Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 56 (v.1) - his choice

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Submitted: August 22, 2013



………….. Kain’s smile vanished from his face as I mentioned Weber’s name. I took a step back in the hallway he walked to the bed and picked up the t-shirt and pulled it on before he followed me back down to Egan’s office. I opened the door Dante was sitting on the couch against the side wall. Egan was behind his desk on the phone.


“Where’s Jorge?” I asked


“He went back to the airfield Radlov landed a short time ago” Dante moved on the couch and draped his arm over the back of it I walked over and sat with him Kain Sat on the chair by the desk “Is Megan alright?” Date looked at Kain


“I think so” Kain rubbed his hand on the back of his neck “Something is bothering her but she won’t come out and tell me”


“Give the girl a break she’s had a rough time” I shook my head at the two of them


“And you and Kain haven’t?” Egan smiled as he hung up the phone


“Kain and I are a little different from the norm and hell I live with you guys” I put my head on Dante’s shoulder “You need to tell Kain what’s going on” I tried to stifle a yawn


“I think you need to go to bed and we’ll talk to Kain” Dante kissed the top of my head


“I’ll be fine I want to go to bed with my husband” I snuggled closer to him


“So what’s going on with Weber?” Kain asked


“When you and Megan left her behind”


“Hey whoa, we didn’t leave hr she turned her ass round and went back” I sat up and bit at Egan “We tried to get her to come with us even if I did want to put a bullet between her dumb ears” I got off the couch and walked behind my father-in-law and poured myself a scotch


“Evie is right Jessi turned round and went back… What’s happening to her?”


“She went back and she went with them back to Weber” Egan moved forward and put his elbows on the desk and looked at Kain “Weber is needless to say pissed with what happened and he knows I… or we have Megan”


“Does he know I’m here as well?”


“Well he’s going to put two and two together and work it out” Dante sighed


“But he’s not got the balls to come after us” Egan turned in his seat and looked at me “Can I get one of those” he nodded  I poured Him a drink and handed it to him


“Anyone else” Dante shook his head


“I’ll take a grey goose neat” Kain rubbed his hand across his jaw the dark circles under his eyes showing the stress of the past few days I poured his drink and walked over to him and held it out “Thanks” he took a drink


“We thought that you should be the one that decides what we should do” Dante moved and braced his elbows on his knees “She is your girl” Kain rolled the glass in his hands


“She was my girl” Kain got up and walked to the window the storm had passed leaving the soft falling rain “I tried my hardest to be normal, I thought I’d settle down find the nice girl and get the white picket fence”


“Dude, I’m sorry but I only met you today and heard about you from my wife before that and you are so far from the white picket fence and sweet cookie cutter girl type of guy” Dante smiled a little “Your girl has to have bite”


“Only kind to handle men like us” Egan winked at me “isn’t that right Evie?”


“Hell yeah, Sorry Kain that clingy cowgirl wasn’t for you she was a little possessive” I poured another drink and leant on the back of Egan’s chair


“And they way Megan greeted you when we got here” Dante held his hand out to me and I walked over and sat on his knee


“We’re getting a little off track” I said as Kain flushed a little “What do you want to do about Jessi and Weber?” Kain finished his drink and put the glass down


“Jessi, Who?” he got up “We were almost killed because she didn’t believe that there are really, really bad people out there” Kain looked at me “Evie… and Dante please don’t take this the wrong way but there are three people in this world that I’ve really ever given a damn about… Amelia is one, Evie you’re the second and Megan is the third”


“Megan is the one you can’t get out of your head though right?” I asked smiling


“I’m going to say my good nights” Kain walked to the office door “I have to say thank you for everything you’re doing for us”


“You’re more than welcome… and when Evie vouches for you it goes a very long way I this family” Egan smiled at me “She does have a way of getting under your skin”


“You know I’m right here and I can hear you” I shook my head “And I’d rather think of myself as a pain in the ass” I felt Dante chuckle and press his lips to my shoulder “Kain are you sure about Jessi?”


“I’m sure, I don’t let people stab me in the back and get away with it… Let’s hope she is happy with James Weber because then maybe Meg will be left alone… Goodnight and thank you again” Kain walked out and closed the door I sighed and looked from Egan to Dante


“See like I said leave her ass there”


“Well it was still his choice Linny” Egan pushed back from the desk  “Now I think it’s time to retire for the evening” I got up and pulled Dante to his feet


“I agree, good night Egan”


“Good night” Dante and I walked out and went up to our room


“You tired?” Dante murmured as he kissed the back of my neck


“I was till you…” I felt my stomach clench as he slipped his hand under my shirt… “Oh hell I want my husband naked and under me” I laughed turning in his arms


“Sounds like the right choice” Dante laughed as we both fought to get naked and on the bed…………

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