Dangerous Hunting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 40 (v.1) - watching Meg

Submitted: July 24, 2013

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Submitted: July 24, 2013



……… Tricia looked toward the bar as the girl I’d seen went inside.


“Are you sure?” she looked back to me


“I’m pretty damn sure it was the same girl that Weber showed us on the pictures” I nodded putting some money on the table and getting up “Damn when we all went into another life we all at least changed our hair color” I chewed my lip “she looked pretty much the same”


“Maybe she needs our help to fly under the radar” Tricia smiled “You and Lyra took me to the Salon”


“And knocked your mans socks off” I laughed as we both walked back across the street


“Yes you did” she laughed “Are you going to call Dante?”


“He’s going to call me when he gets to Prague” I said shaking my head “I was going to Call Lyra and see how my nephew was doing and my apartment in Monaco… and thank you so much for everything you did for us with it”


“You’re more than welcome I think Sam is now wanting to find a place for us but he doesn’t want to leave Radlov” We went into the Inn and up the stairs to our room. I pushed open the door and started to laugh at the shoe box sized room we had with the two twin beds in there “Told you it was small” Tricia closed the door


“I think it’s smaller than the bedroom I had in my apartment” I sat on one of the beds “You want to go use the bathroom first?” I pointed to the door off to the right


“Sure, then we can get this show on the road so to speak” she grabbed a dress and walked into the bathroom as I dialed Lyra.


Ly * Hey girl how’s Texas?

Me * sticky hot and I think I’m going to melt and I think the shoes I brought you last week came in a box bigger than the room I’m sharing with Tricia


Lyra started to laugh


Lyra * so have you seen Kain yet?

Me * no I put an ad in the paper to run tomorrow for a meet but I think we’ve found the girl

Lyra * Megan?

ME * yep she’s working in a bar down the street some cowboy told me earlier it was a good night out

Lyra * you got hit on

Me * no… well I just thik he was being friendly

Lyra * were the puppies on show

Me * I’m going to ignore that comment… how’s my nephew doing?

Lyra * he’s perfect and thank you so much for letting us use the apartment it’s beautiful

Me * not a problem, did the apartment in Prague get repaired?

Lyra * it’s for sale


Her voice dropped and she sounded sad


Lyra * I couldn’t go back there after what I saw

Me * understandable… you can stay there for a while if you need I’m not sure when Dante and I can get back there

Lyra * thank you again and your Nephew said to tell you he loves you

Me * kiss him from me and Tricia will you  and I’ll call yo in a few days

Lyra * will do and you be safe both of you

Me * Yes Ma’am


I hung up as Tricia came from the bathroom


“How are they?” she asked putting her cell phone into her purse


“All doing good” I smiled “I’ll go change and let’s go see what we have in the bar” I changed quickly and retouched my make up before the two of us headed out of the room and down the stairs of the inn.


“Well don’t you two girls look pretty” we both stopped at the door as Miss. Hesta was standing behind the old ornate check in desk “You going over to the bar?”


‘Yes Ma’am, the cowboy that brought those pies in earlier told me about the place” I gave her a warm smile as I saw the flick of her eyes run over the scars on my back


“What… oh Blake of course his woman works there” she rolled her eyes and went back to writing something “You girls have a good night but we don’t tolerate guests bring back others”


“We won’t don’t worry” Tricia assured her, Miss Hesta gave a stiff nod


“Wow ever felt like she’d come into the room in the early hours of the morning just to check” I said as we walked across the street


“Is this what small towns are like?’ Tricia looked at me as the evening sun beat down making it feel like we’d stepped into an oven


“I’m guessing so, I grew up in the city the same one as Dante grew up in, and not many people knew what my Dad did so we kept ourselves to ourselves” I looked at her “You get to see the picture of the Megan girl?” Tricia nodded and reached for the handle on the door of the bar. I took a sweeping look around the parking lot, it had filled up with a lot of pick up trucks and older model cars, I had a feeling of being watched, but with Kain knowing I was looking for him I’d half expected it.


