Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - Trust is formed

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………….. Kain sat on the log and stretched out his long legs and looked at me.


“I really should use my phone and let people know I’m safe…”




“Yeah and why don’t I just find a rattlesnake and pull its tail… that ass thinks he is paying me to find you and turn you over… where as he’s paying me to save your ass” Kain rubbed his palm over his face “I’ve been through a lot in my life since I met you and left you” he smiled a little


“If it means anything you were the handler I didn’t mind dealing with”


“Thank you, it was a job I didn’t mind doing and I was never told why I was pulled from it” I stretched the ache in my back was irritating as hell


“SO come on you were telling me about what’s happened to you”


“I’ll tell you as soon as I’ve spoken to my friend” Kain pulled his cell from his pocket and held it out to me. I took it and dialed Tricia’s number.


Tricia * hello?

Me * Tricia it’s me

Tricia * thank god where are you, well I know where you are your GPS on your phone told  me… I’ve had Casper on the phone… Egan’s pulling him and the others in

Me * I told him not to and Casper is supposed to be in Monaco with Lyra and Luca

Tricia * I know, I know… but your Dad and big brother are worried

Me * alright will you let them know I hang tight with Egan for now and for god sake sit on D

Tricia *  I’ll call… you found the wild cat

Me * I did

Tricia * come back soon we need to talk

Me * deal


I hung up and handed Kain the phone back


“Thank you” he nodded


“A lot of people worrying about you?’ I smiled and nodded “Evie… you say you want to help megs and I… I told  you my deal… you’re skirting yours”


“I told you people thing I’m dead… my Dad’s former partner was the one that killed him… and he had lied to me for years blaming the arms dealer that Dad was working with for the shooting” I sat down across from Kain and looked down at my hands “I was mad when the ATF pulled me away from being your handler. I felt the shit that went down in Columbia, made me a failure, I know a lot of people didn’t know what I’d been doing and I never told them… well apart from if I told I’d have been killed” I twisted my wedding band that nestled under my engagement ring taking comfort in the feeling of Dante being with me. “My mind was on one thing and one thing only… killing the man that killed my Father” I looked up at Kain “You know  I’d lost both parents” he nodded “My sister I found fucking the ass off my boyfriend in my bed… so I’d lost it all”


“Did you get the guy?”


“That’s where it gets wired” he frowned at me “My Boss… my dad’s former partner put me on the track of who I thought it was so I went under cover and for three months I worked as a waitress in a high end strip club owned by one of the biggest arms dealers in the world”


“Okay I know the Kalifs are dead” I nodded “I took out the Syrian and his son… there are a few left, I mean there a lot of dealers but only a few big fish” I smiled “If it was State side it was Egan Croft”


“Right again… I couldn’t get anything on the crofts they run their business in a way that no trail is left the trust very few people with details… then out of the blue Dante Croft… well he took a liking to me I wrapped my arms around myself and I knew it wasn’t him he was only fifteen when my dad died… I worked one night and my damn boss walked in wrecking of Fed and almost blew my cover… and to cut a long story short he ratted me out and I took the wrath of the crofts in the worst way possible, I wanted to give up as I sat in the middle of a meeting room naked and so destroyed\\” I felt tears roll down my cheeks “I couldn’t let go of the fact that I knew they didn’t do it… I couldn’t let go of the only man to make me feel alive in years so I found out where he was, I confronted Egan Croft”


“You want face to face with him?” I nodded


“He put a gun to my head… I told him to pull the trigger I had nothing to lose but if he didn’t I wanted to talk to Dante… I flew to the Czech Republic and tracked him down, I got punched by his sister, I got scared by his best friend” I had never admitted that Casper had been the only one I’d actually been scared of because he was the quiet danger. “Dante was so angry he couldn’t look at me… I was sat in a chair in Siman Novak’s dining room and I was interrogated to a degree, Siman lashed out and knocked me to the floor, I don’t know what was going on but my body shut down and I got very sick and when I woke Dante was there Egan had wanted to kill me, but Dante refused to let them, he allowed me to fill him in on everything, Egan over heard something in the conversation about my dad and the truth came out Egan and his right hand man had been with him as he died” I choked on the words “Egan had even remembered his dying words and they had been for me” I broke down in front of Kain these memories were so damn painful but so settling at the same time. Kain stood up and pulled me to him hugging me tight until I’d calmed down “Damn it” I smiled wiping my eyes


“I’m so sorry Evie I should have kept track of you” I shook my head


“It’s okay… It’s more than okay” I moved away from him and inhaled deeply “I found what I’d been looking for… I found a family… and they helped me get the real person that  killed my father… nut not before my old Boss strapped a bomb under my car because he knew I’d found out the truth. It threw me across the parking lot on to a car hence my back” I saw a grimace on Kain’s face.


“Again I was in the hospital and it was less than fifty - fifty at one point… but as you can see I’m here and Dante was the one that killed my Fathers killer… everyone thought that I had died in the explosion. And Evie Robbins became  dust in a grave… Evangeline Novak took her place… I’m now Siman Novak’s daughter and Dante Crofts’ wife”………………….

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