Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Meeting Ly

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Submitted: May 13, 2013



…...... I showered and quickly did something to make my hair look presentable before I got dressed. I walked from our Bedroom Dante and Eagan were both on their laptops.


“You know were in Monaco and you two are working” I Checked the clip in my gun before I put it in to my purse


“You’re meeting Lyra” Egan raised his eye brow at the gun


“And I don’t go anywhere unarmed” I tipped my head and peered at the screen “I thought Siman was handling this deal”


“He was but he’s trying o deal with not having Casper and he had a deal out in Australia that he had to concentrate on more” Dante put the laptop on the table “ You look sexy as hell Miss Novak”


“Well Sexy isn’t what I was going for but I’ll take it” I bent and kissed him “I’m going down to meet her”


“We’re coming as well” Dante got up


“You can sit in the lobby. I’m not having her scared off with your damn asses in there. We had this conversation before we left home remember” I tapped my foot


“We’ll be in the lobby and behave” Egan smiled “We just want to make sure she is okay” I nodded, the three of us walked out of the room and took the elevator  down to the lobby Women stopped and turned as Dante and Egan cut a very impressive edge. Dante stopped and kissed me


“Tell her we love her okay” I could see he was nervous about seeing her after all this time, even though they had grown up very close and only got closer as event dictated, Lyra had never ever wanted to be away from her family until six months ago. I squeezed his hand before I turned and walked to the door of the bar, a Maitre d’ was standing there


“Bon jour, Mademoiselle” He smiled at me


“Good afternoon, I’m here to meet a friend” I looked round the bar and couldn’t see her


“Ah, Oui Mademoiselle Croft said she was waiting for her sister” he nodded his accent was enough to have most women drooling, everything about him oozed class “She is on the terrace, if you’ll follow me” he stepped away from where he was standing.


 I walked after him heads turning as I did, but I kept my eyes focused on the huge sets of doors that were open and the sun glittering off of the azure blue Mediterranean. I reached in my purse and pulled out my sunglasses and put them on as we stepped out in to the heat of the sun. A flash of red caught my eye and I saw Lyra sitting at the far end of the terrace under a large umbrella. She was still a striking woman even sitting there she had a dangerous air about her as she sipped her coffee. I walked over to her and stood at the table.


“Well Damn girl you look amazing” she looked up at me and smiled


“So do you, all be it a little pale” she laughed and lent forward and poured coffee into another cup “You need to get in the sun a little more”


“Amen to that” I sat down and took the coffee she offered.


“So I take it Dad and Dante are in there” she nodded in the direction of the bar.


“Well I told them they had to stay in the lobby but I’m guessing they saw me walk through the bar… they want you to know they love you regardless of what happened” she chewed her lip and hung her head a little.


“I know they do” she took a deep breath “I had to get away… I couldn’t take what happened anymore”


“You mean with Casper doing what he did and getting out of the hospital?” I took a drink


“That and the way my own Dad second guessed what I could do… She ran her hand through her hair “I understand that after what happened they all became over protective… I mean you almost died, Tricia went through hell before and after she found Sam, Dante tries so hard to be solid and act like nothing bothers him and we both know he’s strong to a point” I smiled at her and nodded “My Dad still has me pegged as his Princess like I was  still six years old… I thought with Casper after we almost lost him at the club he’d let me do this one thing for him and get the bitch that did it” Lyra ground her teeth “And he couldn’t let me do that, he didn’t believe I could do it, his damn Czech ego got in the way”


“I know and I’ve ripped him for what he did and so did Dad after he got back out of the hospital, he ruptured the wound and almost bleed out again that night” I watched her close her eyes behind her glasses “He’s broken Ly… he knows he’s fucked up but the fact no one could find you scared him, so much as well as pissing us all the hell off”


“I needed space… how was I suppose d to let that go and marry a man that doesn’t fully trust me” she looked at me “put it like this after what you were with the whole ATF deal and with what went down with your Boss Dante trusts you with everything… you’re closer to him even with business deals than Dad or I am” I felt myself squirm a little, it was true we worked like a single unit on everything especially when I was sick. “I love him Evie… I can’t stop loving the ass; I just need him to trust me implicitly that is not negotiable, I’m not a kid and I’m not a bimbo that wants’ to just be a trophy wife… hell if I wanted that in the past six months I’ve turned down three proposals from Men here in Monaco” She held out her hands “But they are men that would shit bricks if they even saw I carry a gun let alone if they knew who I really am”


“True well we are special like that” I smiled as I finished the coffee. “I need to ask if you’re really okay? I’ve missed my best friend; Tricia has missed you and has tried her hardest to fill a little part of your shoes”


“Are her and Sam still good?”


“More in love each time they see each other” I sat back and tipped my head up to the sun “and you didn’t answer my question”


“I’m as well as can be expected” I put my head up and looked at her “Hey you want to go shopping it’s pretty incredible the shopping here?”


“What about Egan and Dante?”


“Maybe later… I sort of have something I need to show you” she pushed the chair back from the table and picked up her bag……………

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