Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Insecure

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



……………. Dante put his phone down and took a deep breath


“I know I really shouldn’t say this” he leant over and lifted my hand “I need to get back and sort a few things out that Jorge can’t and Jorge is a little miffed we got married without him here” I eased back and took a deep breath “Sucks when we have this amazing home here and we’ve had less than a day here”


“It’s okay I understand and looking at what I’ve just found I’ll be needing to go back with you” he frowned at me “Kain has replied to me” he popped an eye brow I passed him my laptop and went over sitting on his free knee and scrolled back to the top of the message “This is an ad I ran in  at least forty southern newspapers, the way I used to let him know I wanted him was to post this ad, it was hell of a long shot but it seems to have worked” Dante looked back at the screen and started to read


Missing one wild cat, Tamer needs him back leave reply to ad….



Dante groaned at the pussy jokes that some guys had left his teeth set so tight I swore his jaw was going to snap.


“Forget those this is the one from Kain” I pointed to the one I wanted him to read


Wild cat found, thought tamer was lost.


“Is that it?’” he frowned and looked at me


“Well did you expect him to come out and say ‘Hey Evie I’m here, what’s up girl’ because that would be like inviting the Authorities in on an arms deal”


“True… so where is this place?” he put the laptop on the table and pulled my legs over his lap.


“It’s a place called Wimberley Texas a few miles outside of San Antonio” he got the tight lipped look “Dante I’m going to find out what’s a happening, You know I am… I never go into anything unarmed… I have everything to live for and Kain isn’t going to kill me”


“Because he loves you?” Dante tipped his head


“For god sake Dante Croft you for being such a tough ass you have an insecurity streak a mile wide… who did I marry a week ago? Who did I risk my life to get close to? Why the hell would I rather die without you?” I poked him hard in the chest “If I wanted another man why would I fight every time I’m sick to come back because I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want you to be alone without me” I held his face in my hands “You’re my world Dante Croft… I want to give you everything… I want to have family with you, I want to see you look at our baby the way you look at Luca, and no I’m not jealous I get it he’s beautiful and I love him as much as you do but I want a family with you not Kain and if he so happens to somehow declare his undying love he’s going to be under no uncertain terms that I’m married to the only man that can handle me” Dante smiled  up at me “and if he tries to hit on me I’ll shoot his balls off” I got up from Dante’s lap now I’m going to go shopping to spoil our nephew are you going to come with me?”


“I think you need to take care of the things you’ve done to me sitting on my lap and then you can shop all afternoon” he got up and smack my butt making me giggle and head back to the bedroom, and who said the honeymoon was over…..



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