Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 58 (v.1) - Plans

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Submitted: September 04, 2013



……………. Megan followed me out of the room leaving Lyra to help Tricia. I opened Mine and Dantes door and waited for her to follow.


“Nice room” She said chewing her lip nervously as I closed the door after her


“It’s been Dante’s room since he was a child” I walked over to the closet “Same as Lyra’s room is still next door”


“You live here as well?”


“Well we do when we’re working here but I brought an apartment in Monaco as a wedding gift for Dante” She stopped in her tracks and got wide eyed “I know it seems a little crazy but it’s something that is ours somewhere we can go to get away from reality” I chewed my lip and leant on the door frame “You seem a little uncomfortable”


“Well it’s all this… I mean it’s”


“Intimidating?” she nodded “I swear to you we’re all normal… well I think Casper was dropped on his head and Sam is a bit dubious” I laughed “Weber can’t get to you here, either of you” She looked at me “For a start I’ll bring down the hounds of hell on his sorry ass, then I might let Dante and the others do some damage” I walked over to her “Kain saved my life and I owe, and because of what you mean to him I’ll take his ass down for doing what he did to you” She looked at me with a slight look of disbelief on her face “I don’t expect you to look at me and see anything but a girl with crazy colored hair and a back full of scars… but”


“But Kain thinks the world of you” Megan swallowed hard and looked down at her hands “Kain is something special”


“He is…” I rubbed her arms “And so are you to him” I smiled.  “Okay let’s get changed and get you out of here and all pampered” I stepped back from her and into the closet “Feel free to pick something out to wear” She followed me and walked over to the rail of Jeans, a comfortable silence fell as the two of us changed..


“EVIE?” I walked out as Dante walked into the room “Hey… I was just talking to Kain and…” I put my hand over his mouth and he frowned at me.


“Evie are you sure it’s okay if I borrow…” Megan walked out of the closet with a pair of shoes in her hand “Oh Sorry I’ll”


“It’s alright I wanted to just ask Evie something before I head to the club” Dante smiled warmly at me as he wrapped his arms around her.


“I’ll wait downstairs” Megan moved to the door


“I won’t be long” I called after her; I looked at Dante “What were you and Kain talking about?”


“Girls” he smiled pulling me over to the bed “Well that and Weber”


“Why?” I moved away from him and rubbed the back of my neck


“Well I was tring to find out what he really wants?”


“Well good luck with that, that man has the emotion of a teaspoon… he was trained not to feel”


“He does feel he wants Megan”


“Well I’ve told you that” I turned to look at him


“I know but he admitted it to me” I frowned “Remember when you and Ly took Tricia out after everything she’d been through… and Sam came and picked her up”


“I remember…”I laughed “Oh we had one hell of a conversation”


‘Do I want to know?” he raised an eyebrow


“No… it was a girls only conversation… believe me” I ran my hand through my hair “Are you getting Kain to come get Megan?” he nodded


“I think we need to take them both to the Club and set them up in the VIP room” Dante shook his head and smiled


“Hmmm perfect place to tell someone you love them in the strip club”


“Close the drapes we had put up and we can make sure they are both safe… I don’t trust Weber” I walked over to Dante and sat on his lap


“You have a point… Can you bring her to the club after?”


“Of course” I nodded “Are you going to be working late tonight?”




“I feel like shutting out the world and it just being the two of us” I ran my finger along his jaw feeling myself shiver with desire.


“I’ll wait for you at the club and you can leave your car for Kain” he caught my wrist and kissed the inside of it gently “I’d love to have the night alone with you… I set you an appointment with the Doctor for tomorrow afternoon”


“Thank you” I held his face in my hands “I love you Mr. Croft” I got up and walked to the door


“I love you too Mrs. Croft” he smiled “I’ll see you later”………………..


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