Chapter 51: Hiding out

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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…………  Kain handled the horse like he was born in the saddle. He pulled the horse to a halt in the dense wood.


“Where the hell are we?” I asked


“We’re level with  The Bar” Kain looked round “there is no way they could have followed us here” I pulled my phone from my pocket and dialed


Dante * Baby I just got in the car to come to the ranch

Me * don’t go there it was a cluster fuck Kain and I are out… I need you to go to the Bar and met us thee it’s across the street from the Inn

Dante * are you alright?

Me * we’re fine… please tell me you got to Megan and Tricia

Dante * we did Baby where are you


I heard car doors closing as Kain kicked the horse forward bringing us out close to the back of the bar


Me * Behind the bar


Kain looked round at me “We can’t go inside they know Meg worked there I wouldn’t put it past them having a guy in there waiting to see if she comes to work


Me * Dante come round the back

Dante * okay


I hung up the phone.


“How the hell do you get off one of these things” I groaned “my ass is killing me”


“Grab my arm and I’ll let you down” he crooked his right arm and I held on to it and he lifted me down as Dante and Sam walked round the corner.


“Oh thank god” Dante braced himself as I ran at him and launched into his arms  he held me close to him as Sam looked round and Kain got off the horse Dante held my arm and looked at me “Mrs. Croft you’re not allowed to go anywhere and do shit like this without me” he smiled before he kissed me.


“Amen to that he’s been a Grouch from hell” Sam smiled his eyes still scanning around “Thank you for watching out for Tricia” I hugged Sam


“Not a problem you’ve taught her well” I took a stp back


“We really should get the hell out of here” Kain was right behind me Dante straightened up and looked at him “I’m not scared of staying and fighting it out but I’d rather we went for the Jugular and hit Weber on his own turf” Sam’s phone rang as Dante and Kain eyed each other


“I agree” Dante nodded “I want my wife to be safe”


“So do I’


“Oh for god sake with the two of you knock it off I’m more worried about the assholes that were shooting at us… because I’m damn sure they’ve worked out we’ve gone”


“We have a car” Dante pulled the keys from his pocket “the plane is waiting for us”


“It’s not” we all looked at Sam “They got there and Weber’s men were there… Casper got the girls on the plane and they hauled ass outta there” Sam was getting to the point where I wished to god Tricia was here with us “We have to hold out here for at least twelve hours”


“Fuck” I paced the floor in the middle of these three men mountains


“As long as they got off safely” Dante said folding his arms over his chest “We can ride it our”


“Yeah and where are we planning on doing this” I shook my head “They riddled Kain’s place with bullets and god only knows what happened to anyone there” I watched Kain hang his head “She brought what ever happened on her own head Kain so don’t even think about it, she had the choice of coming with us and she went back” I threw my hands up Dante put his arm round my waist


“We need to get inside somewhere we’re like sitting ducks out here”


“You said you had a car?” Kain pushed his hands into his pockets and looked at Dante


“It’s just at the front of the bar”


“I know of a cabin out on the edge of the ranch they use when there is a cattle drive”


“Fine lets get there” Sam nodded “You and Evie need to get in the back of the car and keep your heads down” we went and got in the car the entire town seemed eerily silent. Kain and I were literally lay down in the back seat while Sam was behind the wheel.


“So is Weber here?” Dante asked


“I don’t know Megan was sold out by Kain’s girlfriend” I explained Dante looked round and raised his eye brow


“You’re girlfriend got my wife shot at”


“My Ex girlfriend wanted Megan out of the way because she thinks I’m still in love with her” Kain explained looking Dante dead in the eye


“Well that might because you are” I sighed “and can you give a girl some room I’m feeling a little cramped down here” Kain shifted his legs a little.


