Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Wimberley bound

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Submitted: July 19, 2013



………….. Tricia and I touched down in a warm and steamy San Antonio.


“I have to return to Take Mr. Croft to Prague” The pilot said


“It’s alright Joe” I nodded “We’re going to be here for at least five days I’ll call when we need the return flight if you’re not back to my husband needs picking up Tricia and I will make other arrangements” He nodded I stepped down and looked in the direction of where Tricia was walking. She stepped up to one of the guys that worked for Egan who was standing next to a Large Black SUV I groaned and shook my head.


“The bags have been loaded” he said smiling at Tricia “Dante asked me to drive you to where you need to go” Tricia looked round at me


“Well nothing like rolling up looking like the government” I sighed “We need to go find a car rental nothing to…” I waved my hand


“Obvious” Tricia smiled


“But Dante….”


“My husband is trying to help” I tipped my head “but I’ll take it from here, I know you’re around but… this isn’t for anyone other than Tricia and I” the guy frowned obvious he was struggling not following Dante’s instruction “I’ll call Dante and let him know what I’ve said”


‘Very well I’ll take you round to the Car rental places” he opened the door and I got in the front with hm as Tricia got in the back. I pulled my cell from my purse.


Dante * hey Baby

Me * hey you, we just landed

Dante * was Charlie waiting for you?
Me * yes he was but he’s driving us right to go and rent a car

Dante * he’s got a brand new Navigator

Me * Exactly I’m not rolling up into a town looking like I’m a Fed it’s not how this has to work… I appreciate what you’re doing but I have to go in just Tricia and Myself

Dante * I jumped the gun didn’t I?

Me * a little but I love you for it… Joe is refueling and turning round to get back to get you to Prague

Dante * I don’t really want to be so far from you

Me * Dante go and work and do one of those things you do best and tell my Dad I love him and what our plans are from when we get back together, it will make his day

Dante * alright… I love you Evie and please be safe

Me * I love you too and I’ll try my hardest


I hung up the phone as Charlie stopped the car outside of the Strip of Rental places I got out and walked inside while Tricia and Charlie unloaded the bags. I stepped back outside with a set of Keys in my hand.


“I’ll go get the car and I’ll be back” I called out moving round the back of the building I cut though the business men looking for their cars and the families with the screaming kids frustrated after a day of traveling, I clicked the button and the lights on a jet Black Camaro flashed I smiled and walked over to it and got in. I pulled around in front of Charlie in the SUV and got out


“And this is less conspicuous?” Charlie huffed as he put the bags in the trunk


“This is more normal for people blending in rather than a big assed SUV” I nodded “Charlie Dante isn’t going to hold you responsible for anything”  He didn’t look convinced at all “Tricia you ready to go?”


“Yep” She nodded the two of us got back in the car and peeled away leaving Charlie standing pulling his phone from his pocket to double check with Dante. “So you know where we’re going?”  Tricia asked looking at me


“I know the town” I nodded and pointed to the GPS “I need to get there and make sure I can put an ad in the paper”


“You think it’s going to work… I mean you getting to draw this guy out?”


“I don’t know all I know is he answered the ad, it can’t be a coincidence” I eased back in the seat and glanced at the GPS  “I just didn’t get the whole Deal with Weber… apart from the fact he was a total ass, and didn’t like the fact a woman was sitting in on the meeting”


“I know Sam said he was waiting for you to leap over the table and kill him with your bare hands” she smiled


“Lyra would have done if she’d been there” I looked over at her “So anyway you and Sam… when are the two of you going to go to the next level?” she frowned and looked at me


“What next level?” she shook her head “we already live together and sleep together” she flushed as she mentioned being intimate with Sam


“God I love you” I laughed “I was meaning could you see yourself married to him?”


