Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 54 (v.1) - Home

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Submitted: August 19, 2013



………… I watched as Amelia and Kain came back over Kain sat down as Amelia poured all of us drinks and handed them out.


“In answer to your question Mrs. Croft” I looked up at her


“It’s Evie please” I smiled trying to be nice after the conversation I’d heard


“Alright” She sat down “In answer to your question Evie I’m a UN advisor to the president” I felt my eyebrows raise “I was born into money but was never satisfied with being a trust fund kid” Dante put his hand on my leg as we listened to Amelia’s story “I left home as soon as I graduated high school and left for Europe, my Parents thought I was studying at the Sorbonne… But I’d gotten myself and internship with the United Nations, just shadowing under secretaries and I worked my ass off and loved everything about working there. I rarely came back to the US and I began to climb the ladder in Europe, to cut  a long story short when my Parents were killed in a burglary I came home, I had no siblings so I carried on working putting in eighteen hour days and putting my personal life on hold for years, until I got to the position as Presidential advisor. I’ve advised the last three Presidents. A few years ago I met a Senator that stopped my world just when he smiled”


“I know that feeling” I had to join in with a smile as I looked at Dante he moved forward and kissed me


“Exactly” she chuckled “We fell in love and were married three months to the day after we first laid eyes on each other… he was a widower with a ten year old son” she looked at Kain “He was always an independent soul, a little lost but strong” Kain smiled and sank his drink… My husband was on a trip in Africa when his was attacked by Militants and was shot… it was like our world ended” She looked at Kain tears glistening in her eyes “All we had left was each other Kain was about to Graduate from high school and he’d got a full ride Scholarship to Harvard, but this changed him he choose to go into the Military to try to stop things like what happened to his Father from happening to another family”


“We’ve all had tragedy” I sighed chewing my lip “Damn we’re all a bunch of emotional wrecks” Dante rubbed my back


“It’s what drives us though” Sam said looking round “It’s shaped all of us Evie, hell look at each of us and tell us we’re not born fighters in life”


“I’ll raise a glass to that one” Kain leant over and knocked his glass with Sam, silence fell I snuggled in against Dante, all of us getting lost in our own thoughts the thwumping drone of the rotors keeping a steady rhythm over our heads.


“Ma’am we’re about land at the destination” We looked at the co-pilot as he walked into the cabin “We should be back in DC by four am”


“Thank you airman” Amelia smiled as she straightened herself in the seat and smoothed her hand over her already impeccable blouse “Kain you can come with me” she looked at him with utter motherly love in her eyes


“I can’t” he put his glass down and moved forward in his seat and took her hands “DC isn’t the place for me, I went rogue and that is asking for trouble” he smiled at her “It will put your life in danger and you know it… I will be in touch I promise you that”


‘Where will you go?”


“I need to make sure Megan is safe and then…”


“He’ll be staying with us for a while” Dante said, I raised my eyebrows “I owe him that and a whole lot more” Kain looked at him “you kept my wife safe for that I owe you and you saved our asses, well you and Amelia” She nodded and smiled at Dante. I leaned and looked out of the window


“We’re home” I murmured as I saw the lights outside Egan’s manor house illuminate the paddock the helicopter descended touching down with a slight bump.  Dante got up as we saw Egan and Casper walk from the side door of the house. He pushed open the door and stepped down as rain began to fall


“Evie” he held his hand out to me as I walked forward. I smiled at him and took his hand I looked over at Egan who seemed to sigh with relief as Casper came over and pulled me into his arms and hugged me to him


‘Thank god you’re alright; Dad’s going out of his mind”


“I’ll call him in a short while” I stepped back as Sam stepped down his body had become tense knowing he was so close to Tricia Kan stood in the doorway of the helicopter and took a deep breath. Lightning lit the sky in the distance as the sound of the door slamming closed followed by a rolling rumble of thunder.


“KAIN” We all looked round as Megan sprinted bare footed across the gravel into the paddock and launched her self in to Kain’s waiting arms. Her legs wrapped round his waist and he held her tightly his head buried in her hair at the side of her neck the rain soaking all of us.


“And he said just friends” Sam laughed “I’ve never had a friend jump on me like that” I grinned at him


“That’s because you’re a prickly son of a bitch Samuel… Hey Kain I think we need to get in out of this rain. Amelia you want to come in as well?” I asked as she stood looking from inside the helicopter


“No but thank you… I have a breakfast meeting in DC with the president… Kain” Kain looked up and looked round at her “Not so long next time darling okay”


“Yes Ma’am… and thank you” He smiled still holding on to Megan. Amelia took one last look at all of us and walked back inside the co-pilot closed the door as Egan stepped forward putting a guiding hand on Kain’s shoulder.


“This way… Oh and Sam we need to talk”……………



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