Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Confusion

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



………….. My trigger finger was getting itchy as I watched Mr. Molyneux put his arm around Lyra’s shoulder and shot me a smoldering smile.


“Evie?” Lyra frowned at me


“Really Ly… all the stuff you said before about Casper… Wow” I shook my head “What happened to loyalty… don’t you think we’ve all been through enough”


“Okay obviously the sun is getting to you because you’re not making any sense what so ever”


“You’re a bitch Lyra” I was itching to swing for her but one thing I’d never do was hit a pregnant woman even over this


“S’cuse me” she pushed her glasses up Mr. Playboy waved his hand and a sleek SUV pulled up as Lyra moved to step up to me.


“Lyra” he pulled her back “Let’s go, you do not need this” he narrowed his eyes at me as he opened the door I felt the cool blast from the running air-conditioning from the car. Lyra put her hand on her stomach and turned away, where was the Lyra that would have knocked out my teeth for saying what I just said. I watched her get in to the car and he closed the door “You are her friend no?” his accent was thick “all she wants is you to listen to her”


“What do you know?” I was struggling not to reach into my purse and press the barrel of the gun to his temple


“I know a lot” he tipped his head and reached into his pocket “Calm down and come here in an hour” he held a card in his fingers


“Why so you and she can get your story straight”


“Because you are level headed… you always think logically and you will do the same over this she means touch much to you for you not to…” he took a deep breath “She has talked a lot of you Evie and she admires you give her a chance” he stepped forward and pushed the card in my bag before he walked away and got in the SUV and it sped off leaving me standing at the side of the road. I looked down at the Card in my hand.


“Guillaume Molyneux Yachts” I felt my eye brow raise no wonder he had money, there was an address on the card I reached into my bag and pulled out my phone and dialed Dante, it went right to voice mail I groaned and tried Egan, again it went to voice mail. “Damn it” I started to walk down the street when my phone went off.


New Message*Dante* in a meeting with the Russian Dealer he was in town, How’s shopping? ILYXXX*2.36pm


*sucks ass fought with Ly going to see her at the Playboy assholes’ house Love you. Call me when you’re done* 2.39pm


I hit send and dropped my phone back into my bag I walked back to the front entrance of the hotel and over to the desk.


“Hi can you get me a cab or a car or something for an hour’s time please” I rubbed my temples


“Of course Mademoiselle” the woman behind the desk nodded and smiled.


“Did My Fiancee and his father leave the hotel?”


“Oui they had a car come for them” she nodded “Would you like for me to call your room when the car is here?”


“No I’ll be in the bar”


“Very good” she picked u the phone as I walked back into the bar but this time I took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink. I pulled my phone from my purse. as the bar tender put a glass of beer in front of me


Siman * Evie, sweetheart

Me * hey Dad… Is Casper around?

Siman * Milos has him in the gym trying to work off another long night of drinking

Me * you’re not sleeping either are you?

Siman * I am fine

Me * lair I can hear how tired you are and I know Dante and Egan right now are in a meeting with Ibramovic because Casper is needing to be babysat

Siman * Evangeline…

Me * No stop babying him… I’m getting irritated that he’s not pulled himself together because believe me get his ass on a plane and get down here

Siman * to Monaco?

Me * yes to Monaco she’s here and she’s got something she needs to tell us all about

Siman * what?

Me * Just get on a plane I’m wound up so tight right now it’s not good

Siman * are you feeling ill?

Me * I’m fine Dad, just hate that we all seem to be falling apart

Siman * you and Dante?

Me * no we’re fine… look tell him to drink a gallon of coffee and get on a plane we need him back.

Siman * I will… we love you Evie

Me * Love you too


I hung up and sank the beer in a very unladylike manner getting raised eye brows from the bar tender. I sat at the bar and took my time over another beer and tried to make sense of things and just ended up giving myself an enormous headache.


“Excuse me” I looked round and the woman from behind the desk came over “You’re car is waiting for you” I nodded and picked up my purse and followed her out to where a nice shiny Mercedes was waiting.


The driver opened the door and I handed him the card that Molyneux had given me. He nodded and closed the door after me before he walked round and we headed off just out of Monaco climbing a short way into the mountains before he pulled up at House that was modern but it still fitted in with the surroundings. The driver got out and opened the door for me I stepped out.


”Would you like me to wait for you?” he asked his accent distinctly American


“No I’ll call the hotel when I need to get back there thank you” He nodded and closed the door behind me I walked up to the gate it buzzed and the lock clicked back before I touched it. I pushed it open and walked the short path to the front door. It opened and he was standing there


“Thank you for coming” he stepped back for me to walk inside


“Yeah well you won’t like what I have to say” I heard the door closed and I had to stop myself from gasping at the sheer elegance of the house and the wall of windows that looked out over the water of the sea “This is my family at the end of the day.


“That I understand” he moved round me and walked down a flight of stairs “Wine?”


“No I tend to go off aim after a drink” I warned he looked at me and raised a very sexy eye brow.


“Lyra is just out by the pool” he turned away from me and walked through a large space in the glass. “Lyra Cheri… Evie is here” I cringed at him even mentioning her name.  He lent over her and put a glass of water down for her next to a glass of wine. Lyra looked round at me and then looked back at Him, oh this was going to be fun, maybe I should have left my gun in the room because it would be a damn shame to get blood all over the deck of this home………

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