Dangerous Hunting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 59 (v.1) - New beginings

Submitted: September 06, 2013

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Submitted: September 06, 2013



…………… I paced the floor taking deep breaths the foils in my hair making me look like some sort of mad scarecrow.


“You were a little rough on her” I looked round as Tricia closed the door from the private room


“I know” I hung my head “You know I’m like a bull in a china store”


“True but this is the first day she’s been away from all of the bad stuff, she is confused and hell if she’s even remotely like I was she’s scared” I nodded at her “I admitted I was scared, think about it she’s not much different to Kain” I raised an eyebrow “in the jobs they trained to do they both had to shelve emotion, he had to because he killed people… she had to because she had to save people” Tricia shrugged “think about it she is a tough nurse but she’s not tough in her personal life”


“I get it that’s why I’m trying to get her to see Kain is the man that is going to let her be her… he’s not going to smoother her because he’s seen the vulnerable Megan, he’s seen the abuse she’s taken and he fell in love”


“But if she doesn’t feel the same way you can’t force them to be together… even though she looks at him the way he looks at her but if he catches her looking she looks away”


“She doesn’t think she’s good enough” I looked toward the door of the room “because he’s had to save her, she’s had to be the tough one in her job and look out for herself and not be weak”


“Weakness around people like you can be crippling” Tricia held my hands “you are a tough ass and you ooze confidence the same way Lyra does and the same way all of the guys do… come on I didn’t think I was the type of girl that Sam could ever be in love with, I’m the one that was never touched until I met you guys. It’s hard Evie when you just think you aren’t good enough… you had the balls to chase your man across the world to get him back, you never thought you weren’t good enough”


“There was a time; I spent days alone crying but I agree… I need to apologize to her for pressuring her” I hugged Tricia “you have seriously become not only Sam’s voice of reason but you are pretty amazing at making the rest of us see sense”


“Well I live with a crazy bunch of Hot heads” she laughed “someone has to throw a bucket of cold water on you” we both looked round as the door opened and Lyra stepped out.


“Hey sparky you calmed down?” she smiled, I nodded at her “I think I smoothed it over for you”


“I’m still going to apologize to the poor girl”


“Good now let’s go have some fun and make fun of the crazy men in our lives” we went back into the room Megan was sitting with her hair processing while her nails were being done.


“Meg” she looked at me “I’m sorry… I have a habit of letting my mouth runaway before my brain engages”


“It’s alright… I have things in here” she pointed to her head “and here” she rested her hand over her heart “that have been closed off for a while… Apparently Kain and I are going to be going for dinner; I think I need to talk to him”


“Well we agree” Lyra grabbed the champagne bottle and filled the glasses “Now considering I’m not going to have my hair done I think as soon as Tricia is done getting her’s trimmed we go shopping to make you get noticed in a good way” she pointed to Megan


“Can’t I go as I am?” she frowned


“Oh hell now” I smiled “the way we had to get out of Wimberley you got out with the clothes on your back”


“One thing we do like is to shop” Lyra danced on the spot


“I have to sell some jewelry, I don’t… I mean there isn’t a whole lot in my account” she fidgeted uncomfortably


“Yeah well, we don’t need anyone tracking where you are right now so that’s why we use my card” Lyra pulled her black credit card from her purse


“I can’t expect you to…”


“Think of it as a fresh start and payment for a job well done for helping out Tricia” I shrugged “It’s not charity it’s friends helping friends”


“And when was the last time you really went to town and felt hot and sexy and made everyone look at you” Tricia grinned


“A while ago when Blake took me to town” she shrugged “Otherwise I wore shorts and tops for work… always wore heels, I have to say I love shoes… it is a weakness I have”


“Well join the shoe fan club right her” I laughed “and between your love of Mustangs and shoes you’re going to fit in so well with all of us girlies”


We spent the next couple of hours just being girls; I wouldn’t say anything else about Kain to Megan. They were going to have to work it out for themselves. Lyra had made some calls to people she knew in exclusive stores and had them bring in a selection of everything from Underwear to dresses and shoes and purses. It was a total free for all really we even had Megs laughing as she tried on dress after dress. Her new hair bringing out the fun side of her that seemed long since buried. She came from the bathroom and turned on the spot.


“I think this is it” she beamed as she looked in the mirrors


“How do you feel in it?” I sat forward


“Amazing, I feel sexy because it’s just”” she smoothed her hand over the material


“Well I think she’s found the dress” Lyra stood next to Megan “You ready to go to dinner” we watched Meg swallow hard and take another look at herself before she nodded


“Well let’s get out of here, I’ve been away from my husband for eight hours and I’m missing his ass” I laughed pulling my keys from my purse………………

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