Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Someones talking

Submitted: July 29, 2013

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Submitted: July 29, 2013



…………… I walked in to the Inn, Miss. Hesta smiled at me as she worked through a stack of paperwork.


“Have a good evening Miss. Novak?” She was being nosy


“Awesome” I nodded “Interesting little bar you have” I headed for the stairs


“Wait till the weekend it gets quiet rowdy” she called after me


“I’ll bear it in mind” I knocked the door of our room and head shuffling behind the door and the lock flick back and the door open wide enough for Tricia to look through. “It’s just me” she closed the door and slid the chain off I walked in and locked the door behind me “Did you get a ton of questions from Hesta?” I asked kicking off my shoes and sitting on the end of the bed


“No she was on the phone” Tricia sat back on the bed and reached for her lap top “I just got off the phone with Egan” I looked at her “Apparently there has been talk that they know where Megan is?”


“How the hell do they know that?’ I frowned “We only found her because we were tracking Kain” I lent forward


“He’s trying to find out but they think that Weber is on his way here”


“Oh like hell” I picked up my phone “His ex or not this is my job” I scrolled through the numbers in my phone and hit dial


Jh * Mr. Weber’s phone

Me * Put Weber on its Evie Croft

Ju * Mr. Weber is in a meeting can I take a Message Miss….

Me * it’s Mrs. Not Miss… and this is non-negotiable and believe me I’m not the kind of woman you piss off


I looked at Tricia sitting grinning at me, there was a click and then a second click


Weber * Mrs. Croft… why are you interrupting my meeting

Me * I hear you have found Megan

Weber * and where did you hear that from, I know your husband is in Prague with your ‘Brother’


The emphasis on Brother all too clear


Me * it doesn’t matter where Dante is and who he is with this is my job not his you sent me in to find Kain Price and you want me to find Megan. If you want me to walk away then say but the  fee stands the four million dollars will still be paid to me

Weber * I don’t pay for services I don’t receive

Me * honey you asked us to help you didn’t need to sign an agreement but you will let me do my job and pay or I will come there and take payment from your ass

Weber * you don’t tell me what I do no woman does

Me * Well maybe you’re not used to having a woman tell you what’s what but this girl doesn’t need her husband to fight her battles I’m more than capable of fighting my own, Now have you found Megan?

Weber * I like a woman with spirit I like to tame them


I started to laugh


Me * People have tried to tame me beat me and blow my ass up and i[m the one still living and breathing and kicking ass. So answer my question Have you found Megan Miller?


There was a silence on the phone and a sigh


Weber * I have found out she is somewhere around San Antonio… And I’m not going to tell you my source but I am sending a crew of guys there

Me * pull them back I’m already in Texas and you do this and you will fuck it up

Weber * why are you in Texas?

Me * because I’d already tracked her here and if you must know I’ve spoken to her


Me * okay I really don’t think you raised your voice at me did you?


I heard him grind his teeth and then suck in a deep breath


Weber * I want Megan back here

Me * and you’ll get her when I say… I need her to get to Kain. It is a group deal you do not tell me when and what I do with the targets the same way I don’t tell you how far that stick in your ass needs to be shoved


Tricia buried her face in a pillow and turned red as she smothered her laughter


Me * Call your pack of mutts off and let me do my job do I make myself clear or I’ll rain down a whole world of whoop ass down on you.

Weber * Fine you have a week and then my men come down … I can see what Croft married you… I can offer you a…


I hung up the phone and tossed it on the bed and shuddered


“Ew I feel like I was just molested by a Hobo” I shuddered again “I can’t wait to ask Megan what the hell she even went with his creepy ass” I reached int o my purse and took out my gun and put it under my pillow “I’m going to take a shower I had to knock a cowboy down a peg or two and got sweaty and dusty in the process” I slid off the bed


“You did what?”


“I sort of went after Blake” I smiled “I don’t think he knew what hit him”


Oh I’m going to need pie” she got up and walked to the door taking the key with her “You are going to fill me in as soon as you’re showered”


“You’re on and see if you can grab a slice for me as well” I walked into the bathroom and ran the water, for a small town there was a lot of shit going on I just hoped that Kain would answer the ad……….


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