Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - His gift and my ad reply

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



…………….. We dropped Egan and Siman off at the hotel before I gave instruction to the driver and he pulled away.


“I thought we were going to go get changed?” Dante frowned


“We are in a while, it’s been a week since we got married” I smiled at him “And I didn’t give you your wedding gift yet”


“Really and I thought that was what you gave me in the bedroom on our wedding night” he murmured nipping at my neck


“Well partly and we need to do that again, when I don’t have to try to walk anywhere for a while” I groaned getting a shiver running down my spine and heat flaring between my legs. There was a literal growl from Dante as he slid his hand up my leg “But you have to hold that thought for a while” I pushed back from him as we stopped outside a glass tower. The driver got out and opened the door for us Dante got out and looked up at the building as I followed him.


“So what is this?” he looked back at me


“Remember the key you got from me?” he nodded the door man opened the door of the building as we walked inside I tugged Dante’s hand and took him over to the bank of elevators “Well I thought considering Lyra and Casper have a place of their own, then we need somewhere just for us” he looked puzzled “I spoke to Guillaume and he hooked me up with a realtor friend of his” I hit the button for the eighteenth floor the express elevator took only a few seconds to get there I was getting nervous as the doors opened  and we stepped out “Do you have the key with you?” he nodded and pulled it from his pocket.


“I take it it’s for one of these doors?” he asked, I nodded and pointed to 18a he stepped forward and put the key in the lock and turned it pushing the door open


“I hope you like it, I sort of fell in love with it here and for a place to get away and do some of our European business…” Dante cut me off with a kiss before he bent and scooped me up in his arms and carried me into the light airy apartment the view of the ocean stretched out in front of us from the living room windows.


“OH DAMN” we both looked round as Tricia stood in front of us a hammer in her hand “I was hoping to be out of here by…” she looked at the watch n her wrist “Okay so I wasn’t paying attention to the time” she grinned “How was the honeymoon?”


“Incredible you’ve done an amazing job” I looked round as Dante eased my feet back onto the ground “Thank you for the help”


“You’re welcome and you feel free if you don’t like it to ask me to move things or… Well I’ll go and finish shopping for Luca” she grinned “I take it you’ve been to the hospital”


“We did” Dante grinned “he’s beautiful”


“Tricia, could you come over after Sam leaves tonight” she looked down “Hey it’s alright you know he’s wanted to go after your dad for a while”


“I know” she looked back at us. Dante walked over to her and hugged her


“We all want you to be free of this ass hole and Sam won’t rest until he’s gotten him” he clipped her chin “I need you to be there to help Evie when she finds this Kain guy” Tricia nodded


“I’ll do whatever I can… Now I’ll go and let you take a look at your new home” she pushed up on her toes and kissed Dante’s cheek before coming over to me and hugging me “I hung a couple of new pictures for you that I did this week”


“You’re awesome” I smiled hugging her tightly again she waved and walked out as Dante walked over to the windows and slide them open and stepping out onto the balcony. I walked out to him “Dante” I put my hand in the middle of his back


“this place is stunning” he pulled me to him putting his arm round my shoulders “and this is ours?”


“I signed the paperwork yes” I chewed my lip “I just want us to have a place to get away and…”


“And I love it its perfect… I should have thought about something like this, but hell its one hell of a wedding gift?” He turned and faced me “Now where’s the bedroom” he picked me up I wrapped my legs round his waist and pointed along the balcony to another set of doors “Well lets really make it ours” he strode toward the doors his mouth capturing mine…..



…………… I sat on the balcony as Dante sat next to me on his phone dealing with Jorge and some business from the club. He handed me my laptop and I fired it up and started to check my accounts, I checked the ads that I had placed in a bunch of southern newspapers trying to get Kain’s attention the way I’d always had to make initial contact with him. The first eight I checked I’d had nothing other than a few assholes trying to pick up a girl. I sighed as I clicked on one for some small town outside of San Antonio and  scrolled through the few nonsense hits to the ad I’d placed and my heart raced as I read and re read the answer that I was looking for………….

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