Dangerous Hunting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 53 (v.1) - Amelia

Submitted: August 15, 2013

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Submitted: August 15, 2013



………… The three of us sat in the car and watched the rotors on the helicopter slow down, damn that was not the normal small hop around one it was more like the military one used by the president.


“Okay to have something like that you have to be someone” Sam whistled


“Well to be honest I don’t care I just want to get away from here” I opened my door


“You sure we can trust him?” Dante looked at me


“I’m more than sure” I nodded “You have to trust me on this”


“I do” Dante and Sam got out of the car as Kain walked down the steps


“You guys ready?”


“Definitely” Dante reached for my hand Kain stood back and let us on board there was a slim elegant woman sitting in one of the large seats, the diamonds in her ears were almost the size of the rock in my engagement ring. Her composure slipped a little as she let her eyes run over Dante and Sam.


“Please take a seat” she waved her hand toward the other empty seats. Kain closed the door and spoke to the pilot the sound of the blades whipping through the air gave off a drone as Kain sat down across from the woman.


“Did you do introductions?” he asked


“No I was waiting for you” Her long fingers wrapped around a crystal tumbler the red nails polished within an inch of their lives. Her shrewd eyes literally ate Dante and Sam. Kain literally rolled his eyes “Amelia Lindergard, Dante Croft…” Dante nodded at her.


“Croft I know that name” She narrowed her eyes at him


“Egan Croft, He’s one of the biggest arms dealers on the planet” Kain looked at Dante


“Arms dealer!” Amelia’s botoxed for head tried to rise but failed “I was thinking more Strippers”


“That would be this Croft” Dante eased back in the seat “I own the club”


“Own and Sample?” she smiled coyly


“Amelia for god sake” Kain groaned “Excuse my Step mother”


“Who the hell are you” I was irritated with the way she was looking and talking to Dante


“The woman that saved your butts” I looked at Kain


“Don’t piss her off Amelia” He smiled “And you didn’t have to come”


“Of course I had to come, even with everything you’ve done Kain and what you’ve become I promised your Father I’d look out for you”


“I could have sworn you were a grown assed man” I said not taking my eyes from Amelia “I asked who you are I wasn’t asking for attitude but if I was you I’d stop looking at my husband like your cougar ass is about to jump on him” Dante smiled and put his hand on my leg giving it a squeeze


“This must me Evie Robbins… you made quite an impression on Kain a few years ago” Dante’s turn to get wound up “He told me about you”


“Hey whoa” Kain put his hands up “I told you about a girl I’d met and about the necklace she’d lost”


“Well she must have been a girl you met on your Deployment” we all looked at Kain


‘Deployment?” Sam laughed “I never knew mercenaries got deployed?”


“Do you not have respect for your Military” Amelia rounded on Sam “Kain is a Navy Seal”


“Hmmm of course he is” Dante shook his head


“Amelia, enough with the questions” Kain snapped “I called you because we were in trouble”


“Well that’s twice in six months Kain… not that I’m counting but I didn’t hear from you for two years and then I find you shot the first time and bring you back to that Megan girl and now this time I find you running from something with two thugs and…”


“Wow I think I’d have rather waited it out and taken y chances with Weber’s goons” Sam stretched out his legs


“Amelia a word please” Kain got up and lifted her from the seat by her elbow steering her further back down the cabin “What the hell are you trying to do?” he hissed at her “I’m not going to tell you about what I do, that is something I will not do, but you have to trust me”


“I do trust you Kain, when have I ever not trusted you” Kain hung his head “I could have walked away and left you after your father passed away, but I couldn’t I loved that man anymore and I raised you from you being ten” she held his hands “I know you’re more than a navy seal… don’t you think I’ve looked into you but I hit walls of clearance that I think only the President or the chief of the CIA can get through” Kain rubbed the back of his neck “Forgive me if I’m going to question the people in your life that I come across… I pick you up and you’re with a strip club owner his henchman and a hooker”


“Evie is as dangerous as I am” He blocked her view of us “and Sam and Dante are… well you wouldn’t want them to be against you on anything they aren’t afraid of anything and have gone to the extreme to fight for what they are… and Honestly Evie is one of the best people I know” he smiled at her “She reminds me of you, tough and tenacious as a rattlesnake”


“Well I like her… she doesn’t pull punches when she speaks” she looked around Kain to where We were sitting “Shame she’s married you need a girl like her”


“Not going to happen Amelia I’m not in to finding a relationship”


“Yeah really the way he looks when Megan’s name is mentioned” Dante sighed “You think Amelia is going to sell us out”


“I hope not” I shook my head “I really hope not”


"I wouldn't mind but I haven't even been introduced yet" Sam laughed "God I want to go back to normal living"……………

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