Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 41 (v.1) - I ain't scared of Cowboys

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Submitted: July 25, 2013



..............  I  Watched Blakes hold the door as Tricia followed him back inside and came over to me grinning like a fool. Meg had stopped and looked at Blake he was trying his hardest not to check her out and seriously looked like he was struggling with being there.


‘Sam wants to speak to you” She sat down and held her phone out to me. I took it from here as I watched the atmosphere between Blake and Megan.


Me * Hey Sam

Sam * Okay so I’m waiting for a plane to take me to Prague to meet up with D

Me * why?

Same * deal is turning out to be harder than they thought so D called in extra muscle rather than bringing Casper in… he and Lyra need some time with Luca

Me * I agree, I wish I could help you guys

Sam * that’s not why I’m calling… you okay you sound a little distracted

Me * we found the girl and I’m watching what seems to be tension between her and a cowboy

Sam * you guys only got there this morning

Me * I know it’s an experience believe me and hw does your girl eat so much pie and not look like the side of a house

Sam * I keep her working out hard in the bedroom

Me * EW thank you for over sharing and she said the same, so what is it you want?

Sam * right you can’t scream or shout I need you to help me find Tricia’s ring size


Okay that snatched my attention from Megan and Blake


Sam * I want to go find her the perfect ring… Evie you’re not breathing… Evie?

Me * Er… well I can try… as soon as I can

Sam * you rock I’m going to have to run let me say bye to Evie will you

Me * Sure, hey I’ll call you in a few days

Sam * sounds good I held out the phone to Tricia who was watching me


“Sam wants to talk to you” she took the phone back and I looked back round. Megan was back behind the bar and Blake was racking up pool balls with the Chase guy that had come over to me. “Evie?” I glanced back at Tricia as she put her phone back into her bag “Did Sam tell you where he’s going?”


“Yeah that’s why he wanted to talk to me” I picked up my beer as the waitress brought over our food.


“I saw Megan talking to you”


“Some guy she knows was trying to pick me up and she told him to knock it off” I turned my interest from Blake and back to Tricia “Did you see the way that the guy called Blake looked at Megan?”


“She looks shy of him” Tricia looked round at the two of them “I mean she doesn’t look scared but eneasy but like she wants to take him alone somewhere” she Chewed her lip “You think he’s the reason for  the tears?”


“I’m guessing” I nodded “Either that or she’s in touch with Kain and he’s told her I’ve been trying to get in touch”


“You think he and Megan… well you think they did what you did with him?” tricia took a bite from her burger


“I don’t know… somehow it seems like Kain became emotionally involved with her and he gave up n what he was trained to do… I wasn’t ever a target I was one of those girls to pass the time” I watched Tricia frown “Hey it happens sometimes a tension release is a good thing like a one night stand” I shrugged “It’s just one of those things”


“I couldn’t imagine being with another man other than Sam” Tricia sighed


“You grew up way differently to all of us and I really don’t blame you because Sam is amazing with you” I smiled at her “You’re his grounder his Kryptonite if you like”


“OOOO I like that he is like superman” she flushed and giggled


“What!” I choked on my food laughing “You know I’ve never seen him wearing his underwear over his pants”


“Well he’d need to wear underwear first” we both started to giggle. It felt so good just to kick back and relax even while working. I caught sight of Blake walking to the bar and leaning over to talk to Megan She shook her head he balled his fists on the bar and snapped something to her. She looked at the guy that was behind the bar with him and said something to him he shrugged and then nodded. Megan walked from behind the bar and stalked out in front of Blake he caught her arm and steered her toward the side door. “Oh that didn’t look good” Trica murmured


“No it didn’t” I shook my head “Give it five minutes and I’ll go take a look”


“You have to be careful Evie”


“I know and I won’t get involved I just want to make sure that he’s not hurting her” I smiled at her


“What will you do if he is”


“Stop it” I shrugged “I’m not afraid of a few cowboys and hell I’ll bet I can shoot better”.

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