Dangerous Hunting

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Oh Le Frog will get his....

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



………….. “Have you calmed down?” Lyra asked not looking at me as she lifted the glass the ice clinking inside it.


“If I said yes I’d be lying” I move and sat across the table from her “He need to be here?”


“Yes because he’s going to stop me from knocking you on your ass for acting like a bitch” I tried to control the smirk as the real Lyra reared her head “How dare you question me... the woman who tried to screw us over, the woman that we took in and stop questioning your loyalty” Lyra move forward in her seat I didn’t move.


“I have the right to question you when you ran off and left us all high and fucking dry… not idea where you were or who you were with” I sneered in Molyneuxs’ direction “Even if you were still alive or you’d blown your damn brains out in some back wood somewhere”


“Over a man I seriously don’t think so no matter how much I love your Brother, no man is worth killing yourself over” she sat back “Even Dante and Dad aren’t”


“Still Lyra you left and not for a few days it’s been just over six months” I took off my sunglasses and pinched the bridge of my nose “No call or anything”


“I had my ways of finding out what was going on… like how you and D suffered another miscarriage four months ago… Dad and Siman took over Seamus’s deals and Casper backed out on the Russian bitch that shot up the club and let her go back to Russia, Sam has trained Tricia to be as good of a shot as him, and her driving makes mine and yours look well… pedestrian” She tipped her head and rested the glass on top of her belly “You want me to continue” She had thrown me for a loop not even Egan knew that we’d had a second miscarriage  “Evie” Lyra’s tone had softened and I looked at her “I’m sorry for what happened to you”


“How do you know all of this?” I tried not to let my voice break


“Like I said I have my ways of making sure you’re all okay, and I’ve already sent in contractors to repair the damage in the apartment in Prague… not happy at the hundred and fifty thousand dollar price tag for it to be fixed up, but it needs to be done” I rubbed the back of my neck


“I’ve called in Dad and Casper… they will be here at some point during the night” Lyra kept her poker face intact just the nerve in her cheek gave away the emotion in her “You need to own up to what you’ve done?”


“I’ve done nothing other than clear my head… why can you not see that?” Lyra shook her head, there was a cough and we all looked round at the maid that was standing there, a stream of French came from her as she spoke to Molyneux, Lyra got wide eyed and he smiled at her and put his hand over her’s as he said something to the maid and she went back inside the house.


“Well it looks like your Father and Brother are here” He got to his feet


“So I gathered” Lyra let out a huge breath as the maid came out with Egan and Dante behind her.


“Egan” Molyneux smiled “Long time my friend” he laughed as the two of them embraced “Dante, that’s one hell of woman you have there” they all looked at me


“You can say that again” Dante smiled the ‘I’m going to get you against the shower wall’ kinda smile at me.


“Lyra?” Egan was on the verge of tears as he stopped within a few feet of the back of the seat Lyra was sitting in, Dante moving away from Molyneux to stand with his dad. Lyra looked at me before she took a deep breath… well this was going to be interesting when they saw that she was pregnant would they be as friendly with their French Casanova friend….

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