Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 57 (v.1) - Family and relaxation

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Submitted: August 28, 2013



…………. I picked up Luca’s bottle from the counter in the kitchen and walked into the living room and sat on the couch.


“Suits you” I looked up as Lyra walked into the room


“You’re supposed to be sleeping” I smiled


“I know I just got that talk from Casper” She sat across from me and pulled her feet up on the chair cradling her coffee “But I think sleep deprivation is actually making me more alert” she laughed “I’m glad you have Luca”


“Me too he seems to have grown so much since I saw you in Monaco”


“Well a lot happens in two weeks” she shrugged


“I wish I was able to help you out”


“You have something more important right now to focus on” I looked down at Luca who had his eyes wide open as he suckled on his bottle


“I know, and I have to say he’s my world right now” She nodded “So what’s going on with this Kain… I haven’t even seen him yet”


“He’s not changed much since I knew him… but he’s in love its plain and simple he gave up everything for Megan, his wasn’t the sort of job that you walk away from unless in a pine box” I took the bottle from Luca and sat him up and rubbed his back “How he’s frankly still alive is beyond me” I looked at her


“Well I have a feeling my dad and yours are not going to let him be in the line of anyone’s fire… I don’t know what it is but your determination to help Kain and Megan seems to have infected the entire family” she sipped her coffee


“Oh believe me it’s been justified…” I lay Luca back as he yawned a huge wide yawn and wriggled his head and closed his eyes “Look what Megan did for Tricia… I really wish you’d been with me because the ass she was seeing was just that, some cowboy that took her weakness and used it for himself”




“She has this thing for men to dominate her” I watched the smirk play on Lyra’s face


‘Well we understand that” she chuckled


“Yes but we also give it back, or were those handcuffs on your head board before you split for a while just for show” I shook my head with a smile


“Well alright you’ve got me there” she got up and came over “I’m going to go see Tricia… you okay with Luca for a while”


“More than okay” I nodded “Tell Tricia I’ll be in, in a short while” she nodded and bent her head and kissed Luca on the forehead. I sat in the room just Luca and the ticking of the clock.


“How’s he doing?” I looked up as Dante walked in and came and sat next to me


“He’s eaten, burped like a grown man and snuggled in to his favorite Aunt”


“Well I don’t blame him, he’s got a hot aunt for sure” Dante nuzzled the side of my neck.


“I want to make the appointment with the doctors” I looked at him “I want to find out if I can carry a baby full term” Dante’s face became serious “It’s the next step for us to be a family”


“I know” He tucked my hair back behind my ear “But I will not let you risk your life, not even for a child” He stroked his fingers down my cheeks “There are other ways we can have children”


“Yeah like adoption is possible, what the hell would you write for occupation on the application” I smiled at him and leant my head on his shoulder


“Okay I guess you have a point there” He laughed as he reached and lifted Luca’s fingers and gently held them “I’ll make the call to make an appointment as soon as possible… I love you” the door knocked and Kain put his head round it.


“Good morning” I smiled “Sleep well?”


“Yes thank you” he nodded coming full into the room


“Well why the hell didn’t you go and see Megan when you left the office last night” I tipped my head and looked at him as Dante hung his head a little and groaned. Kain looked a little confused


“Oh Kain you stand no chance, she’s off on one of her rants, be thankful she’s holding our Nephew” Dante laughed looking at Kain


“Shut up” I elbowed him


“I have no idea what you’re talking about” Kain shook his head “I went up to bed and just ran over what had happened”


“Well you should have been in the bed in the room next door with the woman that needs you and boy you need her” I got up and handed Luca to Dante


“Meg isn’t in to me like that”


“Okay even I’m calling bullshit on that” Dante laid Luca against his shoulder giving me a pang of longing “That girl is in love with you and the two of you are both in denial”


“She and Blake were in love, it’s hard to see her with another guy I’ll admit it, but I think that ship sailed she’s got burned to often and I think even I hurt her” Kain looked down at his hands


“I think you need to let up and listen to a girl that knows something of what she is talking about… don’t you ever give up on that person you are in love with. If you have to chase them to a different continent do not give up” I glanced at Dante who mouthed ‘I love you’ “Look I’m going to go see Tricia but you and her are safe right now so get to know each other again, and hell give the girl a credit card so she can shop” I watched Kain smile “baby you okay with Luca?”


“Yes Ma’am” Dante nodded “Kain you want to go and take a walk outside?”


“Sure” Kain rubbed his hand over his face


“I’ll actually give him to Grandpa”Dante walked across the hall to the office, I looked at Kain


“You changed your mind about Jess?” he shook his head


“It hurts she did what she did and I’m not willing to let her in to hurt me again”


“Weber isn’t going to be nice to her is he?”


“Go see Tricia, Evie” he sighed pushing his hands in his pockets


“Okay I’m going” I held up my hands “and I’m going to make sure Megan is relaxed” I called over my shoulder as I walked down the hallway “But you could give her a massage it’ll help” Kain smiled and hung his head as I turned the door handle of the Medical room……………

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