Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - People watching

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Submitted: July 22, 2013



…………… I picked up a newspaper from the store Blake had pointed out to me and grabbed a coffee at the small café next door to it. I pulled my phone from my pocket


Tricia * okay this room is the size of my closet and when was the last time you slept in a twin bed

Me * when I was six I think… hey you want to come across the street and watch Wimberley go by after Monaco it’s a little… Different and they have pie here

Tricia * on my way and do you want to the number of the newspaper or the laptop

Me * I’ll call them and run the ad

Tricia * order me some pie


I hung up the phone and ordered her pie and went back to looking through the newspaper.


“I just spoke to Sam” I looked up as she sat down “He’s being really guarded about what he’s doing where my father is concerned” I chewed my lip and picked up my coffee “I don’t want him to get hurt” she smiled at the waitress as she put the pie down in front of Tricia


“Who your Dad or Sam?” she stopped with the fork half way to her mouth


“Sam” I started to laugh


“Girl do you not know your man… remember what he did in Prague for you” she nodded and looked down “Don’t worry about him” she took a deep breath and took a bite of the pie


“Oh god lord…” she closed her eyes as she chewed “this is amazing” I smiled and shook my head. I called the newspaper to have an ad run in the morning paper the next day Tricia watched me.


“It’s a waiting game now” I said putting my phone on the table


“How do you do it?” I frowned at her


“Do what… I think you and Sam worked it out”


“Not that I mean how do you be the tough girl you are?”


“I was raised like a tom boy remember my Dad took me hunting and shooting from being little, you never got that chance, my career is still a male dominated one” I leant forward and folded my arms on the table in front of me “I was always told not to let a man run my life and I’ve stuck by it until I met Dante Croft” I smiled “he was the only man that made me want nothing more than him… hell I chased his ass to Prague and faced off the entire family without fear to get to him, but he knows he can’t control me… he doesn’t want me here looking for Kain but he knows stopping me from doing something isn’t the way to have a relationship… you aren’t like Lyra or myself and no one is expecting you to be, hell you know how to shoot but no one asks you to carry a gun like the rest of us… you went into the club not long after Radlov got you away from your Dad and you were comfortable around Dante and Casper and Jorge without a lot of thought where others were scared shitless” I squeezed her hand “You are you and you are the one that keeps all of the rest of the hotheads grounded”


“the best thing that ever happened was the night I was taken out of the only home I knew” she finished the pie and looked at me


“Well we’re glad to have you in the family as well” The two of us sat there looking and people watching Tricia had pulled out her ever present sketch book and started drawing.


“You know I  never thought cowboys were really and here is a bunch of people walking round in cowboy boots and hats” she giggled “It’s like a movie”


“I think you should…” I trailed off as I saw a truck pull up at the front of the bar Blake had mentioned and a girl get out she tipped her head back and braced her hands on the side of the truck and seemed to compose herself before she pushed off and grabbed her bag and strode into the bar.


“Hey Earth to Evie” Tricia waved her hand in front of my face


“I think we need to go change and go hit the bar” I looked at her “I think we have just found Megan Miller”………….

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