Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - texas bound

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Submitted: July 17, 2013



……………… Dante and I had told Lyra and Casper they could hole up in our new home to get to know Luca while the rest of us headed back to the US and Siman had to leave for Prague, this was the time for Lyra and Casper to reconnect as they should and spend alone time with their son before the rest of us elbowed in to smoother that little boy with love.


We took two days at Egan’s house to get ready and make arrangements for the trip to Texas Tricia and I were going to take. Dante leant on the end of the bed as I finished packing a bag.


“The plane is waiting to take you to San Antonio” he rubbed his hand across his jaw


“Thank you… I should only be a few days” I closed my case and looked at him “And you fly to Prague tonight right to help out Siman”


“Yes he’s got a meeting with the Australian Jorge is coming with me as well” he walked over to me and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me to stand between his legs his hands flat on my ass.  “I’m going to miss you… and worry about you”


“I know and I promise I’ll call you as soon as I get there” I rubbed the back of his neck “how long do you think you’ll be in Prague”


“I’m hoping twenty four hours” he looked up at me “you have your guns?” I raised and eye brow “Hey I’m just making sure” he smiled “You have your tablets”


“I do” I bent my head and kissed him “I want to go see the Doctor when I get back”


“Why? Are you feeling alright?” He moved me so he could stand up Concern filled his eyes as he held me gently “Evie do you want me to call the doctor now?”


“No and calm down” I laughed “I want us to go in and see the doctor and…” I took a deep breath “I want to go and talk to him about us having a baby” Dante blinked at me a couple of times and started to shake his head “Hear me out please… I want to find out what our chances are to have a baby naturally or if we’re going to have to have someone carry it for us… Dante I love you and I want to bring our baby into this crazy world we live in… I want to look into it’s eyes and see both of us” I felt tears fill my eyes


“Oh god I love you” Dante pulled me up and kissed me “I love you” he smiled his eyes glazing with tears “Can I come with you to the doctors?”


“I’m not going there alone” I put my arms up round his neck and buried my face in the side of his neck


“Whatever it takes Baby we’ll do whatever it takes” he stroked the back of my neck “Now go find Kain and call me if the girl is with him” I looked up at Dante “I know you can look after yourself” I felt a weight lifted Dante had admitted that I was as strong as I knew I was. The door knocked and Sam put his head round it


“Ready to go?” I nodded Dante picked up my bag and we walked down the stairs “D you coming with us to take the girls to the Airport?”


“Yep” Dante nodded as we hit the bottom of the stairs Egan walked over with Jorge


“If you need anything while Dante is in Prague you call alright” he held my arms “Jorge and I will be there”


“I know” I smiled and kissed my father-in-law on the cheek


“Dad she’s got this” Dante squeezed my hand


“I know but, I’m always going to say it I’m a dad it’s what I do”


“Guys we have to get going San Antonio has a tight schedule” Sam was by the door


“We’re coming” We went out and got in the car Dante held my hand for the short ride his thumb rubbing over my wedding band and his eyes keenly took in the world outside the plane was sitting on the tarmac waiting as the pilot walked round inspecting it Sam pulled up next to it and got out and walked round opening the door for Tricia he smiled at her as he took her hand and she got out.


“Those two are so in love” I sighed “Sam needs to get over the fear of marriage thing he has”


“He will he hates bring away from her for even an hour this is going to tip him over the edge” Dante smiled as we got out “I’ll talk to him” he handed the bags off to the cabin steward before pulling me to him “Be safe Baby okay if he’s not there or Weber somehow is following you and tries anything get the hell out”


“I will I promise you and call me when you want” I kissed him he walked me to the plane as Sam came off wearing a slick coat of Tricia’s lipstick Dante let go of me and I stepped onto the bottom of the three steps into the plane Sam put his hand on my arm


“Hey Please be safe okay” I nodded “and Evie take care of Tricia for me, remember she’s not as tough as you or Lyra”


“I’ll bring her home in one piece  I promise” I kissed Sams cheek and took a last look at my husband before going and sitting down with Tricia and heading for Texas and the unknown……..

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