Dangerous Hunting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 55 (v.1) - I'd leave her ass

Submitted: August 20, 2013

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Submitted: August 20, 2013



……….. We walked inside the house Jorge smiled and hugged me as he wrapped a blanket around my shoulders



“Where are Dad and Sam?” Dante asked looking round


“Probably in the medical room” Tricia said quickly Dante narrowed his eyes and looked at her


“Tricia took a bullet” Casper said taking a deep breath, I felt my eyes get wide. Last thing I ever wanted was for Tricia out of all of us to get hurt “She’s actually now got a matching scar with Lyra” Casper joked a little


“What?” I moved away from Dante the rain water dripped down my face making me pushed my hand through my hair


“We had to run to the plane and Weber’s ass holes were waiting and started to shoot because I was in the car” Megan stepped forward in front of Casper “It was my fault”


“Is she alright?” Dante frowned


“Well, when you have an amazing Nurse that kicks ass she can only be alright” Casper put his hand on Megan’s shoulder “And you need to stop blaming yourself girl or we’re going to have words” He squeezed her shoulder


“We should go see her” I looked at Dante


“Don’t stay long” Megan said quickly almost like an order “she lost a lot of blood and is sleeping a lot right now”


“Well I know how she feels” I chewed my lip feeling the ache in my back “Thank you for saving my friend”


“Thank you for bring mine back as well” She nodded looking across at Kain a look of love and loss in her eyes


“I have put Kain in the room next to you” Jorge rubbed Megan’s arm it was easy to see everyone had taken Megan already under their wings “Could you show him where to go”


“Sure” Megan smiled at Jorge “If you’ll excuse us” I stepped forward and put my arms around Kain and hugged him


“We’ll talk in the morning” he nodded as I moved back by Dante


“I’m going back to Ly and Luca” Casper added as he took the stairs two at a time “Kain there is some clean shorts and a t-shirt on the bed”


‘Thank you’ Kain smiled at him I felt a hand in the small of my back and I looked at Dante and felt so calm as we walked to the Medical room Egan had had installed after all the problems we’d come up against.


“Megan looks at Kain like you look at me” Dante smiled as he reached for the door handle


“I know… she seems like she’s the right fit for him” I nodded “He needs a good woman after the damn last one”


“As long as he knows...” I stopped and turned and faced him and put my hands on my hips “Okay shutting up” he laughed “I can’t help if I’m possessive”


“I noticed” I put my hand on his chest “I’m not looking at anyone else because there is no one else as good as you” I pushed up on my toes and kissed him “I’m Mrs. Dante Croft and that is a title no one will ever take away” he stodd grinning like an idiot on crack “Okay you lose all the tough exterior when you grin like that”


“I don’t care I’m head over heels in love with you”


“Good” I smiled “Let’s go see Tricia”


Dante opened the door and we stepped inside Sam was standing in the middle of the room looking at Tricia who was sound asleep on the gurney his hands tightly clenched at his sides. I looked at Dante he just nodded both of us knowing the time bomb that stood in front of us. Egan was stood by the window his doctor was talking but I knew Sam wasn’t listening to a word of it. I walked over to him and put my hand on his arm.


“Hey” I said quietly


“Look at her Evie… look at her she never asked to be part of this… I got her doing things for us… I shouldn’t have let her…” I snapped my fingers in front of his face silencing him


“Don’t even think of wishing you’d kept her locked up like a damn bird in a cage” he looked at me pure anger and rage in his eyes “She wanted to help… she wanted to be a bigger part of our lives and she loves it, She was the one that won Megan over because Tricia is so personable and she is an amazing person you want to blame anyone blame the fucker that pulled the trigger Sam, not you, not Kain or Megan” I moved round in front of him “You have to put your anger on the back burner for now and be there for her, believe me it means everything to have someone that you love there when you’re not doing so good.


“I could have lost her” Sam’s eyes filled with tears “And she doesn’t know how I feel” Dante put his hand on Sam’s shoulder


“I think she does… don’t sell any of our girls short they know us better than we know ourselves most of the time” He looked at Dante


“He’s right Sam” Egan smiled “And thanks to Megan’s handy work Tricia will be as good as new soon”


“I guess I owe her a huge thank you don’t I?” he took a deep breath as he struggled to control his temper


“Yes you do and you need to go and tell Tricia you’re right here even if she’s asleep she will know you are here I promise you” I assured him. The door knocked and Jorge put his head round


“I need to see you guys now… Sam you stay with Tricia” Sam just nodded


“I’ll come back and check on you” I squeezed Sams hand before we stepped outside in to the hall with Jorge and Egan


“What’s wrong?”


“Weber has been on the phone” I felt my lip curl into a snarl “He wants to know where Kain and Megan are”


“Does he well he’s going to have to keep on fucking wanting isn’t he” I paced the floor “Let me talk to him”


Oh hell no not right now you’re going to get some rest…” Egan shook his head


“There’s something else” Jorge pushed his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone and handed it to Dante who looked at the picture and frowned


“Baby do you know who this is?” he handed the phone off to me


“Oh Shit” I groaned sitting down in the chair in the hallway “It’s Kain’s girlfriend… or ex… she’s the one that sold out Megan and got Weber’s guys in to Wimberley so fast” I held out the phone to Jorge “We tried to get her to come with us but she thought it was going to be better to go back to the guys that were shooting the house. Personally if he’s got her then it’s her problem, Tricia is lying in there with a hole in her shoulder because of what Jessi did” I looked up at the three men standing in front of me


“I think you should go ask Kain what he thinks” Dante shrugged “If they were dating he’s got to have some feelings about her and we’re not the ones to make the choice”


“Fine…” I got up and took a deep breath “I’ll go get him, but I’m not risking my ass for her, remember she was the bitch that almost got me killed” I walked away from the three of them my temper seething at what might be about to happen with Jessi.


I walked up the stairs and along the hall to Kain’s room and knocked on it, I heard murmuring and then footsteps before it was opened. Kain was stood there in just a pair of gym shorts. Megan was stood next to the bed looking flushed and like Kain was right in the middle of seducing her he chest rising and falling heavily and her eyes seemed filled with passion, I inwardly smiled if only I hadn’t come up they might have reconnected


“Sorry to disturb you” I tried to sound like I was truly sorry. Megan took a quick intake of breath and her eyes became one of uncomfortable shock. She came across the room


“It’s okay I’ll leave the two of you alone” she moved passed the two of us her eyes on the floor looking like she was defeated


“Meg” Kain called after her desperation in his voice made me want to go grab her and tell her to be with him and what I had to say could wait till morning. Megan looked at him before going into her room and closing the door.


“Jeez” Kain groaned “Nice timing Evie… I hope this is important”


“I’m so sorry for interrupting” I held out my hands “There’s a problem come up Dante wants to see you downstairs” Kain looked at me


“Hey I know you’re out of bounds” he smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes


“Good because I’d hate to have to knock you back… Have you not seen the hot ass I’m married too” I laughed “But this is serious I need you to come down stairs with me it’s about Weber”…………

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