Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - the two of them

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Submitted: July 30, 2013



…….. I came out of the shower as Tricia walked back into the room with two plates of pie.


“OOO nice” I smiled the adrenalin was wearing off from the ‘words’ I had, had with Blake. I was in need of sugar.


“Yeah well you will never guess who I just met down stairs” she sat on the bed and handed me a plate


“Please don’t tell me Weber’s goon because I will jump down the phone and…”


“Megan and Kain” I dropped the fork on the plate with a clatter “She was checking in”


“Are you sure it was him?” I felt my heart beat speed up She nodded


“It was him… and I have to say the pictures don’t do him justice he’s hot” she chewed he lip “At least we know for sure that the two of them are together… not in the romantic sense but…”


“I know… I have to work out what I’m going to do and I need you to have my back”


“Of course” Tricia nodded “What are you thinking?”


“That there is more to this than Weber is letting us know and he’s wanting her back to control her and keep her caged” Tricia looked down “Hey… you got away and you stayed away remember… I need to find away to talk to her”


“I agree or I can do it… you need to concentrate on Kain” I suggested taking a mouthful of pie


“You know that might be a good idea because Kain doesn’t know you and if he sees you he won’t know we are linked” I picked up my fork… “I’m exhausted and we haven’t been here twenty four hours” I moved back on the bed “thank god for pie”….



Tricia was already awake and she was sitting on the small window seat with her sketch book on her lap. I stretched and eased out of bed the tightness in my back all to apparent of the stress going on.


“You okay?” Tricia looked at me


“Back is sore” I yawned “comes with the territory of getting blown up” she smiled at me “I’m going to get dressed and head out to grab coffee you want to come with me?”


“No I’m going to sit here and sketch for a while the view is pretty” she looked at me “When do you think you will hear from Kain?”


“I’m guessing as soon as he reads the paper…” I pulled out a pair of jeans and a shirt and a pair of my most comfortable heels  Tricia bent and picked up my purse and threw it to me  I took my gun from under my pillow and put it in there along with my phone. “I’ll be about an hour I’m going to try to call Dante as well” she smiled and nodded. I stepped out of the room at the same time that Megan came from the room along the hallway ready for a run.


“Hey Morning” I smiled I had to try to get her comfortable enough to talk to us “Nice morning for a run?”


“Need to get out and stretch” She nodded “I’m feeling a little tense” tense didn’t even cover how drained she looked under the golden tan she had she looked pale and like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders


“Sounds like my Brother when he gets tense he takes it out on the gym” she laughed as we both walked down the stairs together “I was going across the street to get a coffee and sit in the sun”


“Is that your sister?’ Meg asked “The girl you were in the bar with”


“Tricia… no she’s one of my best friends and she’s also about to get engaged to a man that is as good as a brother” I pushed my hand into my pockets inwardly still so happy that Sam was finally going to ask Tricia to marry him “But she doesn’t know it yet” Meg started to stretch leaning against the wall “Look about last night I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop but call me a good judge of character if you like, but I’ve been around too many douche bags not to know one on sight and hey if he’s sleeping back in the room again I apologize, but for him to knock you in the dirt he doesn’t deserve you’


“What if I did something that got him mad” She nervously chewed her lip and broke her eye contact with me I raised an eye brow


“You think it still gives him the right to knock you down…” I shook my head in disbelief “I don’t think so… it’s wrong no woman deserves to be in the dirt”


“After I came back in the bar Blake got jumped in the parking lot by three guys” She fidgeted nervously, I had to try to not smile he had told people a bunch of guys had jumped his ass not a five foot five girl


“Really… well I can’t say I’m sorry” I shrugged


“I’m Megan” She held out my hand to me “Sorry I was rude last night it had been a difficult day” well that was understandable after the ass she was dating


“Linny… Linny Croft” I shook her hand “You have a good run” I walked down the driveway and across the street to the café.


 I picked up a paper and a drink and sat on the outdoor tables, the storm that had rolled in last night had cleaned the air and the heat wasn’t unbearable and kinda reminded me of Monte Carlo. I opened the paper and glanced through it while people watching as I did. A Large Black Mercedes cruised down the street and pulled into the parking lot of the Inn as Megan ran from the side of the bar racing like the devil himself was on her ass.


Kain got out of the car as Megan got to it. He held her arms as she spoke to him her whole body seemed to shake as she spoke. Kain put his arms round her and rested his head on the top of hers. I felt my head tip as I watched them interact with each other he moved his head and held her face tipped up to him, and then he did something I’d rarely ever seen he smiled at her.


This was the sight I needed, there was way more to this than Weber had let on, Kain was protecting her, and I was beginning to feel he was protecting Megan from Weber………….



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