Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - Back to work

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…………… I smiled as I felt Dante’s fingers trailing up and down my spine as I lay on the deck of Guilluame’s yacht that after everyone had gone back into the city he’d loaned us to cruise around the Mediterranean for a week as his wedding gift to the two of us, needless to say the only clothing worn had been bikinis and a cover all and shorts for Dante apart from a couple of night where we’d had to get dressed when we’d had dinner in a few harbor towns we’d stopped at.


“Mrs. Croft I think you should go get dressed” Dante pressed his lips to my shoulder “Monaco is right there” he propped himself on his elbow and resumed the stroking.


“I suppose we have to get back to some sort of normality” I sighed turning my head to look at him “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this relaxed”


“Well I’ve done nothing other than lay in the sun with my wife, swim and just have the best honeymoon I think we could have ever had” he chuckled I rolled on my side to match his pose


“I know you’re itching to get back to work though” I walked my fingers up his chest


“And you’re not? I know you’re curious about that guy”


“Aren’t you, even though I know you want to rip Kain to pieces because he’s looked at me” I pushed Dante on his back and straddled him putting my hands flat on his chest


“Well I’ve beaten one asshole that bedded you” he laughed as he gripped my hips and pushed his hips up making me catch my breath “I’d never say no to doing it again” I rotated my hips against him earning a hiss and his fingers bit into my skin


“Not going to happen with Kain you are both deadly and I will not risk you, I’m not knocking what you can do but Kain is a different breed brainwashed by the military and the government to kill without feeling. He will not kill me and before you start it’s not because of what we did it’s because I was his handler, I have his respect he’s seen me kill” Dante took a deep breath “You… you, Casper, Sam hell even Lyra and Tricia to him would be nothing but targets nothing but another notch on his rifle… I’m not prepared to risk any of you that. This is non-negotiable” I bent my head and kissed him


“I’m not going to argue with you over this, you already know I don’t like it” I went to open my mouth but Dante shook his head and sat up with me still on his lap “I’m supporting you because you know him and the more I’ve thought about it the more I want to know why Weber’s girl ran away”


“See we both know we need to go after this after everything we went through when we got together, look at all the crap Sam and Tricia went through and the nightmare life she had. I know you’re curious about what Weber might have put Megan through” Dante moved his hand and tucked a rouge piece of hair behind my ear


“You’ve softened me in a good way”


“No I know you and you don’t give a flying crap if it was just about Kain and you wouldn’t go after this and you would stop me from going after this” he smiled at me “I love you Dante Croft, I love you more than I ever thought possible” there was a cough from behind us both of us looked round to where the steward was standing, a replacement for Marne who Dante had asked for Guillaume to replace for the wedding.


“Excuse me Mr. Croft the launch is here to take you both ashore” she smiled


“Thank you” Dante nodded “Mrs. Croft let’s go see the family” I got off him and we went inside I grabbed the cover all Lyra had packed for me and slipped on my sandals as Dante put on a t-shirt and reached for his gun tucking it away. My Sexy dangerous Dante was back, the romantic Dante tucked away for now. He reached for my hand the black diamonds in his ring catching the light flashing with a light that seemed menacing like their wearer. “Hey Baby” he squeezed my hand “Penny for them”


“I’m just thinking how complete I feel right now” I took a deep breath “I know we both want a baby but…”


“But if it’s going to be a risk for you we can find another way” his face fell a little before he pulled me close to him “I love you” he rubbed his thumb along my jaw “I’m going to be happy even if we end up old together without a kid” I pushed up on my toes and kissed him.


“Lets go see the family” I quoted his words from before. We watched the yacht floating in the azure ocean as the launch took us back to the harbor. Casper was standing waiting for us he offered me his hand as we stepped onto the dock side.


