Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - Kain is still Kain to a degree

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Submitted: July 31, 2013



………….. Kain looked like he didn’t believe a word I was saying. I looked round.


“Look we can’t talk here” Kain chewed his lip “But right now I’m not sure I can trust you if you’re working for Weber
 he pulled some money from his pocket “Let’s take a ride” he stood up and picked up my purse “I think I will hold on to your gun as well”


“Whatever you need to do” I nodded he moved giving me room to get up from the table. Kin was someone I trusted and he’d held my life in his hands rather like Dante had only Dante also held my heart. I walked away from him with as much confidence that I had in a normal everyday meeting I walked over to his car and waited for him he was looking at me not moving from where we had left the table “You know time isn’t really something we have right now” he lifted his keys and the click of the locks being set free sounded and I opened the drovers door “I take it you tell me where to go and I just drive” I got in and closed the door and waited for Kain to get in he tossed my purse in the back ignoring my phone ringing. “Keys” I held my hand out to him he handed them to me


“Out on to the street and take a right” he instructed. I followed his instructions “You’re not scared of me anymore?”


“No… not in the slightest” I shook my head “But you’re uncomfortable around me something you never were”


“Well I haven’t seen you for years, then two weeks ago out of the blue is our ad in the local paper… don’t you think that there are some flags going up” he sat forward and pulled his gun from the small of his back and settled it on his lap his hand flat over the top of it making me smile “And the nervous but tough girl I knew comes back into my life and tells me shes working for a man that was my last target”


‘You failed to take him out… tut, tut… Over three dozen kills what was so different about this one because I met him and wanted to put a bullet between his eyes within five minutes” I heard a chuckle from Kain “It’s to do with the girl right?”




“I was right before when I said you were in love with her wasn’t I?”


‘Meg is a woman that had a career, she was the youngest nurse ever to Run a city ER, she kicked ass and Weber went in to the ER and saw her” “Pull in here there is a pond behind those tress we can talk there” I did as he asked and turned off the engine. We both got out and walked down to the pond Kain kept his gun in his hand I sat on a tree stump and looked at him


“You were telling me about Megan and Weber” I prompted


“You met him you” Kain sat across from me “Whatever that an wants he takes including women only Megan was that girl that wasn’t impressed with all his flashiness so he charmed her and within a week she was living with him, and they got engaged”


“So where do you fit in to this?” I leant forward bracing my elbows on my knees


“I was told by my handler that I was to Get Megan to testify against the business dealings of Weber, he was unethical and some deals were a threat to national security, once they had her sworn testimony I was to kill both of them” I raised my eye brows “You’ve handled me I’m a cold killer” he looked me dead in the eye “It doesn’t bother me I did my job for my country, people that got in the way was just collateral damage” he took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose I got in to Weber’s inner circle and he assigned me to protect Megan”


‘So he was giving you access to her without even realizing what he was doing” Kain nodded “See I knew he was a dumb fuck” Kain smiled


“I saw the way he treated her, she was his trophy… he draped her in diamonds and designer clothes, and he used her body to blackmail people and clinch deals” I frowned “He made her sleep with people including women” I felt my hands ball into fists and I got to my feet and paced twisting my head hearing my neck crack as I tried to relieve some of the sudden tension in it.


“He did that to her” Kain nodded


‘He’d pulled her away from everyone and everything closed her off for three years she had nowhere to go and no one to call, she gave up and she did it, if she got some of her spirit back he’d slap her around a little”


‘Okay I want to kill the fucker myself” I stopped pacing and looked at him


“I had gotten close to her and she wanted out and she agreed to do what I wanted and rat him out” he rubbed the back of his neck “I caught him literally forcing himself on her so I stopped it by making up some bullshit and I stayed with her to check on her” I sat back down as Kain put his gun back in to the back of his pants “Weber came back and to cut a long story short made Megan get on her knees in front of me and” he swept his hands in a down motion




“He stopped her from taking  me all the way in her mouth and then watched us fuck while he held a gun to both of us” I gripped the tree stump suddenly feeling sick as Lyra’s story with the Kalifs and them with what Tricia had to go through with the English Asshole… I closed my eyes. “I had to help her get away and the only way I could do it was by getting out of my line of work… you know damn well Men like me can’t leave unless it’s in a pine box” I nodded “Yes we’re on the run… and yes Meg and I slept with each other a few times before she left him… I felt guilty for helping her before she was just lost…”


“You gave up everything for this girl…”


“I did and I set her up her to start a new life and I was going to carry on and do my job but things took a turn and he sat up and lifted his shirt there was a fresh scar of a bullet wound “He thought Megan and I had been hooking up and she had run because I had gotten her pregnant… and then I found my old boss sold me out so I walked into an ambush and was shot”


“How did you get out”


‘Connections” he tipped his head “Look that all of it she got together with Blake Walker and I’ve been dating his little sister… she’s sweet and kind and cute”


“But you don’t love her?”


“You’ve managed to get me talking without a whole lot of effort” he chuckled ignoring my question


“So I want your Story now… I want to know what the hell happened to you” he lent forward


“Life” I shrugged


“You don’t get scars like the ones you have by just working nine to five” he said watching me “and you left the ATF under a cloud so you said… so fair’s fair I need to know I can trust you”


“The Government think I’m Dead… Evie Robbins is dead… blown up in the parking lot of a Strip club” I smiled he looked confused “Oh believe me you can’t write this shit”……………….

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