Dangerous Hunting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 49 (v.1) - Out of Left field

Submitted: August 07, 2013

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Submitted: August 07, 2013



……….. Kain rubbed the back of his neck


“You want me to drop you off at the Inn?”


“And what make a dinner date to work out what we’re going to do, I don’t think so we need to get an idea together of what you’re wanting to do” I chewed my lip “Something isn’t sitting right”


“With what?”


“I don’t know it’s a gut feeling I have… I’m calling in the big guns”


“What’s changed?” he looked at me “and you’d better come to the ranch with me”


“I don’t know something about this town” I looked round as we drove through the town I pulled out my phone and hit dial.


Dante * hey baby

Me * hey can you guys do something for me?

Dante * of course what?

Me * get the plane ready and get down here

Dante * Evie what’s changed

Kain * she has a gut feeling that something isn’t right… and I don’t know about you, you tend to go with your gut

Dante * I take it you’re Kain?


I groaned inwardly


Kain * I am and I won’t let anything happen to your wife

Dante * good to hear it… Sam call the airport we’re leaving… Evie you stay low till we get there okay

Me * I’m not saying I can’t deal with what happens… I’d just rather we had you guys here with us as well

Dante * we’re heading out the door now… I’ll call you when we get to Texas

Me * okay I love you

Dante * love you too



I hung up and pinched the bridge of my nose


“Well you just met Dante Croft” I smiled


“He’s been on the edge of a hit list for a while” Kain looked at me “But like you said everything about the Crofts is way to clean”


“I want to know If you want to face Weber or run” I turned in the seat as we pulled up a long sweeping driveway


“I don’t run you know that, but I want Megan to be safe” Kain took a deep breath


“I understand… you do know you can come with us and we can get back at Weber when he’s least expecting it” Kain drove by a large ranch house and followed the road passed Paddocks of what looked like Racehorses.


“Come where?”


“To the Crofts, You can go to my Father in Prague hell Dante and I have brought an apartment in Monaco… Kain we don’t have to do anything right now other than get you and Megan to safety… If you want to bring the girl you’re with then that’s fine” I suggested


“Bidding time might be a good idea and staying with you would be the thing he’d least expect” Kain nodded “I’ll have to call Megan”


“Alright” I smiled “Is this where you live?” I pointed to a quaint old house


“Yep the original ranch house” he shut off the engine “You come in?”


“I think the last thing you need is to have another woman in the room when you talk to your girl… even though I know what you feel for someone else” We both got out of the car and he smiled as he took the steps onto the porch as the door opened from the house. I sat on the hood of the car and watched the pretty brunette put her arms round Kain and hug him before turning her eyes on me, and hell if looks could kill.


“Who is that?” the girl literally spat as she pointed to me, I folded my arms over my chest and tipped my head, Kain looked round at me


“That is Evie…”


“You’ve been with another woman and not answering your phone… I knew you still have a thing for my brothers’ girl but her… some cheap skank you picked up in town”


“JESS ENOUGH” Kain snapped “This Is Evie… she was my handler” the look of horror on Jessi’s face


“She was… she…”


“Yes she was the woman that used to give me my orders” Kain nodded “Evie” he gestured for me to come over I stepped up onto the porch and felt the instant dislike coming from Jessi


“You know making up a story like her being your handler so you can spend time with her is just cruel” Jessi pushed Kain


“Hey slow down cowgirl” I stepped in between her and Kain “He’s not making anything up… Why is it so hard to believe who I am. I know he’s told you what he is” She glanced at Kain who was leaning on the porch rail watching us


“Look at you… you can’t look like that and be anything other than some girl wanting to bed a man like him” I groaned


“Sweetheart been there done that in the Columbian jungle when he saved my ass, but that isn’t up for discussion” I put my hands on my hips


“Never judge a book by its cover” Kain pushed off the rail “This girl is as tough as I a… I’d even say tougher” He smiled


“Hell yeah” I laughed


“It’s not funny” Jessi yelled, her phone rang Kain bent and picked it up from the chair, his face fell “Give me my phone” she demanded, Kain got a dark look on his face before he held it out to her. She snatched it from him and pushed it into her pocket. Jessi got red and fidgeted, oh damn I was hoping she hadn’t been cheating on Kain.




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