sip from the glass as the boat set sail “How does he look?” I asked looking toward the door that lead out on the deck


“Well I think he’s chewed off all his nails” she laughed “and Lyra is winding him up”


“Well that’s what sisters do?” I sat down “Okay the nerves are coming back”


“You will be fine” Siman let out a chuckle “It’s Dante out there you are not walking into the lion’s den” he took the glass from me and pulled me to my feet “You are surrounded by family that love you and will do anything to make you happy” he tipped his head “we will never replace your real parents but we will try to help fill the void” he held my face in his hands and kissed my forehead lightly the door knocked and Tricia went over to it and spoke to whoever was on the outside of the door. She turned round and smiled


“You ready?” I took a deep breath and nodded Siman handed me my flowers I touched the note from Dante.


“Okay I’m ready” Siman offered me his arm I took it and Tricia stepped out into the sun.


 I caught a glimpse of her giving the thumbs up to someone before Siman and I stepped out on to the deck to join everyone else. I watched as Casper’s jaw went slack and then he smiled his arm snaking round Lyra’s waist pulling her close to him. Radlov had flown in during the week and was standing with Sam as Tricia went over and he linked his fingers with her hand Egan put his hand on the shoulder of Dante as my eyes ran from his feet up the perfectly tailored summer linen suit he was wearing I smiled nervously at him getting lost in the perfect blue of his eyes, he smiled back at me his lip quivering slightly as Siman and I walked forward.


Siman hugged Dante as we drew level before he put my hand in his.


“You look beautiful” Dante smiled at me


“Thank you” I felt myself blush.


The Captain of Guilluame’s yacht was the one marrying us his words seemed to go in to my head but I was consumed with looking at Dante my hands dwarfed in his as the sea breeze washed over the two of us. Dante fidgeted from one foot to the other as he began his vows.


“Evie, you came into my world, and you caught my attention the first time I saw you, no other woman is even close to you.” He took a breath “We’ve weathered a lot of storms and we’ve come out stronger than ever, I can’t imagine my life without you next to me, without you working with me, without you loving me. You are my world Evie you make me want to keep going and I want to grow old with you. I promise you that you will never want for anything and you have my utter respect and you have my heart for now and forever”


 I felt a tap on my arm and looked round as Lyra handed me a cotton handkerchief tears filling her eyes I glanced at Tricia Sam holding a box of Kleenex in one hand his other hand tucking her into his side, her hands  full of Kleenex and a goofy happy smile on her face. I wiped my eyes and looked back at Dante


“Dante, you were the man no one got close to, and I wasn’t looking for anything from you, but you got under my skin without trying too hard, I fell in love with you when I shouldn’t have. I couldn’t let you go and I’d rather have died than lived another day without you, you are my rock; you have shown me that you don’t have t be biologically related to people to have them feel like a family. My dad sent you to me and for that I’ll forever be grateful, I’ll do everything I can to make you happy and to make our lives even better than it is right now… I will love you until the day I die Dante I promise you that” Dante inhaled deeply his chest seeming to puff out


We exchanged rings, the black diamonds in Dante’s band catching the sun and I shuddered, I’d never seen something as sexy as that wedding band on his hand.


“As the Captain of this beautiful yacht I’m happy to be able to pronounce you husband and wife… Dante you may now kiss your wife”


“Only too happy to” Dante laughed pulling me into his arms as I pushed up on my toes the kiss I think would have led to more if a round of applause hadn’t erupted around us. Dante pulled back and his smile lit his face “I love you Mrs. Croft” my stomach did flips as he said my name everyone gathered around us hugging and congratulating us. I smiled and closed my eyes sending a silent thank you to my parents. I felt arms pull me close again as popping champagne corks went off around us and the chatter started from everyone. “You are the most beautiful bride ever” Dane murmured against my neck I turned in his arms


“So you like the gown?”


“You took my breath away baby” he stroked his fingers down my cheek


“Thank you for the bracelet its stunning” I lent my face into his hand


“I hoped you’d like it” he nodded “I just don’t get what the key is for that you gave me” he reached into his pocket


“Well it is something that we need and is for when we need that time alone”


“Oh so it’s for hand cuffs” he teased


“No you already have those” I shook my head “I’ll show you tomorrow Mr. Croft… now I think we have the people who love us the most waiting to party the night away on this yacht”


‘I agree” he pulled me to him as we walked over to where Casper was pouring the champagne into crystal glasses with the backdrop of Monaco for our wedding pictures, I guess this is what normal must be like when guns and danger isn’t brought into the equation… how long would it last……….

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