“Evie?” Tricia held the door for me


“I’m coming” I inhaled and stepped in to the welcome air conditioning of the bar that I swear was right out of a cheesy movie with all the Cowboy and Texas decoration possible the bar lined the back wall and tables were dotted around with groups of people sitting around eating and drinking. Everyone seemed to stop and look over in our direction before going back to what they were doing. Tricia raised her eye brows and we headed to the bar.


“Hi, what can I get you both” Megan was right there behind the bar working and smiling right at us


“Two beers and a menu please” I smiled back at her my mind going over everything that was in the file from Weber


“Sure” she nodded walking to the back of the beer and pulling two bottles of beer from the fridges and grabbing a menu on the way back “There you go are you guys starting a Tab?” she put the drinks down Tricia handed over her credit cad


“A tab would be really good”


‘Well take a seat and one of the waitresses will be there in a few minutes” I picked up the beers and walked across to a high table off to the left that gave me a clear view of the bar and of the door.


“That’s definitely her” Tricia murmured “She looks like she’s had a rough day”


“I thought that as well, I saw the bark circles under her eyes and it looked like she’d been crying” I nodded taking a drink from the bottle


“Didn’t Miss. Hesta say she and that guy with the pies were hot and heavy” I grinned at Tricia using words like hot and heavy “What?”


“You using those words makes me smile you sound so much like Sam” I squeezed her hand


“Well, I could have gone with Banging the ass off her like Casper would use” we both looked at each other and started to laugh as the waitress came over


“Well it’s nice to see people laughing” she smiled “I’m Cindy, what can I get you?”


“Came we take two of the house Bugers with Onion,Bacon and Pepper Jack and both with fires” Trcia sighed and I’m hoping you haver pie for dessert”


“Yes we do we have Lemon chiffon and Raspberry Cheesecake” she nodded as she wrote down the order “I have to ask… are you girls visiting”


“We are we’re from Galveston” I nodded “but we heard its one hell of a fair that comes here” the waitress seemed to beam with pride over her little town


“Yes Ma’am it’s one of the best in Texas” she nodded “Y’all need anything jut Holler” she walked away to put the order in


“How do you do that?” Tricia shook her head


“Do what?”


“Think on your feet like that, I would have stumbled over my tongue and probably told her that, we were from Mars”


“You know I think you’ve hung around the guys way to much the dorkiness of them is rubbing off on you” she poked her tongue out at me as her phone rang. “And speaking of Dorks there is the one you’re in love with” she grinned wide and pulled her phone from her bag and got up and walked out to hear him over the noise of the bar. I sat back people watching guessing who in their would be armed.


“What is a good looking girl like you doing in here all alone” I looked to my right as a guy sidled up from the direction of the bar his friends watching on


“You’ve been in here longer than I have and you’ve seen I’m here with my friend… so I think that line kinda sucks” I sank the rest of my beer


“Ah you got me there” he lent his hands on the table “I saw you and thought you looked lonely looking around”


“I’m not lonely and I think you left your friends” I pointed with the bottle in the direction of a bunch of cowboys


“They’ll get over it” I felt my eyes roll and my head shake


“Honey, I’m not going to be rude but I’m not looking for a man” his face dropped “I have one that is more man than anyone else in this bar” I smiled sweetly


“Hey Chase back off the poor girl” Megan called out “You’re like a dog in heat” she laughed “Excuse him he got kicked in the head by a horse”


“Jeez Meg” he groaned


“Well not every girl wants a cowboy” Megan walked out from behind the bar and brought over another drink


“I”ll Tell Blake you said that” he teased her


“Feel free” she shrugged putting the beer down “No go back to the boys and let the girl be in peace” she shooed him away “Sorry about him they always seem to thik a fresh face is fair game” she wiped the table


‘It’s okay I can handle boys like that… I know some rough ones” she took a deep breath and chewed her lip


“Yeah don’t we all”……………..


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