“So I hope you had a good honeymoon” he smiled kissing my cheek before hugging Dante


“It was amazing” Dante nodded as the three of us walked toward the waiting car the driver got out and opened the door for us and we climbed inside


“Well you doo look really good Sis I’ll give you that” he chewed his lip


“Thank you, now what’s going on?”


“Nothing” he shrugged “Well Lyra was taken into the hospital early this morning” a smiled edged over his face


“Is she alright?” Dante got wide eyed


“She’s fine, she’s amazing… hell I knew she was tough but…”




“OW” he rubbed where I’d hit him “Fine at eight twenty two this morning my son was born” he beamed at us “all seven pounds eight ounces of him”


“Congratulations” Dante threw his arms round Casper in the car and hugged him


“So I’m an Aunt” I sniffed before moving in to hug him


“Yes you are, we knew when you were getting back in today and Lyra told me to come met you and bring you to the hospital” he couldn’t wipe the smile from his face


“So what’s his name?” Dante asked the smile seeming to light his whole face


“It’s Luca” Casper’s Chest puffed out “Luca Orion Novak”


“So awesome” I squeezed Casper’s hands as the car pulled into the front of the hospital. The three of us got out and walked inside Casper pushed open the door to a room that over looked the ocean.


“The newlyweds are here” Casper announced I looked round the room Dad and Egan were sitting in chairs with their backs to the window a tiny bundle looked lost in Egan’s arms.


“How was the honeymoon?’ Lyra beamed from the bed she was sitting up in


“Perfect” I smiled walking over to her “Congratulations Mommy” she started to laugh


“Thank you, I did want to try to hold on and have him when you were here because I wanted you in the room with me” she held my hands as I sat on the bed next to her while Dante and Casper went over to Dad and Egan


“You had Casper and Tricia, and Sam” I laughed “and those two doting Grandpa’s” I nodded in Egan and Dad’s direction


“I know and Thank god Tricia was a rock because tough boy over there almost hit the deck” she ran her hand over her face “You want to hold him”


“I’d love to” I nodded I looked round and my breath caught in my throat Dante was holding Luca a look of utter love on his face as he stroked his fingers along the small cheek of his nephew.


“You okay?” Lyra rubbed my back


“I’m fine I’m happy for you and Casper and I have a super cute nephew to spoil” Dante looked at me and walked over


“You want to meet Luca?’ he placed the swaddled baby in my arms, I instantly felt love for him and he moved


“He’s beautiful” I mused “Thank god he looks like his Mommy”


“Hey I heard that” Casper laughed “but as his godmother it’s a good job you like him” I looked up “Come on you have to have known?” I shook my head


“You and D are the obvious choices” Lyra sighed stifling a yawn


“We’d love to” I smiled down at him “I think we need to let you get some sleep and I am sitting here in a cover up and a bikini” I pressed my lips to Luca’s forehead and handed him to Lyra “Can we come back later?”


“Of course” she nodded, Dante took my hand and we walked out of the room with Dad and Egan.


“So how does it feel to both be Grandpa’s?” I teased breaking the silence


“It feels wonderful” Dad Nodded “But we do have to get back to work I’m afraid we’ve all had the last week as down time”


“I have to fly back to the states tonight’ Egan became all business “I’m in a meeting with Radlov he’s looking into something to do with Tricia’s Dad” I tipped my head


“Do you need help” Tricia’s story was one that got to all of us with how her Dad was a human trafficker that had starved and beat her mother to death and used his own daughter as a Slave beating her and breaking bones from her being old enough to remember.


“No Sam is coming back with us while Tricia is working on the gift for Dante” Egan smiled a little and looked at his son, Dante frowned and wrinkled his nose “It’s best that she’s kept occupied while we try to get to the bottom of some of this stuff” I nodded “and you and Dante need to get working on the Weber deal, it’s bugging me that his girl up and left him and the government would send a guy like Kain Price after him”


“No problem” Dante took my hand and held it in his lap “Now what is this gift you have refused to tell me about?”….

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