Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Lyra and the Playboy?????

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Submitted: May 13, 2013



*hope you don't mind this being short i've had this in my head allweekend LMAO*


…...... I got up and picked up my bag before I turned round as Lyra got up from the table. I felt my jaw drop and my heart caught in my chest in the lose dress she was wearing there was a prominent bump.


“Well I guess you can see what I was going to show you” She smoothed her hand over her swollen belly “Now can you see why I’ve tried to be under the radar to a degree”


“You… your… it’s… I mean… DAMN” I looked at her and pushed my glasses up on my head


“Damn girl spit it out” she smiled


“You’re pregnant?”


“Yes I’m pregnant…” she nodded “Can we start to walk it gets kinda uncomfortable sitting for too long” I looked back toward the bar “Evie I promise you I will come clean to Dad and D later” she headed for a set of stairs


“I should tell them where we’re going” I looked toward the bar


“Alright” she started down the stairs I’ll be on the street waiting for you” I hurried toward the bar Dante and Egan were both sitting in the arm chair like seats. Both of them jumped up


“Where is she?” Egan looked around me “We’re going to go shopping and she’s going to talk to both of you later” I couldn’t look at them


“Is she alright?”


“Oh she’s glowing” I pecked casper on the cheek “I love you and I’ll call” he nodded I turned and quickjly walked down to meet Lyra who was talking in a stream of French on her phone. She smiled at me and said a few other things before she hung up “Okay when did you learn French?”


“A long time ago I was rusty at it until I lived her” she linked my arm as we walked down the street together “Were Dad and D okay?”


“Well they were a little pissy that you didn’t talk to them and god knows how mad they will be with me when you fill them in and they find out I knew and didn’t say anything to them” I looked at her


“I’m sorry I put you in that situation” she squeezed my arm “I’ve tried so many times to pick up the phone and call you and Tricia the people that wouldn’t rip me apart for walking out, and tell you” she stopped walking and turned me to face her “I was just so angry I didn’t want to see Casper I didn’t want him to know I was tied to him for the rest of our lives, mean I know but remember how you felt when D did what he did to you in the club and left you naked on the floor” I closed my eyes “It’s how Casper made me feel only I felt I had nothing to prove to him he should have been the one chasing after me and who was it that came out” tears spilled under her glasses “My brother came out after me… so I…” she pushed her glasses up and roughly wiped her eyes


“I know” I put my hand on her arm “Casper has a lot of making up to do but he needs to know he’s going to be a daddy” She looked down at the floor and stepped away from me “Lyra”


“I thought we were going shopping” She smiled but it was shaky


“LYRA ISIS CROFT” I actually stamped my foot like a child “Please tell me that my brother is the father…”


“Lyra, Mon Cheri” I spun on my heel and slammed right into a hot piece of older ass “oh excusez-moi” he flashed a perfectly white smile at me his blue eyes were almost as piercing as Dante’s as I tried to figure out how to speak, it had been a long time since a men had rendered me speechless just by looking at him. He brushed by me and took Lyra’s hands for a moment before he hugged her to him “comment le bébé fait aujourd'hui ?" He moved back and gently rubbed his hands over her stomach. I felt like my jaw was on the floor and my eyes were bugging out of my head


"Perfectly Guillaume" she nodded and put her hand over his and smiling "Evie… she looked at me Evie this is Guillaume Molyneux" Oh well wasn’t that just a doozy this was the playboy she’d been living with, no wonder she turned down other men when she’d found this one………….


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