“Cabin is through those trees park round behind it” Kain pointed between the front seats and Sam swung the car off the main highway and round behind the cabin Dante got out and opened the door and took my hand pulling me out


“God I love you” he murmured his hands laying flat on my ass


“Hey love birds get your asses inside” Sam leant on the hood of the car “I’m not explaining to Egan why you two got shot in the open”


“You’re a kill joy Samuel Tasarov you know that” I smiled moving away from Dante as Kain opened the door of the cabin and he stepped inside “We all good Kain?”


“Yep” he put his head back around the door and nodded. The three of us went in


“Well this is cozy” Sam holstered his gun “I need to try to call Tricia” he walked over to the couch and sat down pulling his phone from his pocket. Dante sat across from Kain at the old breakfast table and put his gun on it I walked to the window and looked out.


Thank you for not letting Evie get hurt” I glanced at Sam who looked at me and shrugged


“I have to admit I was more than a little taken aback when I saw her… she looks a little different now from how she did when I knew her” Kain eased back in the chair Dante looked at me and smiled


“He almost choked when I told him who I was married to” I walked over to the table and sat down with them


“Well Dante Croft is a dangerous son of a bitch… I’ve seen the CIA file on him, people are scared of him and with good reason” Kain took a deep breath “His reputation precedes him”


“So it should I don’t suffer fools… only one person has stood up to me and lived” He smiled in my direction


“Well almost didn’t I think I’ve got my own ICU bed” I chuckled


“Can we not go there you know how he gets” Sam walked over pushing his phone into his pocket


“Did you speak to her Tricia?” I asked looking up at him


“Yep, Egan is meeting them at the hanger when they lad and the plane is refueling and turning round to get us” Sam nodded


“Is Megan alright?” Kain blurted out


“She’s with Tricia and Casper she’s going to be fine” Sam nodded “I think she’ll be better when she sees you”


“Well after the hot mess of the cowboy she was dating she needs to go back to the one man that loves her” I got up and walked over to the sink and turned on the water letting the rusty color run through before it came clean. I splashed it on my face


“I’m not in love with Megan” Kain shook his head


“Hmm right” Dante scraped his chair back from the table “you need to convince yourself of that”


“She is a girl that needs protecting and looking after” Kain protested


“Hello so was she” Sam Laughed


“I didn’t” I frowned


“Yes you did” Dante walked over and wrapped his arms round me “You still do”


“Okay I’m going to kick ass in a minute if you keep portraying me to be some damsel in distress” I sighed “I just want to get the hell out of here and get back to work” Kain pulled his phone from his pocket and started messing with it


“We’re only twenty miles from and out of the way airstrip” he chewed his lip as he flipped his phone round showing the map.


“Where is it” Dante walked over to him “I’ll get the coordinates and get our pilot…”


“Give me two minutes” Kain picked up his phone and scrolled through and hit dial “Amelia it’s me…”……..

Submitted: August 13, 2013

© Copyright 2020 Kirkyb. All rights reserved.


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okay Keysh sorry i took so long hn and sorry about your friend... i'll try to give you two more chapter in the morning

Tue, August 13th, 2013 9:40pm



oh nice a chapter before bed after all.. will read and head straight to bed.. will comment tomorrow..

Tue, August 13th, 2013 9:40pm



Amelia?? as in his mother?? or the lady that helped him before?? cant wait for the morning.. ttyt.. oh dont know if i told you but tomorrow will be the last day i'll be around as we are leaving for vacation on thursday early morning..

Tue, August 13th, 2013 9:53pm



lol okay hun

Tue, August 13th, 2013 9:55pm



i'm going to get a head start on the next chapter for Radar and then go eat ?

Tue, August 13th, 2013 10:28pm



eating dinner

Wed, August 14th, 2013 12:34am



I am so looking forward to the next chapter, because once again I am sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next. I love it by the way, you have never let me down on any of your stories.

Wed, August 14th, 2013 2:52am



LOL I"m here and almost done with the next chapter on Radar and i'm so glad that you are loving it you're comments over the weekend certainly made things a lot better

Wed, August 14th, 2013 2:58am



i hope they get outa there with no problem.... can't wait for more.

Wed, August 14th, 2013 4:33pm

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