“I’d marry him tomorrow if I could” she nodded “I really don’t think Sam is ready after he lost Lauren” I rubbed my head and glanced over at her “At least with Dante and Casper they don’t think twice about getting married because they haven’t lost a wife… Sam was in love with her and she was killed”


“Sam was in love with her but he wasn’t as in love with her as he is with you” she opened her mouth to say something “He’s talked to D and Casper and he thought he should marry her because it seemed like the right thing to do… Sam had nothing else his family was gone and Radlov and Lauren were the only thing he knew” I saw Tricia look down “I’m not taking away how he hurt when she was killed but everyone that knew them together and now sees him with you it’s night and day” I reached over and squeezed her hand “We can’t live with ghosts Tricia and I think the sooner Sam realizes it the better” I put my hand back on the wheel and the silence fell over us as the car ate the miles we needed to go.


I pulled into the driveway of the Wimberley Inn and turned off the engine


“Well it’s not Monte Carlo” Tricia grinned as we stepped out


“We have to become normal for a while” I laughed grabbing her bag and handing it to her before getting my own


“I’m just looking forward to getting some good apple pie; I haven’t had good apple pie since Sam and I left home” she strode toward the Inn


“How do you eat all those desserts that you eat and still stay that tiny” I teased catching up with her


“I think you and Lyra would call it a ‘bedroom work out’” she giggled turning beet red


“Okay you’ve been spending way too much time around the guys” I laughed as I opened the door and was instantly struck by the chintz everywhere and small older woman bustled through a door to the left


“Welcome to Wimberley girls” she beamed wiping her hands in her apron “You must me Miss. Novak and Miss Tasarov?’


“Yes” I nodded trying not to smile at Tricia’s use of Sam’s last name and the fact I’d booked under my other name

“Well you were lucky to get a room it’s a busy week with the fair in town… but I have a room ready for both of you” she took an old fashioned key and started for the stairs “This way” the front door opened and a guy walked in with boxes in his arms


“Hey Miss Hester, Momma sent the pies for you… Sorry they’re late I had a foal to delivery” he called out his arms deeply tanned and his t-shirt fitting every inch of him taught across his chest.


“Put them in the kitchen Blake and ask your Momma if I can get two peach pies and a cherry tomorrow”


“Yes Ma’am” he nodded his eyes watching Tricia and myself “Ladies” he touched the brim of his cowboy hat before walking in through the door Miss. Hesta had come through


“Damn he’s a fine looking boy” Miss Hesta sighed Tricia and I looked at her “Got a city girl though… personally not my favorite kinda girl a little too flash for a town like Wimberley… but Blake gets easily lead by a pretty face” she shook her head “Okay I’ll show you that room of yours now” she carried on up the stairs I looked at Tricia.


“I think we found the gossip of the town” Tricia nodded “I’m going to pick up a paper you go on up to the room and call Sam”


“Alright I’ll get the computer fired up so you can run the ad” she added


“Sounds like a plan” I headed for the door as Blake walked from the kitchen, I waited and held it for him rather than letting it slam in his face, I only did that to people I didn’t like.


“Thank you” he shot me a dimpled smile “Here on vacation?”


“Girls trip” I nodded as I looked round


“You need something?”


“Just a local newspaper… I like to find out what’s happening where ever I go”


“Just across the street the store will have just had the latest edition” he pointed “Hey if you and your friend want a place to go the bar three blocks down is pretty good for a night out”


“I’ll bare that in mind” I nodded he stopped by a truck with the words ‘Onion Creek Horse Ranch” on the side of it


“Oh by the way.. I’m Blake… Blake Walker” he offered me his hand


“Linny… Linny Novak… and did you wash your hands after helping birth a foal?” he started to laugh


“Yes Ma’am I did” I shook his hand “Maybe see you at the bar”


“Maybe” I nodded and crossed the street listing to the roar of the truck and the sound of him leaving the parking lot of the Inn. Well it seemed like a friendly town where people knew everyone’s business… finding Kain in this wasn’t going to be hard…………..

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