Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 50 (v.1) - Fire fight

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Submitted: August 08, 2013



………… I was in shock as Kain and I looked at Jessi looking at the floor in front of her.


“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO” Jessi screamed in his face “I have to watch you and Megan being all nicey nice to each other and don’t think I haven’t caught the way she looks at you and you look at her”


I stepped back and sat on the arm of the porch rocker and folded my arms across my chest, Thank god I’d called in the troops so to speak because now Weber knew for sure where Megan was he was going to come down here to get her back.


“I want her to leave. I want her gone… I see she’s using my brother to make you jealous” Kain pinched the bridge of his nose “I want you to not have to look after her, I want you to think of me not here when we’re in bed together” I felt  my jaw go slack


“You have been listening to your brothers delusional ranting, for god sake Jess you think I’ve been lying to you for the past months”


“No, I think you’ve been lying to yourself” She shook her head “I thought if she was gone we would have a chance… Blake could find someone that would love him for him not for sex”


“FUCK” the composure of Kain Slipped and he clenched and released his hands I stood up and got in between  Kain and Jessi


“Think about what you’ve done… Weber wants Megan we all know that, but he also knows who and what Kain is and wants him dead” I watched the color drain from Jessi’s face and she gripped the back of the rocker “You’ve called in the hounds of hell little girl and you have no idea what he’s going to do” I looked at Kain “Go pack your things we’re getting out of here” Kain nodded and moved to walk by Jessi


“Kain… don’t go Weber said he won’t touch you” she clung to his arm


‘Let go” Kain’s voice made the hairs  on the back of my neck stand up on end, the cold tone reminded me of Dante the night he’d left me in the VIP room of the club


“KAIN” she pleaded


“You’re family is fucked up” he tugged his arm free and stalked into the house She moved to go after him”


“Oh I don’t think so honey” I pulled her back around to face me


“You want him for yourself HUH?” She hissed at me tears streamed down her cheeks


“Hell no I have a husband” she seemed taken aback by that “You need to warn your family they need to get out of here when Weber turns up because he will hurt anyone that pisses him off” Jessi sank down into the chair and put her head in her hands “If you did love Kain then you just screwed that up”


“I thought Megan would just go back with Weber and Kain would stay here with me” she sobbed


“Why would you even think that for god sake…? Kain would never let him take Megan back as long as he’s got a breath in his body” she looked up at me “You have no clue how he ticks how is mind works… have you ever even left this damn ranch the wide world if a screwed up  place with a lot of bad people who’ve done a lot of bad things” I held out my hands “Kain is a product of the environment, He’d never be able to settle here for long” she looked like I’d just slapped her “I’m sorry that’s the way it is”


“He never loved me” she sniffed


“He did, I can assure you he’s got feelings, but this is unforgivable he was going to think about taking you along when he left but you threw under the bus the one think he’d vowed to keep safe” I looked round at the sound of a SUV coming down the drive way. “I think Megan and Kain need to forget they met you people” I frowned as the truck slowed half way down the drive “That isn’t a farm Vehicle is it?” I asked changing the subject immediately Jessi wiped her eyes and look up


“No, I’ve never seen it before” she shook her head


“Get in the house right now” I pushed her toward the door keeping myself between the truck and the Jessi my hand went to the small of my back. “Tell Kain to stay inside” I ordered as she fumbled with the knob “I drew out my gun at the same time two men got out of the Black SUV “FUCK” I heard the Popping of an automatic weapon as the sounds of shattering glass and splintering wood filled the air and Jessi screamed. I launched myself at her and we both fell through the doo


“WHAT THE HELL?” Kain shouted as he pulled us both behind the wall of the kitchen


“Looks like Weber was here already” I said shaking my head “I hope you’re proud” I snarled at Jessi, I pulled my phone from my pocket


Dante * Hey we just landed

Me * Get to Wimberley and Get Meg and Tricia from the Inn there

Dante * Evie…


There was another round of gunfire and the three of us huddled while glass and debris showered down on all of us


Dante * is that…

Me * Dante Weber is here the woman Kain has been seeing called him in and he’s here now

Dante * FUCK…

Me * hey Listen to me and keep clam okay, I’m fine you know I’m tough and you know I can shoot better than most. Tricia is at the Inn with Megan, get them out of here

Dante * at least tell me you have Kain with you?

Me * I do

Dante * he’d better have your back

Me * He does… Please Dante

Dante * Where are you?

Me * It’s a place called Onion creek ranch

Dante * I’m coming Sam and Casper can go get the girls

Me * look I need to go and try to get the hell out of here

Dante * Evie…

Me * I love you Mr. Croft and don’t you ever forget it


I hung up my phone and looked at Kain.


“Well I have two clips with me” I said checking my gun


“I’ve got six” Jessi was rocking sitting on the floor in the corner of the kitchen.


“Dante and the guys are about forty minutes away” we both flinched at a closer round of shots ripped through the house “Please tell me there is another way out of this house?” Jessi nodded and pulled back the rug in the middle of the kitchen floor “Where does it go?” she started to shake


“Jess where does it go” Kain shook her a little “If you want to get out of here you need to tell me”


“The Stable” she stammered “But we’re going to die”


“If we stay here then hell yes we will” I pulled it open and dropped down into the hole “Damn its dark” Kain made Jessi get in there with us before he got in slinging his back pack on to his back and closed the trap door behind him “Just like the jungle Evie” He murmured in the darkness” I nodded even though he couldn’t see.


The three of us moved as quickly as we could through the dark tunnel listening to the sound of rapid gunfire now sounding distant. I came against a ladder and climbed it while Jessi moaned and groaned about being killed. I shouldered the trap door and got nowhere fast other than a heap of pain in my back. I felt someone behind me and Kain Joined me pushing up the heavy door dust and straw fell down as we broke through in to the barn nervous sounding horses stomping and kicking in their stalls. I pulled myself up followed by Kain,


“Jessi give me your Hand” He lay on the floor and reached into the hole “Jess come on I’ll pull you up”


“No… They’ll kill me if I go u their” she yelled at him “I’m going back”


“Jessi” I was on the floor with him now “Don’t…” There was the sound of scrabbling feet as she backed down the tunnel “FUCK”


“JESS… JESS” Kain screamed after her


“Kain we need to go” I pulled him by the belt loops “You can’t go back” Kain hung his head for a few moments before getting to his feet and closing the door we piled sacks of feed on to it


“She should have left it alone” he muttered


‘Yes she should, but right now it’s down to me and you getting out of here” I chewed my lip “Have you ever ridden a horse?”


‘Yep I’ve been here a while he nodded” he walked over to the closest one “Take the halter and swing up on one of them”


‘I’ve never ridden I admitted


“It’s like a rough ride in a jeep” He unhitched a horse and swung up on to its back


“Yeah right”


“Ride with me then” he offered me his hand I clasped his wrist and he hauled me u behind him as he kicked the horse and it took off like a bolt of lightning had struck it’s ass “Hold tight because I’m not losing you girl, I need to get you to your husband” I gripped him round the waist as he forced the horse to run through the woods behind the main house the sounds of sirens screaming filled the air, but I had a feeling this wasn’t over…………..

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